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Moses Baskets

We have a wide range of beautiful baby baskets which are perfect for both your baby’s comfort and for your ease.

Available in a range of different colour basket cribs and bedding sets, Our baskets are suitable up to a weight of 6.8kg, allowing them to play an integral part of caring for your little one in their early months.

Complete your basket with one of our quilted mattresses and luxuriously soft bedding sets, and achieve your newborn baby’s ultimate comfort today. Why not try our cotton sheets too. 

You can also purchase this wicker crib with a rocking stand to sooth your newborn to sleep. 

This also makes the prefect gift ! Don't worry, there wont be any invoice details in the box and therefore you can send this gift basket straight to the new parents! 



Here at For Your Little One we have a wide variety of wicker baby baskets available for you to choose from to make sure your newborn baby boy or baby girl is comfortable no matter where you take them. 

Choose from pink, blue, grey or white dimple or even try our waffle bedding. You can select either white or grey wicker. Perfect for any colour pallet you choose for you new baby room. 

Moses Baskets
We have a selection of beautiful wicker baskets available in a range of colours including pink, blue, grey and white, so your baby is always softly embraced even on the go.
Both dimple and waffle come in all colours. 
All of our products are tested to ensure they are of the highest quality and provide a safe, comfortable environment for your little one to rest their head in your nursery.

Baby Moses Baskets

Our baby baskets are suitable for babies up to a weight of 6.8kg, this is typically when a baby can start to sit up unassisted, giving you and them ample amount of time to enjoy the comfort of our basket range.
These lightweight baskets should make transferring your baby from room to room much easier so you can enjoy those early months together! Why not check out our rocking stands to complete the set?
Moses baskets are the perfect gift for a Baby Shower for a new mum and new arrival, you only have to choose the colour to suit you needs, will it be grey or white?
Rest assured your baby will be comfortable ensuring a good night sleep in their nursery or by your bed.
This stylish wicker basket will make the perfect baby gift for a baby shower. 


Are wicker baskets safe?
Yes, all of our baby wicker Moses baskets exceed the latest EU standard and provide an exceptional quality of basket that you can be rest assured your little one is comfortable, safe and in good quality hands perfect for a good night sleep for your new baby.
Will my Moses basket come with a stand?
Our Moses baskets do not come with the rocking stand, but these can be easily bought from our additional stand range. We sell grey and white rocking stands, along with natural folding stands.
All of these fit For-your-little-one baskets.
Is my mattress hypo-allergenic?
Yes, all of our baskets include a hypo-allergenic mattress that you can rest your baby’s head on knowing they are met with a soft space for them to enter dreamland for the perfect sleep.
What age are Moses baskets for?
Our Moses baskets are suitable for a weight of up to 6.8kg, typically when your new baby is able to sit up unassisted. Each basket is carefully Handwoven.
What accessories can I purchase for my baby Moses basket?
We sell a range of moses basket sheets, mattresses, extra bedding sets in a range of colours and dimple or waffle along with folding and rocking stand in pine or white or grey. Choose a stand to fit your needs perfectly and provide the best night sleep.
How is this baby basket made and what from? 
Wicker comes from an environmentally sustainable tree, grown in abundance to community whose subsidence depends upon its production. 
Once the wicker is picked its dried and transported to a specialist basket factory.
The wood is rehydrated to make it flexible and skilled craftsmen create a weave for the basket called pairing. This gives the basket an unique shape.
The basket is then fully tested to British standards. 
You and your baby can sleep in this beautiful padded basket in the knowledge that this Moses basket was made using the best of materials. 
What are the measurements of the moses basket ?
Moses Basket Base / Mattress Length: 65cm
Moses Basket Base / Mattress Width: 28cm
Whats included in the box?
  • A deluxe padded liner within the outer bedding. (Chose between waffle or dimple and either white or grey.)
  • A breathable deluxe mattress
  • A handwoven For Your Little One wicker Moses Basket.
  • A soft top quilt to match the dimple or waffle bedding. 
  • Optional rocking stand available in white or grey. 
Additional items to purchase- Moses stand and Moses sheets
When to transition from moses basket to cot?
The most common time to move your baby from their Moses basket to their bedside crib, cot or Cotbed is somewhere between four and six months. In some cases, the baby’s length is the reason a larger space is needed. For other babies, they become more mobile and begin to lift themselves, try to roll over or even sit up unaided.
Can I wash my Moses basket bedding?
Our bedding sets and padded liner are fully machine washable. We would recommend washing this on a cool 30 degrees wash. The mattress cover can also be removed to be washed, making this an easy - care basket. Remember to use mild detergent for your newborn.
Does a baby basket needs sheets?
We recommend that Moses basket sheets are used on top of the mattress so that these can easy be changed to ensure a perfect night sleep for your baby boy or baby girl.
We sell these cotton sheets in the following colours available :- White, blue, pink, cream blue star, light grey, lemon, midnight grey star, pink star, clouds, chevron and grey with white stars. You can find them here
Can I carry my baby in the Moses basket?
Our product should not be used as a carrycot. Under no circumstances should you carry your baby in the Moses basket. Handles are for easy portability of the Moses basket only, not with your baby inside.
Is this Moses basket suitable for dolls?
This can be used for a doll, however they are fairly large, for this purpose we sell a baby dolls basket.
Where do I put a Moses basket in a bedroom?
The great thing about this basket crib is they can be moved from room to room to suit your needs. From the nursery to the side of your bed. Our baby crib baskets are very versatile. Its great for naps anywhere in the house.
So many colours to choose from, whichever colour and style you choose to match your home and nursery, Make For-your-little-one your first choice!
How to use a Moses basket?
Your Childs feet should be at the end of the Moses basket in the feet to foot position. 
The head of the child inside the Moses basket should never be lower than the body of the child. Make sure the Moses basket is on firm horizontal level ground. 
Does this wicker come with a mattress? 
Yes, All our wicker, crib, cot and Moses wicker come complete with a mattress.
Suitable for all your new born baby's sleeping needs.
Do i need a Moses basket for downstairs?
You don't need 2 wicker Moses basket, You can for your ease. This Moses baskets are light weight and have 2 carry handles to transport. 
Do not ever carry by your baby inside the Moses basket. The handles are used for decorative purposes only. 

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