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Pod Moses Baskets

Our Noah pod moses basket will help enclose your infant into a warming embrace and provide a space of comfort for them to settle into. These moses pods come in a range of hues and designs to become a complementary addition to any room you place it in. These are available in grey and white luxury waffle or dimple. Part of our wider moses basket collection, check out how they compare to the rest of our wicker baskets such as the palm moses basket, and pick the best option for you little one. You can also use this with a rocking stand. 

Complement any nursery with these Noah Pod Moses Baskets available to purchase today from For Your Little One

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Pod Moses Baskets

Our Wicker Noah Pod Moses Baskets combine traditional with contemporary. With the typical wicker design matched with modern colours, Including grey wicker and white wicker. The Pod Moses Basket encloses your little one into a safe slumber away from any disturbances whilst they sleep. Complete with the useful rocking stand, you can place these Moses Baskets into any room of your choice to provide your baby with a comfortable space while your precious little one enjoys their sleep.

This Noah pod has an integrated hood and comes complete with padded coverlet and mattress. The bedding is easy to remove in the case of washing. Luxury cotton waffle or dimple fabric available in white or grey.

The mattress is breathable, allowing easy air movement and heat dissipation around your baby's body keeping them cosy while sleeping all night long. Making this the best bed for your baby.

The beautiful rocking stand helps create a gentle rock whilst your baby is sleeping. When on the stand this makes the perfect height next to your bed.

Moses Basket Pods

Handwoven with love, our Pod Moses Baskets provide superior levels of comfort and care to both parents and their young children. With a snug, confined space installed with extra padding and a hypoallergenic mattress, these baskets are one of the safest spaces to rest your little one’s head. Explore our alternative Palm Moses Baskets and Wicker Moses Baskets and find your favorite today.

Baby pod available in Waffle or Dimple, Grey wicker or White wicker and a massive selection of colours. This baby pod has bedding available in White, Grey, Pink or Blue. You can also add a rocking stand!

Whether your staying at a hotel or even on holiday, There's no need to stress, this Noah pod can still be used! You can take this bed with you where ever you go. The Noah pod can also be used as a crib or cot. This for your little one Noah pod will provide your baby a comfortable and relaxing sleep regardless of the surroundings along with the stylish look with either dimple or waffle bedding.

This stylish Noah pod bed is a cosy and portable option for your baby to sleep during the first few months. These are made from strong wicker grown throughout the northern hemisphere.

How is this baby basket made and what from?

Wicker comes from an environmentally sustainable tree, grown in abundance to community whose subsidence depends upton its production. Once the wicker is picked its dried and transported to a specialist basket factory. The wood is rehydrated to make it flexible and skilled craftsmen create a weave for the basket called pairing. This gives the basket an unique shape. The basket is then fully tested to British standards.

You and your baby can sleep in this beautiful padded basket in the knowledge that this Moses basket was made using the best of materials.

What's included?

  • A deluxe padded liner within the outer bedding. (Chose between waffle or dimple and either white or grey.)
  • A breathable deluxe mattress
  • A handwoven For Your Little One Noah pod Moses Basket.
  • A soft top quilt to match the dimple or waffle bedding.
  • Optional rocking stand available in white or grey.

Washing instructions.

You can clean the mattress by hand and warm water using mild detergent. Dry away from direct sunlight and or in light. Do not tumble dry or dry clean.


Are pod Moses baskets safe?

Yes, all of our wicker pod Moses baskets exceed the latest EU standard and provide a cosy, confined space for your little ones to feel comfortable.

What size are the Moses pod baskets?

Our pod Moses baskets are 94cm long and 40cm full with an accompanying mattress; making them the ideal sleeping space for those early months.

The size is perfect for a range of ages from newborn onwards and will be the ideal addition to any nursery set up.

How long can my baby sleep in this Noah Pod?

Your baby can uses this Moses basket up until three months. Once your baby can lift his or her head and chest, Its time to transition from a Moses basket to a crib or a cot. Maximum weight of baby is 9kg.

Moses baskets are suitable for day and night time sleeping and are a safe practical option for a new born.

How to use Noah Pod?

Your Childs feet should be at the end of the Moses basket in the feet to foot position.

The head of the child inside the Moses basket should never be lower than the body of the child. Make sure the baby pod is on firm horizontal level ground.

Do i need a Moses basket for downstairs?

You don't need 2 Moses basket, You can for your ease. This Moses baskets are light weight and have 2 carry handles to transport.

Do not ever carry by your baby inside the Moses basket. The handles are used for decorative purposes only.

Does this wicker come with a mattress?

Yes, All our wicker, crib, cot and Noah wicker come complete with a mattress.

Suitable for all your newborn baby's sleeping needs.

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