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Keep your baby entertained with our range of fun rocker swings for your infant. With a vast selection of colours and patterns are sure to catch your child's eye. The baby bouncers allow your child to interact with you. Adjustable and restful, our baby care essentials never compromise on comfort. 

Entertain your little one with our range of toys. Rocker seats for your newborn help build hand eye coordination with the toys provided for the seat. At such a great price you cant go wrong. Swing into the peaceful bliss whilst your baby enjoys the range of toys for their seat. Or simply use the seat to soothe your baby into peaceful slumber. 

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You can choose as per your baby’s comfort, from a plethora of beautiful baby bouncers. These baby bouncers are sure to pamper your baby into a blissful night's sleep. Make sure nothing disrupts the comfort of your child.

Designed to accompany your baby and meet their needs, Our range of baby chair bouncers for your child are a fantastic choice for modern parents.

Kinderkraft have a range of baby bouncer, baby swing with toy bar for your infant. Designed to facilitate early development. The baby cradle is equipped with a toy bar featuring a soft to the touch booklet with eye catching illustrations. This bouncer also has a a mirror toy that reflects the light, encouraging grab and play. this bouncer gives you a choice of eight melodies that are sure to intrigue your baby. The foldable bouncer for your baby includes rubber pads that help keep it stable. This helps reduce the chance of accidental skids. 

Most baby rockers soothe your baby in to a perfect slumber. Some even come with a toy bar to keep them entertained. The chair slightly bounces and allows your child to enjoy and improve sensory play. The soft toys helps your infant with hand eye coordination. Some rocker chairs have a vibrate function to soothe your baby. 

Baby rockers are easy to transport from a room to another so you can always keep an eye on your little one. 

The Kinderkraft Unimo would be a great choice. This can be used as a cot, chair, cradle, bouncer as well as a rocker. The chair can be reclined to a lie-flat position for your baby to sleep. The rocker can be set to rock gently or set to a stable position. You have a mosquito net as well as a detachable toy bar. This bouncer, baby swing, rocker and chair can be condensed and folded flat for easy storage. 

Baby Bouncers with Adorable Patterns

Alpha bouncers 2-in-1 provide a cosy space for your young one to play and enjoy his/her meals. These bouncers can accommodate up to 9 kgs, suitable from birth onwards. Deluxe rocker can also be a smart option to add to your baby’s collection. They have an adjustable backrest with three different comfort positions. This allows your baby to be comfortable throughout the day.

Standard-Assured Products that are Long-lasting 

For your little one’s extensive range of bouncers comprises adjustable rockers which and multi-functional bouncers which can be used as cot, cradle, bouncer, rocker and chair. These serviceable accessories are crafted to withstand normal wear and tear. You can trust our products which are designed from finest-grade materials which are soft on your toddler’s delicate skin.


Can a newborn use a bouncer? 

Yes, you can put your newborn baby in a bouncer seat for short periods of time. Your baby will enjoy it most between three to six months. 

How do baby bouncers work? 

Baby bouncers have angled seats that usually are designed with a stationary frame and include restraints to ensure that your baby is safely situated in the seat. Either through the baby's motions or power, it gently rocks your baby and works as a soothing mechanism. 

What age are bouncers for? 

Most bouncers for your baby is suitable from birth. Always check the bouncers max weight / age before using as they might be different depending on brand. 

How does the chair bounce? 

This is by your infants movements. unless you have an electric bouncer chair that may vibrate or slowly move. 

Do we sell baby swings? 

No, Unfortunately we don't sell any form of swing. This includes outdoor swing set, or indoor sets as well as door swings, doorway jumpers and jumperos. 

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