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Birth - 12 Months

We know how important it is for you to ensure the safety of your little one, especially while on the move. Foryourlittleone has gathered together a wide scope of baby car seats, by well-recognised brands such as Hauck and more - which are specifically designed to keep your sweet baby comfortably tucked in the seat, ensuring safety as well as comfort even during the bumpy rides. Our inventory features Hauck baby car seats in a variety of colour options - so you can create a well-coordinated look, just as you desire.

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Foryourlittleone presents a vast selection of infant car seats by Hauck which are designed by experts to tend to the safety and comfort needs of little ones. Our car seats feature soft cushioning that helps in reducing the impact. Most of them are compatible with safety harness systems that helps in keeping your sweet baby firmly tucked in place, giving you peace of mind. These car seats are proportionate to the size of infants, therefore ensuring superior levels of comfort.

Premium Energy-Absorbing Materials
Hauck Comfort Fit baby car seats are made with tried-and-tested, energy-absorbing materials that ensure superior protection in cases of severe impacts. The use of skin-friendly, breathable fabrics furthermore adds to the comfort, ensuring your precious child feel relaxed and cosy, irrespective of the weather conditions. Featuring top-quality microfiber fabrics, the car seat demands minimal upkeep and can be simply wiped for a quick clean.

Ease of Use & Portability
Most of our car seats are engineered with Shop n' Drive system that offers additional flexibility, allowing you to transfer the seat on a compatible chassis without disturbing your little one. This makes it even more convenient and hassle-free to transport your precious child from the vehicle to your home. Our infant car seats are equipped with aluminium handles with soft grips that allow you to easily carry them around, whenever needed.

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