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Baby Carriers

Perfect for day trips, family outings and strolls in the park, our range of baby carriers help make family adventures easier for parents. Offer your baby security and closeness wherever you go by using one of our baby carriers. Ergonomically designed to provide substantial support to your shoulders as you carry your baby, our baby carriers offer two comfortable positions for you and your newborn to share.

We have some of the best baby carriers in stock for you and your newborn. 

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For Your Little One Baby carrier: 

Being a parent can be hard, this doesn’t matter if this is your first baby or forth baby, we’ve got your back! The For Your Little One Baby Wrap is a hands-free way to hold your baby. This has the perfect amount of elasticity and is super easy to use unlike the typical baby carriers which can appear daunting. This is strong and lightweight.

This allows you to adjust your babies position due to the 5% spandex giving it that stretch. You can also use this to breast feed your baby. There are no loud noises from buckles allowing your baby to feed in peace. This baby wrap is easy on your back as it distributes the weight for the utmost comfort for you.

This baby wrap helps keep your child close and you can easily soothe your baby to sleep. This wrap can be designed to you. Tie this at the back, front or even at the side, the choice is yours. Tie this at the side or the front will ensure the best comfort when sitting.

How to Use:

Find the middle of the wrap and place this by your belly button.

Make a cross at the back. Over your shoulders and down under your arms creating an X.

Cross the sling over at the front and tuck the ends under the centre panel. Give the ends a tug if the sling is loose.

You can tie your sling on the side, back or front.

This wrap is designed so you can use this from 7lbs. When your baby is in the sling be sure to have their legs spread. This is typically called the M-position or the Jockey Position. This can help with hip development. This position is where the baby has their legs spread around your torso.

Our baby sling is machine washable and a one size fits all. 

We also supply a few kinderkraft baby carriers. The carriers are available in a few different colours and are a different design to our sling. It features an ingenious design that ensures your little one gets proper support, and you feel comfortable too. The use of natural, qualitative fabrics ensures ultimate comfort and adequate breathability. Kinderkraft Nino carrier will allow you to keep your child close, offering him/her a sense of security.

Nino Carrier:

Kinderkraft Nino carrier is a great choice for all the new mums and dads who wish to keep their sweet munchkin close by. This carrier will allow you to comfortably carry your baby anywhere. The baby carrier is carefully designed to help your newborn maintain a correct position while offering you maximum comfort. Tailored with high-grade cotton fabric, the baby carrier doesn’t stretch and is super comfy against the skin. The carrier features an adjustable panel that can be expanded in length to provide the necessary support to your child’s head. The shoulder straps are backed by soft pads that help in reducing the pressure, allowing you to comfortably carry your newborn even for long durations. This carrier is ideal for children over 3 months to 20 kg. This baby carrier's waist belt contains a pocket suitable for carrying essential items and provides padded straps to help reduce pressure.

Huggy Carrier: 

The HUGGY baby carrier is suitable for children from three months of age. This is possible thanks to the ergonomic design, which allows you to put your child in a natural, proper position (tilted pelvis, crouched back, and legs are M-shaped). The baby carrier panel easily adapts to the smallest babies and provides support for the baby's delicate head. There's also the option of carrying older children on your back, which means that they can explore the world from a completely different perspective. The possibility of adjusting the entire carrier guarantees the perfect fit for both the parent and the child – this is thanks to the wide, adjustable panel, additionally secured with strong Velcro. Carrying a baby in a HUGGY baby carrier provides your toddler with a sense of closeness and comfort, and it strengthens the bond with the parent. The HUGGY baby carrier is very practical – the parent has both hands completely free, which is convenient when shopping or travelling together. When it gets hot, All you have to do is unfasten the panel and reveal the mesh to allow air flow. 

Milo Carrier:

MILO ergonomic baby carrier is a combination of comfort and functionality. The ergonomic MILO carrier allows you to carry smaller children on your belly (back to the world). Older children can be carried on the back, facing the world. The appropriate construction ensures the safe position of the child while carrying, while the materials it is made of guarantee softness and comfort. MILO allows transporting children from 3 months to 20 kg. It is a product for parents who know that for the proper development of their child, it is important to be close, giving their child a sense of safety. Back-carrying is suitable from 6 months of age. 

The baby carriers can be stored out in your backpack when not in use. 

Look for T.I.C.K.S

Ticks is a great way to check the sling and your baby are in the correct position. Always remember –

T- Tight. The sling should be tight enough to hug your baby close to you. This will be the most comfortable. Any slack or loose fabric will allow your baby to slump down which can hinder their breathing and pull on your back.

I-In View At All Times. You should always be able to see your babies face by a simple glance down. The fabric from the sling should not close around them so you have to open it or move out the way to check on your baby. In a cradle position your baby should face upwards and be turned in towards your body.

C-Close Enough To Kiss. Your baby’s head should be as close to your chin. By tipping your head down you should be able to kiss your child on the head or forehead.

K-Keep the chin off the chest. A baby should never be curled so their chin is forced into their chest. This can restrict their breathing. Always ensure there is enough space of at least a finger width under your baby’s chin.

 S-Supported Back. In an upright carry a baby should be held comfortably close to the weaner so their back is supported in its natural position and their tummy and chest is against you. If a sling is too loose they can slump and partially close their airway. *This can be tested by placing a hand on your baby’s back and pressing gently- they should not uncurl or move any closer to you*.

For your little one offers free delivery on orders over £50.We have a range of carriers suitable from birth (newborn). Your able to breastfeed whilst using the sling and provide skin-to skin with your baby. 

Top Quality Range Of Baby Carriers

Our range of baby carriers includes top products that are positively approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute for safe carrying. Stocked from leading brands such as Kinderkraft—providing quality support to both you and your baby to safely and comfortably get you from A to B. Including comfortable head support to keep your baby upright, our baby carriers have thought of everything for a safe and comfortable stroll with your baby close to you.

Carry Your Baby In Style With Our Baby Carriers

Get out and about with your family today with ease by investing in one of our fantastic baby carriers. Explore all of our travel system options and find everything you need to make family outings easy.


How long are baby carrier good for? 

A general rule for baby carrier is that your child should not spend more than two hours in a carrier. But in reality this will depend on the situation. 

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