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Palm Moses Baskets

The classic design is a eye catching piece in any room. They provide the same level of comfort as any other Moses basket. These Moses baskets have a natural palm base and will look great in any home nursery. The Moses basket provides the same level of comfort as a wicker Moses basket. 

Available in a range of different colour basket cribs and bedding sets, Our baskets are suitable up to a weight of 6.8kg, allowing them to play an integral part of caring for your little one in their early months.

You can also purchase this palm bassinet Moses basket crib with a rocking stand to sooth your newborn to sleep. 

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Amelia Jean Designs
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Amelia Jean Designs
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Amelia Jean Designs
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For Your Little One
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For Your Little One
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A traditional bassinet Moses basket hand woven from natural palm leaf complete with covers and hood! 

This Moses basket is from the traditional Moses basket range. The Moses basket has been hand woven with love and provides superior levels of comfort and care for both parents and their young children. The Moses basket can also be used as a crib or cot up to roughly 3 or 4 months.

Complete your Moses basket with one of our upgraded quilted mattress'. These are a luxury soft mattress. All our Moses baskets come with a standard mattress.

All our Moses baskets fit our rocking stands which can help sooth your baby to sleep.

All our Moses baskets are tested to ensure they have the highest grade quality and provide your baby with a safe comfortable environment within their nursery.

Our mattress' for the palm baskets are breathable, allowing easy air movement and heat dissipation around your baby's body, keeping them cosy whilst sleeping all-night long.

The beautiful rocking stand can display your palm Moses basket in all its glory, along with creating a gentle rocking motion. When the Moses basket is on the stand this is the perfect height for next to your bed.

We also sell fitted sheets for all our Moses basket mattress. These also come in a wide range of colours like grey, white, pink, blue, lemon, grey with white stars, Grey chevron, Grey clouds, and white with grey stars. We are bound to have a sheet that suits you.

The palm is lightweight and makes it easy to move around the house, but never carry with your child inside. They can fit in with most furniture around the house and nursery. 

What's included?

  • A deluxe palm leaf shell used for the Moses basket
  • A breathable deluxe mattress
  • A luxury padded liner within the outer bedding, top quilt and hood. ( choose between dimple and waffle or our patterned range)
  • Optional rocking stand available in white or grey.


Palm Baskets = 83cm length, 49cm width

Mattress= 66cm length, 29cm

These Moses baskets make a perfect baby shower gift for a new mum, all you need to do is pick the perfect colour to suit you. 

Our bedding sets are also a good way to express colour. We have pink, blue, grey, cream or white dimple also available in waffle. We supply a range of patterns like My Little Star.




Do I need a stand for my Moses basket?

You don't need to buy a stand. Most people have the stand so the Moses basket is not on the floor. The stand is also the perfect height for next to your bed. The stand offers a rocking function which can sooth your baby to sleep.

You can also keep the basket on the stand to display it when not in use.

What's better the palm or the wicker Moses basket? 

The wicker Moses basket and the palm Moses basket are practically the same apart from the way they look and feel. The palm is a softer bassinet compared to the wicker. Both palm and wicker can have a hood, outer bedding and top quilt. The wicker fits on the stand just like the pal bassinet. 

The internal sizes are also the same( can vary due to being hand woven) meaning you can use any of our Moses basket bassinet sheets on your mattress to help your baby sleep. 

How to clean your Moses basket?

If in the event you need to clean the basket, you should remove all bedding and the mattress. You can wipe down the actual Moses basket if needed with a damp cloth. The bedding can be machine washed and the mattress can be sponge cleaned.

The stand can also be wiped down if needed at any point.

How do you use a basket?

Your child's feet should be at the end of the Moses basket in the feet to foot position. The head of the child inside the Moses basket should never be lower than the body of the child. Make sure the basket is on firm horizontal level ground.

Does this moses basket come with a mattress? 
Yes, All our wicker, crib, cot and Moses baskets come complete with a mattress.
Suitable for all your new born baby's sleeping needs.
Do i need a Moses basket for downstairs?
You don't need 2 Moses basket, You can for your ease. This Moses baskets are light weight and have 2 carry handles to transport. 
Do not ever carry by your baby inside the Moses basket. The handles are used for decorative purposes only. 
Does a baby basket needs sheets?
We recommend that Moses basket sheets are used on top of the mattress so that these can easy be changed to ensure a perfect night sleep for your baby boy or baby girl.
We sell these cotton sheets in the following colours available :- White, blue, pink, cream blue star, light grey, lemon, midnight grey star, pink star, clouds, chevron and grey with white stars. You can find them here
When to transition from moses basket to cot?
The most common time to move your baby from their Moses basket to their bedside crib, cot or Cotbed is somewhere between four and six months. In some cases, the baby’s length is the reason a larger space is needed. For other babies, they become more mobile and begin to lift themselves, try to roll over or even sit up unaided.

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