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Rocking Horse

The joy of parenting lies in all the smiles and laughter of your little one. As a parent, you would agree that your child is the happiest when s/he plays with his/her accessories. For your little one is here introducing you to a broad range of play accessories, which includes Playtime Cuddles Collection Rocking Horse toys. The collection has soft to touch, fluffy toys which are specifically designed for the enjoyment of toddlers.

Browse our selection or rocking animal toys and find the perfect rocking horse for you!

Your child will ride into imagination with our range of toddler ride-on animal rockers.

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For your little one is a perfect stop to get the versatile baby play essentials. We strive to provide you with the best quality accessories at affordable prices. Whether it is an accessory from the play collection or travel collection, we aim to offer you premium grade products.

We have soft wooden toy animals in the shape of a horse for your child. Choose from a grey donkey, pink unicorn or a soft pink horse. All perfect for your child. 

They all have a smooth rocking motion which is perfect for your little rider. They have a luxurious padded seat and in which the donkey has a build in seat belt. This helps provide your rocker with that extra sense of safety and stability. The animal rocker had wonderful levels of comfort as your toddler plays with the horse. 

You can saddle up and gallop across the nursery with our rocking horse. This is a staple in any nursery or bedroom. The interactive toy is a must have that encourages your kids development. With a solid wooden base, you can be sure that this rocking horse is not only strong enough to support your kids but is also designed to last. For all those years of enjoyment. 

These baby rocker horses make a perfect gift. One of the best baby toys. This encourages motor skills and your kids will enjoy hours of play with them. 

Choose the most Adorable Accessories
For us, your child’s safety and protection are of utmost importance. This is why we work with child care experts to select the best accessories. The candy pink rocking horse is an ideal toy to encourage the development of your child. Made with durable material, the rocking horse offers longevity.

Fluffy Rocking Horse Toy Collection
Cuddles collection rocking horse toy has a catchy poppy pink shade which looks superb. It nicely complements your baby’s fun vibe. With a solid wooden base, the horse toy is designed to stay in your young one’s collection for a long time. The finest quality fabric is being used to design these toys, ensuring that your little one has the softest toys to play with.


Are rocking horses for girls? 

Definitely not. Any one can use this rocking horse. This is a wooden framed horse which allows your child to have tonnes of fun. 

Where to buy a rocking horse? 

We sell a range of horse rocking toys on our website. They are perfect for your child. The seat height is the perfect height for your toddler. A rocking horde is a traditional toy.

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