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Children are at their happiest when they play. For your little one always strives to present visually appealing and comfortable toys for your young one. Playtime has never been better with our range of Kinderkraft products. From trikes to rocking horses to educational play gyms we have got you covered. 

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For Your Little One is a family run business that, since 2011, have been making life happier and easier for all parents.

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Allow your children to have a great time with our range of bikes, bouncers, play mats and rocking horses. Suitable for a range of ages allows your children to play and improve on their motor skills. Play time is an important part of a child life. The bikes can improve balance skills, play mats can encourage concentration and motor skills. 

Bikes and Trikes. 

We have a range of trikes and bikes for your child. The balance bikes are great for playtime.

Space- This is a balance bike that will help your child learn motor skills and prepare them how to ride a bike. This model features a hand break, which increases your child's safety. Its a lightweight bike that allows you to travel and carry and play on anywhere. 

Uniq- This is a one of a kind balance bike designed for children from the age of two. The adjustable seat is durable and made from a strong structure of birch wood. This bike will last many years allowing many fun years of playtime. 

FlyPlus- This quick, lightweight and easy to manoeuvre bike is great for everyone. This will delight both young lovers of walks and their parents. This bike has been finetuned. It features a retro design and the ergonomic seat is soft providing your child with a comfy ride. This has limited handle bar turning which will protect your child from uncontrolled turns during playtime. 

Rapid- This balance bike is refined down to the last detail. It stands out due to its retro style. It has large pumped up wheels with ball bearings and has a large range of seat adjustments allowing many years of paly. 

Goswift- This is an ultra-lightweight balance bike with a magnesium alloy frame. Your kid will love the safe, dynamic designed bike. This bike makes it possible to play in the fresh air developing their motor skills. 

4trike- Imagine fresh air and the wind in your child's hair, with the sun kissing your youngster's laughing face. Take the helmet in one hand, and the lightweight bike in the other, and discover the unknown with your child in any season! 4TRIKE has been designed to support your child's gross motor skills. The 4TRIKE tricycle adapts to your growing youngster's skills – it allows your child to enjoy riding already from 12 months. It will instil a love for exercise while allowing them to safely learn how to ride a bike. 4TRIKE is a unique children's bike that lets you quickly change its function without needing to use tools.

FreeWay-FREEWAY is a tricycle that's a great alternative to a stroller. The 360° swivel seat lets you have your child facing towards or away from the direction of travel. This is a great option for toddlers who aren't quite ready to let their parents out of their sight during walks. FREEWAY also has the option of mounting the seat at two different distances to the guard rail and backrest, so that you can perfectly adapt it to your child! FREEWAY will be loved by children from nine months up to five years.

Aveo- The Kinderkraft AVEO tricycle is suitable for children from nine months to five years (3-in-1). It's equipped with EVA foam tyres with shock absorbers that don't require pumping. Another advantage of the AVEO tricycle is the swivel seat, which allows you to have your child facing backwards or forwards. It grows with your child – the foldable frame and modular design allow you to easily transform the tricycle and adjust it to the child's age.

Jazz- JAZZ is a 4-in-1 tricycle. Thanks to the solutions used, it combines four products, which means you can easily adapt it to your child's age and motor skills. It can be folded to a compact size without having to disassemble anything – you can easily fit it in the boot or in the closet at home. JAZZ is suitable for children from nine months! Riding it isn't only a pleasure, but also serves as practical balance and motor skills practice.

Spinstep- Enjoy spending time outdoors together with your child and discover the benefits that the SPINSTEP 5-in-1 tricycle can bring! This trike will grow with your child, and thanks to the modular frame, the disassembly of individual elements is a breeze. This allows you to easily adapt the trike to your child's increasing skills without using any tools. In addition, thanks to the deep, waterproof hood made of UPF50+ material, a drizzle or the hot sun won't pose an obstacle!

Easytwist-A walk is a great opportunity for a child to discover the world around them. To support your toddler's development, instead of a traditional stroller, why not choose the Kinderkraft lightweight EASYTWIST tricycle made of magnesium alloy? It'll not only allow your child to develop their senses and motor skills from the age of just nine months, but it'll also target motor coordination and teach them how to behave safely outside the home.


Smartfun-Designed to facilitate early development, Kinderkraft reclined cradle gives your little munchkin's abundant opportunities to learn while playing. It boasts a vibrant colour scheme with contrasting patterns that offer visual stimulation, helping in boosting the sense of sight. The baby cradle is equipped with a toy bar featuring a soft-to-touch booklet with eye-catching illustrious and a mirror toy that reflects light, encouraging grab and play.

Unimo- If you have been looking for modern furniture for your precious munchkin's nursery, Kinderkraft Unimo would a great choice. It can be used as a cot, chair, cradle, bouncer as well as a rocker. This 5in1 cradle can be reclined, set to a sitting position or a lay-flat position, which makes it an all-day companion for your toddler. It can be used during mealtime, for a daytime nap or to engage your little champ in play. 

Play mats and play gyms.

Luno Floor tiles- A practical and comfortable foam mat made up of 30 puzzle pieces that can be assembled however you like (150 cm x 180 cm after all the elements are put together). It's designed for your child to play and lie on, as well as for them to take their first steps. The neutral, contrasting colours of the pieces are an ideal decorative element for your room. The mat is made of foam – it's safe and doesn't contain toxic substances, as confirmed by testing carried out by the independent INTERTEK laboratory. It's also easy to keep clean. The set includes a storage bag for the puzzle pieces

Tippy- The TIPPY 3-in-1 educational mat is a unique mat with a beautiful design, and it can be used in three ways: as a mat with a bar for young children (from birth to 12 months), a mat with a teepee for older children (to five years) and as an independent mat for outdoor use on warm days. It's larger than standard mats, which means it'll last your child for longer.

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