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Junior / Toddler Bed Fitted Sheets

Dependable quality and style, both come together at for your little one. The extensive collection involves cosy footmuffs, sturdy rain covers and comfy cotton bed fitted sheets. The range of baby essentials is curated by experts and crafted with care and love to cater to the needs of little champ. The standard assured products are designed with premium- quality materials to ensure that your kid’s formative years are filled with cheerfulness. for your little one is a one-stop destination to pick baby accessories for all seasons. You can also browse our wide range of cotton cot fitted sheets and cotton travel cot fitted sheets at for your little one.

These fitted sheets are available in a range of plain colours including White, Cream, Pink, Blue, Lemon and Light grey. 

We also offer patterned fitted sheets like grey stars, White stars, Chevron and clouds. With this wide range of colours your bound to match your children's duvets. 

Why not check out our wide range of children's bedding.

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We understand that for new parents their newborn’s well-being is a priority and sound sleep is essential when it comes to baby’s health. Toddler Fitted Sheets boasts of a luxuriously comfy fabric providing an enjoyable environment to your young one.

Provide your child or baby with soft comfort all night long with any of our cotton toddler bed fitted sheet range.

These beautiful soft cotton fitted sheets are great for your baby's bed. Securely fitted bedding covers and folds over the mattress with its elasticated edges.

Your toddler can enjoy a peaceful nights sleep and enjoy any sleeping position. These toddler bed fitted sheets remain fitted no matter how much your toddler moves.

Some of the colours these toddler bed fitted sheets come in are, Pink, Blue, Grey, Lemon, White and Cream. We also do this bedding in patterned variants. Some of these include Clouds, Chevron, Grey stars and even white stars. Use any of these colour variants to style with your favourite duvet.

Our bedding range is an essential item for your child's bed. These fitted sheets for your cot bed are breathable and made from 100% jersey cotton. The great price for the pack of 2 means you will always have a spare.

We offer a wide range of sizes from cot sheets to crib to Moses baskets.

Suitable for mattress' sized 140 x 70 cm.

These cotton sheets are also machine washable.

Why not check out out cot bed fitted sheet collection too. Also available in a range of colours from plain white to white stars enabling you to always match your kids bedding.

Smooth and Snug Bed Sheets

The smooth and cosy bedding is effective in providing a peaceful night’s sleep to your children. Junior fitted bed sheets have a plush breathable fabric that is soft against your kids delicate skin. Compatible with most mattresses, the cotton fitted sheets are perfectly-suited bedding for your toddler. The bedsheets can be conveniently cleaned through the machine so that you do not have to worry about any stains.

Waterproof Bed Sheets

Keeping your toddler away from any moisture or mossy feeling during the night, waterproof bed sheets are restful and snug. The bedsheet with luxurious texture pampers your young one's delicate skin. Offering superior levels of comfort, the sheet is suitable for all weathers. Highly-absorbent, the waterproof sheets stop any seepage of body fluids into the mattress.


What size bedding for toddler beds?

Most toddler and cotbeds are 140 x 70cm.

How many sheets do I need for my toddler bed?

There is no actual amount of sheets you need for you kids bed. However it is best to have a few so your able to change and still have a spare just in case. We stock a range of colours so can always find some to match the duvet covers.

Are these elasticated all the way around or just the corners?

All of our sheets have elastic all around the edge of the sheet, This helps provide a snug fit to your mattress.

Do I need a mattress protector with these toddler/ junior bed sheets?

Its best to have a mattress protector on your children's bed to stop any unwanted liquid going through to the mattress.

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