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Moses Basket Stands

For Your Little One stocks a range of moses basket stands for a sturdy, reliable way to support your baby. From folding moses basket stands, to adjustable moses basket stands there are so many options for you to choose from, that are compatible with most moses baskets, to suit your needs. Available in a range of colours these stands will work well and look good whether you have a traditional wicker basket or a pod moses basket. Choose the best one for you today!

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Moses Basket Stands

Our variety of moses basket stands offers you a range of sturdy options to support your baby and keep them close by!


Folding Moses Basket Stands

At For Your Little One we offer moses basket stands that are fully compatible with most moses baskets, to suit your needs and provide a stable space for your baby. Whether you’re looking for a rocking stand or a normal one, our range has an option waiting for you to choose from. Easy to store, our moses basket stands can be folded away to save space and be used whenever you choose!


Adjustable Moses Basket Stands

Our moses basket stands are the ideal way to keep your baby close by whilst you have a well earned rest. Let our stands do the hard work and provide your little one with a smooth rocking motion to lull them into a comfortable sleep. Browse the rest of our moses baskets and accessories range and complete your set today!




What size baskets are our folding Moses Basket stands suitable for?

Our Moses basket stands are compatible with 70-83.5cm x 30-37cm sized baskets. With foldable, adjustable options to suit your personal preferences.

Our Moses baskets are the ideal size to fit into your home effortlessly, in any room that you choose.


Do For Your Little One offer any adjustable Moses basket stands?

Yes, most of our Moses basket stands can be adjusted and folded away for easy storage. This will help reduce the amount of clutter in your home and provide you with a versatile Moses basket that can suit your needs.


Are these pine wood folding stands suitable for other moses baskets?

Yes, our rocking stands and folding stands are compatible with most moses baskets available in the market. You can check the size compatibility before purchase.


How many types of wicker basket stands are available?

At foryourlittleone you can find a natural moses basket folding stand, a rocking stand for deluxe moses basket, natural pine rocking stand and wicker basket stand. These stands for infant moses basket are available in different colours such as grey, white and more.

Are these folding stands for wicker moses baskets durable?

Yes, these rocking stands are made with top-quality materials such as pine wood that ensures maximum durability. These palm moses basket stands resist general wear and can be relied on for lasting performance.


What are the benefits of moses basket stand?

Our moses basket stands will help bring your little one to an eye-level with the standard bed, allowing you to keep an eye on your baby as he/she sleeps. The palm stand can help keep the wicker moses basket stable. You can choose from our folding basket stands which can be stored away when not in use or opt for a rocking stand that will help you soothe your baby with a gentle rocking motion.

Another major benefit of the wooden stand for wicker baskets is that it'll elevate your baby, so you can easily reach him/her for night-time feeds.


Are these wooden folding stands portable?

Yes, you can carry along our folding stands and rocking stands from a room to another, or even carry them along when going for vacations. The easy-fold mechanism of our wicker basket stands makes them a fantastic choice for home use, travelling as well as overnight trips.


How to put moses basket on the wooden stand?

The baby moses basket can be mounted on the compatible rocking stand or folding stand with absolute ease. You won't need any specific tools and there is no time-consuming assembly procedure. The infant palm moses basket can be unmounted in the same way with ease.


Is folding stand better or rocking stand?

Both are equally good, it's just a matter of preference. If you are a frequent traveller or often carry along the wicker basket when visiting relative's, palm basket foldingstand would be a better option. It folds compactly and can easily fit in a car trunk, allowing hassle-free portability. If your little one prefers to be rocked to a nap, you can choose from our palm rocking stand collection.


Do these natural pine wooden stands come with waffle sheets?

These folding stands are sold separately as well as with baby moses baskets. You can buy our set of moses basket and stands, that serves as complete sleep furniture. Our inventory has a huge variety of baby blankets, coverlets and cosy bedding for cot beds, bedside cribs and travel cots.

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