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Twin Nursing Pillows

Having twins is a blessing and nurturing them is a blissful experience, which needs a certain amount of help from excellently crafted nursing essentials baby products. The one product that is an absolute necessity for making your little ones comfortable is the nursing pillow. Browse through our premium-quality range of breastfeeding pillows, designed to create a comfortable nursing environment for your newborn babies. These nursing pillows with removable covers are available in beautiful prints, so you can create a soothing and colourful ambience around yourself during those breastfeeding months.

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Designed to offer back support whilst assisting in breastfeeding, this u-shaped pillow is a fantastic choice for new mums. This body pillow is super soft and comfortable, thanks to its pliable material. The feeding cushion also offers great support during pregnancy, which means not just your kids, you will also love this super soft and comfortable bottle feed pillow.

Made of High-Quality Materials

As parents, you try your best to provide maximum comfort and a snuggly ambience to your babies and we aim to fulfil your wish by offering excellent quality bed cushion. This nursing pillow is crafted using high-grade polyester and cotton, which ensures longevity and great performance.

Explore Various Designs and Patterns

Your toddlers will love the outstanding designs and patterns as they feel these soft bed support pillow. You can browse through our range of tummy time pillows - available in various patterns like dinosaurs and starry nights. The subtle and soothing colour combination makes these a priority product for a baby registry. The nursing pillow comes with an easy to remove, washable cover which protects the cushion from stains and dust.


Is a twin nursing pillow necessary?

This breastfeeding pillow is not a mandatory item to bottle-feed or breastfeed your toddlers, however, its adjustable, supportive design, makes it a preferred choice among nursing mothers by offering support, making it easier to hold babies, irrespective of which breastfeeding twin techniques you use.

How to use twin nursing pillows?

One of the best ways to use a nursing pillow is to support your body against it as you sleep during pregnancy, it can help relieve pains by offering optimum back rest or back support. Ideal for use during pregnancy and after giving birth, the nursing pillow for twins can be used for bottlefeeding or breastfeeding your infants.

Can you use a nursing pillow for tummy time?

The answer is a big yes! This U-shape nursing bed pillow works well for most mothers. It can be used during tummy time. All you have to do is place this original nursing pillow on the bed or floor and lay your babies gently on their tummy with their chest resting on the breastfeeding pillow.

Benefits of using a piglet twin feeding pillow?

This twin baby pillow for nursing has a secure wrap-around design, that makes it easily adjustable to your body contours. Some of the benefits of using this twin feed pillow include comfort during pregnancy and improved body position. The nursing twin pillow can also be used after C-section as a backrest and for cradling your twins. Specifically designed for twins moms, the nursing pillow is a great choice for tandem feeding. Foryourlittleone tandem breastfeed pillows are suitable for plus-sized mamas as well. Ideal for twin feeding, the bottlefeed pillow is essential for mums of multiples.

For how long can you use a pregnancy pillow?

Twin breastfeed pillow is commonly used during pregnancy until babies turn about 18months old, however, it is your comfort as a mum matters the most, so you can use it as per your preference.

Can your baby sleep with on nursing pillow?

Your newborn babies should not sleep with twin feeding pillows or C-shaped pillows, as it causes suffocation risks. It can be used for bottle feeding, twin breastfeeding, nursing or feeding your twins.

How do bottle feeding pillows work?

The twin breast feed pillow is designed to keep mothers and kids comfortable, making tandem feeding convenient. The support pillow is designed to wrap around moms, making it easy to hold babies in a correct and comfy position as they latch to their mom for breastfeed.

How many covers for baby breast feed pillow do I need?

This plus-size feeding pillow comes with a machine-washable slipcover, so you won't have to worry about little mishaps. However, having a few extra covers for your piglet pillow is always a good option. Explore our collection of mothercare products and tandem nurse pillow to buy more covers.

Does a feeding pillow help you sleep?

If you struggling with back pains, shoulder pains or hip pains, this multi-use pillow can provide pressure relief. This must-have breast feeding pillow can help achieve the correct sleeping position and improve blood circulation.

Can you wash the breast feed pillow?

This pregnancy pillow comes with a washable outer cover, you can remove it and rinse with mild detergent to remove any stains.

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