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Planning on travelling with two children in tow but don’t want the hassle of a double buggy? A ride-on buggy board could be the perfect solution. 

A ride-on boards (also known as buggy boards) efficiently convert a single pushchair into a carrier for two children with no fuss and at a low cost. They’re quick and easy to use, clipping seamlessly onto the back of a pushchair, allowing little ones to stand or sit on them - they’re perfect for when little legs get tired.

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The ‘For Your Little One’ Ride On Board with Seat compatible with Bloom, featuring an adjustable saddle seat and storage straps is a great option for a ride-on buggy board. 

Whether you have another little one on the way or you’ve got a toddler who has recently begun to walk but still gets tired easily, you’re most likely looking for a convenient and comfortable solution for getting your kids from point A to point B without stress or fuss, and without the need for a large, bulky double stroller. That’s where a ride-on platform like this, that’s compatible with Bloom, could be the perfect option. 

Designed to seamlessly attach to the Bloom pushchair, this ride-on board offers a comfortable sitting area for older children, allowing them to ride along comfortably while you push your smaller child in their pram. 

Featuring a textured standing surface complete with an adequate grip area for standing, in addition to a sturdy handle and comfortable seat should they want to sit down. For fuss-free storage, the design includes useful straps that make storage and portability non-issues, with the design being simple to store and take from place to place. 

What key features does the design include?

The ‘For Your Little One’ Ride On Board with Seat compatible with Bloom includes a range of useful and innovative features, to make ferrying your kids around from one place to another easier and less stressful. The board has been designed with both the comfort of children and parents in mind. 

With a textured, anti-slip standing surface, there’s no need to worry about your little one slipping off of the board while you cart them along. 

The height-adjustable saddle seat means that your little one can sit at a height that’s comfortable - and safe - for them. The seat can easily be adjusted to meet their changing needs as they grow. 

For ease of connection and movement, the board is also fitted with an adjustable connecting rod and bracket. 

While the fine-quality suspension system ensures that your little one is in for a smooth and bump-free ride, aiding comfort and safety. 

Attached to the upright tubing of all compatible strollers, this board is easy to fit. In addition, the design includes two quick-release clips to make detaching the buggy board from the pushchair quicker, safer and easier. 

The design is made to be lightweight, easy-to-manoeuvre, and to offer easy storage for users. 

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