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Baby Safety

Baby-proofing your home ready for your newest arrival has never been easier than with our baby safety range. Let us take off some of the worry of being a parent and help keep your kid safe with our range of socket covers, safety gates, fireguards, and more, we have everything you need to make your home into the safest little bubble for you and your family. Browse our highchair range and get your home fully prepared for your latest addition.

Be prepared to child-proof your home and keep your child safe. With a child anything can become a hazard. Be sure to use safety locks for drawers, guards for any fireplaces or your stairs and always keep cords away from your child at all times. 

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Car window shades. 

Keeping your infants safe is always a parents number one priority, that’s why here at For Your Little One we make it ours too.

Here at For Your Little One we offer 2 different types of baby car sunshades. Both at an incredible price. 

We all know how hard it is driving in the heat, especially when you have a warm baby. The For Your Little One car window shade and car sun shades are a perfect help. Simply suction the sunshade to the window to help protect your baby from the rays. We also offer an over the car window shade. This allows you to open the car window and allow air to circulate. 

Sun shades are perfect for your days out. This For Your Little One sunshade can help protect your baby from sun rays and excessive heat throughout the day on a trip in the car. Children can become easily affected by the rise in temperatures. This window shade can help prevent over heating. 

The car sun shade can also help keep your vehicle cool. The reflective material can make the interior cooler. Cooler car means cooler children. This cover for your window is a must have item. Especially for the price. 

The sunshade can also help protect any electronic devices from over heating. The sun shade creates and allows air to circulate the car whilst creating shade. The baby sun shade can also prevent fading upholstery in the car.

The sun shades help keep the car interior cool by preventing the permeation of ultraviolet rays. 

The sun shade can be easily collapsed and pop-up again as simple as 1 2 3. The quick and easy function can help provide shade in the car as soon as the sun shines to keep the car at a safe temperature. The shade uses a 'twist to fold' and can easily be stored. They can easily fit on to the car window for maximum protection. They are a semi-permanent shade that you can fit on the car window whenever and where ever you need to do so. They also don't take up any room when folded away. 

The sun shade can protect against skin irritation caused by he sun and bright sun light. They don't block your view but will block bright light and sun glare as well as heat. 

The car window shades with suctions are 44cm x 37cm. Where as the over the window are 100 x 50cm. 

These sun shades are not only for your baby. You can use these sun shades for yourself. Simply fit to the window where the sun if affecting you and cover the window with one of our sun shades. They are see through so this wont reduce visibility. Keep the sun out and keep the car cool. 

The sunshade and the over the window car sunshade are universal and will fit majority of cars. The sunshade fits to the inside of the window to provide shade for you baby. Our over the window sunshade goes over the door of the car. This allows you to open the window and provide shade to your child while being able to circulate air. There is also 2 Velcro strips either end to help secure the sun shade down. 

The over the window sun shade is made from premium grade stretch to fit material.

The over the window sun shade comes in a pack of two. 

So with all that said, all that's left for you to do is decide which suits you better. At such a great price why not try both and cover all areas. 

Extendable Safety Baby Fire Guard.

Specifically designed to make the fireplace inaccessible by your little one, this fireguard makes for a perfect way to baby proof your house. It features two overlapping panels which can be easily pulled apart and connected with the wall or a solid surface to create an enclosure around the fireplace. Made with premium quality materials, this extendable fireguard shows excellent resistance against normal wear and tear, ensuring long-term performance. It comes in a timeless black colour that seamlessly integrates with a wide scope of home furnishings and interior themes. This black fireguard is very easy to install and can be removed as and when required. It is easy to manoeuvre as well as store. When not being used, it can be kept in the closets or stowed in storerooms to keep it out of sight.

Child Stair Gates. 

Make sure your baby stays in a safe closure while you are busy with the routine chores with our range of stair gates. An ideal way to child-proof your home and keep your toddler safe. This gate shuts on its own, offering you the peace of mind. This safety gate is engineered with a patented magnetic fastening that automatically locks the door at any angle. It features two-phase indicators that act as additional visual security. The red colour means that the gate is open while green implies that it is safely closed. Suitable for widths ranging from 75cm to 80cm, this safety gate can be installed at a wide scope of doorways or stairways. It can be pressure fitted and clamped into place using the adjusting screws and does not require any heavy-duty installation tools.

Always keep your baby away from cords, electrical outlets and any other dangerous items. Keep those little fingers safe and ensure any small objects are moved away from their reach. Its good to also have a carbon monoxide alarm / smoke alarm especially when you have a new baby. Corner protectors are great for protecting the corner of your table if in the event of a fall. Always cover up outlet covers. 

Baby proofing your cupboards and drawers is a necessity when your toddler is crawling / walking about. Anything can become a hazard to them, causing them to choke or get hurt. Most baby furniture will come with some form of child-proofing. 

Baby Safety Products

Baby-proofing your home has never been simpler than with our baby safety products selection. Whether you’re looking for socket covers, safety gates, healthcare kits, playpens or fireguards, we have it all for you to choose from. Everything you need to prepare your home for when your little one’s begin to explore and adventure around the family home.

Baby Safety

Being a parent can often feel like you’re constantly worrying; here at For Your Little One we aim to carry as much of the struggles of being a guardian as possible, and that includes kitting your home out safely for your newest arrival. With our safety range you won’t need to worry about plug sockets, open doors or fireplaces as they’ll be well covered and your child will be well protected. Shop the rest of our baby furniture and get your home baby ready.


Why do i need to babyproof?

This is an important thing to do. The moment you take your eyes off your child, they could have got into a cupboard. Babyproofing is a great way to give you a helping hand. You will always be one step ahead. Anything can become a hazard to your baby, so always use cabinet locks, non-slip mats, drawer locks and always check baby products for any small pieces. 

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