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Baby Muslin Squares

Newborns are the little bundle of joy that lights up the life of every new parent. You leave no stone unturned to make sure that your young one is looked after in the best way. Just like you, for your little one also strives to make sure that your young one grows up with the best baby accessories. The wide selection of for your little one comprises cotton muslin squares, pushchair rain covers and super soft bed sheets . Available in multiple colours, cotton muslin squares have a snug feel which can be used to swaddle your baby or as burp cloths.

We sell our muslin squares in packs of 4. These cotton cloths are also available in multiples of 4 and can also be purchased as a single pack in eye-catching colours. Order yours today. 

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Dribbles and spit ups are common with babies and toddlers. Using a paper towel to wipe off the dribble can be harmful and harsh to your babies face and skin, That's why here at for your little one we supply and store cotton soft muslin cloths. Crafted from the finest grade cotton fabric, the muslin squares are ideal for newborns, especially those with delicate skin.

These cloths come in packs of 4. You can chose from a singular pack of 4 or why not order a few packs and keep this essential cloth always to hand. We supply these muslin squares in an array of colours. Try our star design or opt for a solid colour muslin.

Our muslin squares can be used as a comforter, wash cloth or to swaddle your baby. They are soft and give your baby that extra sense of comfort.

The size of these muslin squares are 70 x 70 cm in the shape of a square. They are the perfect size to keep in your hand bag or changing bag. The muslin cloths can also be used as a washcloth to wash your babies hands and face.

Always keep the essential cotton baby muslin to hand as you never know when you might need to use it. Great to use when feeding as a bib to catch and mop any of those milk spills. This muslin is very versatile and can be used in a multitude of ways.

Extra uses of the muslin could be for teething, dribbling babies, wiping up any mess or as a breast feeding cover up. You can also use this muslin when your out to lie on top of the changing mat. Making these muslin squares a must-have item.

Baby muslin cloths are the perfect size for all your needs. Each muslin also has a little wash label, which some children like to hold or will only accept a comforter with a label.

The muslin is made from breathable cotton and are machine washable.

Our muslin squares are perfect for a new mum or a baby shower gift.

Soft to touch Muslin
For your little one presents the muslin range by Bizzi Growin which is inclusive of baby diapers, perfect for everyday use. The muslin diapers feature beautiful Dinoriffic design that goes well with any of toddler nursery decoration themes. Highly absorbent and soft to touch, the diapers are made from pure cotton. They can be folded and carried anywhere.

Cosy Muslin Blankets
If you are looking for something to keep your kid snug, you can have a glance at Bizzi Growin Muslin 3 Ply Blanket. The versatile piece can be used as a blanket, place mat or a play mat as it provides a soft surface to the little one. The blanket is ideal for both travelling purposes and when you are at home with your baby.


What can you use these muslin squares for?

Our muslin squares can be used for a range of different things. They can be used as a bib, to wrap around your baby's bottle to prevent any spillages. They can be used to swaddle your baby and can also be used for a comforter for your baby to hold.

These muslin cloths have a wide range of uses and is always best to keep a pack of these cloths to hand.

When to use muslin squares?

You can use these muslin cloths any time when burping to collect any sick your baby might have. You can use these a a gift for someone's baby shower or even to swaddle your baby. These muslin cloths are multi-use.

How many muslins should I take in my hospital bag?

There is no exact amount you need to take. Its advised to take a fair few as they have many uses. A couple of packs should do.

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