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Birth - 12 Years

Car seats are a mandatory part when travelling with your baby. I-size and isofix are infant car seats with a quick and easy fit. Baby car seats have been carefully crafted and designed to comply with the safety regulations. 

Here at For Your Little One we do a range of car seats for your newborn and toddler. Some group 0 and 1 car seats have adjustable headrest which provide your baby with the utmost comfort. 

Childs carseats are brken down into three main groups. Group 0, Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3

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There are lots of baby car seats on the market for your newborn, that's why we are here to help break down the important parts when looking. 

Childs car seats are divided into 3 main groups.

Group 0 + are rear-facing seats suitable from birth and up to about 15 months or which weigh up to 13kg.

Group 1 are forward facing child car seats suitable for the weight of 9-18kg.

Group 2/3 are high back booster seats for children who weigh 15-36 kgs and are ages from 4 - 11. 

My Way

The Kinderkraft MyWay is a 0-36 kg car seat with ISOFIX car seat Group 0+ 1 2 3. It has many features to ensure car safety for your child. The My Way has a soft and wide seat. Magnetic hooks on the side to allow you to easily positions and secure your child into the car seat. The My way has a five-point harness and can be adjusted to the age range. 

Group ECE 0+. 0-13KG. (Group 0) 

The Myway is ideal for the first days of life. The youngest passengers are always transported rearward facing in the most reclined position. The car seat is secured and fastened with the car seat belt. To do this you need to take out the inserts and guide the seat belt under the arm rests at the front of the seat and fasten. Pass the upper part of the belt around the top guide and put the insets back in. Your all ready to secure your little one into the seat. Make sure you check the car belt for any twists and turns - If you find any make sure you straighten this. 

GROUP ECE 1. - 9-18KG.

Children in group 1 can also travel facing the rear. They can also travel forward facing. For group 1, remove the head insert and when your child reaches 9kg remove the lumber support. You can secure this seat with the isofix and top tether or the car seat belt mounts. The top tether is stored in the back compartment of the seat. Install the top tether as per instructions along with the ISOFIX ensuring the green indicators show on both. You can adjust the seat recline at any point but just remember to adjust the top tether accordingly. Before placing your child in the seat, loosen the inner straps. You can attach the harness on the handy magnetic parts either side. You can now choose from ten positions - Always choose one that is optimal for your child. Tighten the straps so there is 1 finger gap between the belt and your child. 

To remove the seat, Detach the top tether and remove the ISOFIX connection. The ISOFIX can be retracted into the seat for safe storing. You can also attach to the car without the isofix fitting. Attach the belt through the car seat and buckle it up. You can secure your child with the internal harness as normal. 

GROUP ECE 2 AND 3. 15-36KG

For children in the second and third weight groups, remove all inserts and hide the inner harness. This can be done according to the user manual. Children in this weight group do not use a top tether and the car seat should be in the most vertical position. This is secured with the isofix mounts and your child is secured with the car seat belts. Adjust the headrest accordingly. You can also use this without the ISOFIX fitting and is secured with the seatbelt. 


Do we sell I-size? 

We do have a variety of I-size seats available, However not a combined one suitable for the group 1, 2 and 3. Maxi-Cosi are a brand with a lot of car seats available with Isize. Maxi-Cosi sell childs car seats with isize for 9 months up to 12 years. Maxi-cosi also sell Group 0 isize car seats aswell as isofix. 

I-size is a car seat that is based on height rather than weight. Being a new parent can be daunting and might find it hard where to start with car seats. I-size and isofix legislation runs along side the current being ECE R129. Lots of parents move there babies out of rear-facing seat too early. With I-size it doesn't only help with this but it's also easier to ensure the safety features are secure.

How to install a seat with isofix?

Most modern cars will have the fitting for the isofix in the rear of the vehicle. Follow the instruction manual with the seat to ensure correct fitting. Always ensure the harness is correctly fastened and all safety features have been checked before setting off.

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