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Our baby mattress supply your baby with the utmost comfort. Available in a range of sizes like cot, cot bed, crib and Moses basket. Whether your searching for waterproof, quilted, foam or sprung mattress we have got you covered. 

Always choose for your little one for the best quality sleep your child can have.

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Provide your baby with a soft foam or sprung mattress. We have sizes for your cot bed, cot, crib and Moses basket. This helps provide your baby with the best bed ever, and with that in mind your baby will sleep soundly.

Cot bed mattress are perfect for beds the size of 140 x 70 cm. They fit most standard size toddler beds around the UK. They are available in foam, sprung or pocket spring.

Cot mattress are available in 120 x 60 cm. We also sell fitted sheets for the cot mattress. These have a fitted edge which will ensure the sheet is fitted tightly around the cot mattress. The fitted sheet will ensure your baby has the best nights sleep.

Pocket spring mattress' are constructed with hundreds of individual springs encased in cloth sleeves called pockets. This creates independent movement for each spring contouring your babies body shape.

Moses basket mattress are suitable for beds the size of 64-74 x 28 cm. You can get a basket mattress in standard or quilted. They are a perfect fit for your Moses basket. The quilted mattress for your moses basket is a quilted cover. They are the best in the UK. You can also use a mattress protector on this mattress.

All our mattress for your baby's bed are crafted from luxuriously soft quilted fabric. They are designed to give your baby the ideal surface to sleep with out any disturbances. They are supportive and hypo-allergenic.

Cot bed, cot, crib and Moses basket mattress are easy to clean and can be sponged washed.

The mattress are long lasting and durable. The quilted edging has been sewn with precision and a lot of care and time. They allow air flow to circulate around your baby and keep your baby cool.

A pocket sprung or sprung mattress has little springs inside which help support your baby. The mattress is designed to hold its shape well and are long lasting. The spring lattice allows for increased air flow through the mattress.

A foam mattress is great for your infant and toddler. Foam tends to be lighter than the spring and pocket sprung mattress. A high-density foam cot mattress is where there's more foam and less air in the mattress. This tend to have a strong cell structure and makes it highly durable.

Some of these mattress have a waterproof layer which helps protect the mattress from those unwanted spillages. Some mattress have a non-removable washable cover and you will need to take extra care and use a waterproof sheet. Always wipe-clean any spillages that do get on the mattress. These sheets are machine-washable and are great for your new mattress.

Try not to purchase a second-hand mattress as you don't know what hidden bacteria this might have. This can be especially dangerous to a new baby.


Can you wash a mattress?

Your baby’s mattress needs to be kept as clean as possible to safeguard your baby's health and to avoid the build-up of bacteria.

Most hypoallergenic cot, cot bed, crib, moses and travel cot mattress come with a removable cover that is washable at high temperatures.

This can also be wiped clean.

Should you get a new mattress?

When buying a mattress we recommend you don't buy a second hand mattress as there's a risk of transferring bacteria from one baby to another. Instead, buy one brand new.

Even if your baby will be sleeping in a crib or cot that's second hand, the mattress needs to be clean, firm and ideally brand new to benefit their health.

Where can i get sheets for my mattress?

You can purchase sheets for your mattress on our website. We sell cot bed, cot, travel cot, bedside crib, crib, Moses basket and space saver cot sheets. We have a wide range of colours available for you. All our sheets are breathable. We also sell water-resistant sheets.

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