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Car Seat Bases

Driving with your young one is a whole set of considerations. You don't want your child to feel uncomfortable, That's why here at for your little one we have an all-encompassing range of car seat accessories, isofix base, isofix car seat, I-size and all things in between. The easy-to-install and -remove car seat bases are optimally built to provide maximum comfort to your toddler while he/she enjoys travelling. Our items fit brands like maxi-cosi, cybex and Joie.

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For your little one brings to you a plush range of car seat bases which are built-to-last. Expertly designed car seat bases offer safety.

Group 0 child car seats are designed for those very first stages and has the lowest weight range. They are rear-facing car seats and are suitable for babies up to 15 months old or for those who weigh up to 13kg. Some of these car seats in group 0 can be added onto the pushchair chassis or your travel system. Group 0 infant car seats are suitable from birth.

I-size is a car seat that is based on height rather than weight. Being a new parent can be daunting and might find it hard where to start with car seats. I-size and isofix legislation runs along side the current being ECE R129. Lots of parents move there babies out of rear-facing seat too early. With I-size it doesn't only help with this but it's also easier to ensure the safety features are secure.

How to fix an isofix base? 

For most bases you will be required to pull out the fittings as they might be compact with the base for shipping. Put the base on the seat of your car and slot the fittings into the correct isofix holes. Ensure the support leg is all the way to the floor of the car. 

An essential must have for car travel with your baby. With improved technology and much vigorous testing brands have come together to perfect the car seat. There are many brands, colours and styles but the most important thing is that your baby is protected.

Side-impact test have been improved and ensuring the correct levels of safety standard have been put in place to ensure you baby is comfy and also safe.

CabrioFix, Joie i-spin, i-snug and B-safe are great baby car seats for your new baby.

I-size car seat

I-size is a vastly improved version of the standard seat for your baby in the vehicle. I-size is a new car seat designed to be safer for your child. This child seat is designed to be easily installed in a vehicle with no need for a seatbelt. I-size child seats have been improved on side impacts and are approved by the ECE i-size regulations.

This seat doesn't go of your child weight which can sometimes be confusing. I-size seats use your child's height. When your baby is 75-80 and 15 months they can switch to forward facing.


Doona isofix base is suitable got the doona car seat. This base allows you to safely install the doona safely and securely into your vehicle. The vehicle must be equipped with the correct isofix anchor points. This base ensures the safe and stable connection between the car seat and the car body.


Isofix- This is designed to make the installation of an infant car seat a breeze. It features a user-friendly click-in and click-out system that allows for quick and easy installation every single time. Ideal for on-the-go families, this base is engineered with tethers and support legs that keep it firmly in place and prevent it from moving forward in case of a collision. The infant car seat base features colour indicators that confirm that the tether and leg support have been correctly installed.

Venicci ISOFIX base is designed by following the high-quality standards as defined by the regulation ECE R 44/04 for child safety car seats.


How do car seat bases work? 

Car seat bases have been designed to give parents a quick and easy way of securing their baby in the car. They work by fixing into the car's ISOFIX anchor points, with the infant or child car seat then simply clicking into the base.

Do car seat bases expire? 

Like many baby products, car seat bases do expire. Similar to car seats, bases have to meet manufacturers testing limits. So eventually, they are bound to wear out after years of use. Most have the exact expiry date as listed by the car seat they come along with. However, if you acquired the car seat base separately, it’s best to check the sticker located primarily at the bottom of the unit. Alternatively, you can consult with the product’s manufacturer for the expiry date. Typically, the majority of car seat bases expire between 6-10 years from the manufacture date.

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