Moses Basket Fitted Sheets
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Moses Basket Fitted Sheets

Our array of Moses basket fitted sheets are the perfect addition to achieve maximum comfort for your baby. Soft, comfortable and available in a wide range of colours we have the perfect fitted sheets for any Moses basket mattress to keep your little one snug and cosy. We also have some waterproof fitted sheets to protect your Moses baskets from any little mishaps, as well as fitted sheets for travel cots. Check out the rest of our bedding range and see what other types of fitted sheets you can buy!

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Invest in a set of fitted sheets to supply your baby with the utmost comfort every time they rest their heads in their Moses basket!

Moses basket cotton sheets provide your baby with the utmost comfort and soft on your babies delicate skin, ensuring they have a safe undisturbed sleep.

Our Moses basket sheets are machine washable and are suitable for a Moses basket mattress the size region of 64 - 74 cm x 28cm. They are a perfect addition to any nursery and can provide a pop of colour.

The Moses basket sheet are available in a wide range of colours and will fit in with any décor and bedding you may have. The colours available are white, cream, pink, blue, lemon and light grey. We also do patterned sheets in white stars, grey stars, white clouds and grey chevron.

The Moses basket sheets are available in a pack of one, pack of two or pack of four. You can always switch up the colours to match your bedding or even provide a pop of colour to compliment bedding.

Always keep a pack handy as you never know when you might need them.

The cotton sheets are made from cotton jersey fabric. They are stretchy and elasticated which provide a snug fit around your mattress. The sheet is also available in waterproof and this can be used with one of our cotton sheets for the most protection for your Moses basket.

The lightweight soft cotton jersey is easy to store and wont take up much space. This makes it perfect for keeping spares handy or even in your bag for when you need them the most.

We also stock crib fitted sheets, cot fitted, cot bed fitted, bedside fitted, snuz pod fitted and of course fitted sheets for your Moses. All our sheets are breathable and jersey cotton. All sizes above are available in waterproof which provide an absorbent layer between your sheet and the mattress.

Our Moses basket fitted sheets will also fit small carrycots.

Moses Basket Fitted Sheets

Browse our collection of moses basket fitted sheets and complete your full set today. Made from 100% cotton, our jersey fitted sheets will provide your baby with a soft, smooth place to lay their heads and catch up on their sleep. At For Your Little One we understand the unique demands that babies have, which is why we use only quality materials for our moses basket sheets – only the best for your little one.

Fitted sheets for your moses basket 64-74 x 28 cm mattress.

Our cotton sheets are the perfect choice all year round, the cotton will help keep your young ones warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Available in a range of neutral colours, our fitted sheets will complement any nursery design! Practical and appealing, purchase our fitted sheets for your nursery today. Why not browse our moses basket mattress and supply your infant with ultimate comfort!


How many sheets do i need for my Moses basket?

Well, There is no right answer. When your baby is young and in the Moses basket you can expect spillages. We do advise to have a few packs of sheets. This helps you do a quick change and your baby can rest straight away rather than having to provide an alternative bed as your only sheet is on the wash. Always remember to keep a pack spare and to hand as you never know when you might need one.

What sheet is best for my mattress?

This is all down to personal preference. Here at For Your Little One, we provide the best quality sheets for your mattress. Luxury soft cotton for your delicate babies skin will help provide them with the best nights sleep and at such a great price. Why wouldn't you provide your baby with the softness they deserve?

Where to buy Moses basket jersey fitted sheets?

You can purchase the moses basket jersey fitted sheets from our online store.

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