How to get baby to settle in Moses basket
One thing that every parent-to-be is aware of is that babies are going to cause you some sleepless nights. However, you may still feel like the only one in the world struggling to get your baby to sleep once they arrive. Read on to discover how to get baby to settle in Moses baskets from the very early days. Remember, a well rested baby means a better rested mother, so it is important to try and get your baby into a sleep pattern as soon as you can - though it might feel like the biggest challenge on earth!

Sleepless nights

Sleepless nights are a given when it comes to parenthood, especially in the early days. Your baby may sleep well initially, and then suddenly seem to cry whenever you lay them down for a rest. This is perfectly normal - after the big event of birth, babies often sleep for most of the first twenty-four hours of their life, and then wake up…. seemingly never to sleep again! This is commonly known as second night syndrome, and can feel even more challenging if you aren’t producing milk yet, or your baby is struggling to feed. On the second night, your baby is likely to be awake, crying, and needing to feed more than usual as they get used to their new environment in the big wide world. While it feels like this might last forever, it won’t - this is just a time to remain calm, have lots of skin to skin contact, and not worry too much about things like sleep training. As your baby grows over their first few weeks, this is when you want to really know how to get baby to settle in Moses baskets.

Watch them closely

Young babies sleep on average around seventeen hours per day - and sometimes it will feel like none of this happens at night! Make sure to keep a close eye on your baby and when you see their eyes start to glaze, they are probably getting ready to sleep. This is the best time to try and introduce sleeping in a Moses basket, as they are less likely to be aware of their surroundings and more likely to simply fall asleep. If you begin by trying to settle your baby in their Moses basket when they are wide awake, it’s unlikely you will have the same level of success. However, it is important that your baby isn’t yet asleep when you lay them down, as they should already be learning to settle and drift off in their Moses basket.

Missing the moment

There are several clues you can watch out for as to when your baby is ready to sleep. They will rarely be awake for more than a couple of hours at a time, and when they begin yawning and get that glazed look, this is the perfect time to transition them to a dark, quiet, calm environment. If you miss this moment, on the other hand, you may notice that they seem more awake and aware - this can also be a sign of tiredness, so you can still move into a calm sleeping space and lay them down.

Cuddle with caution

When your baby is crying and won’t settle, all you want is to cuddle them and make it better for them, especially after they have fed and should be settling down. This is one of the loveliest moments of new parenthood, however you should always make sure to lay them in their Moses basket before they fall asleep in your arms, so that they don’t associate being cuddled and rocked as the natural place for them to sleep.

Make the transition easier

Of course your baby loves sleeping in your arms the most, but you can try to recreate that sense of comfort in their Moses basket. Some babies respond well to swaddling, as it makes them feel calmer - you can do this with a sheet or a special swaddling blanket, but it does not always work for all babies. One surefire way of making their Moses basket a little more welcoming is to place a blanket or muslin under your baby while you are holding them for a feed, and then keep it underneath them when you lay them down in their Moses basket. Not only can this make their sleeping space more comfortable and cosy, it will also be warm from your body and carry your scent - providing a reassuring familiarity for your baby.

Try some sound

It might seem counterintuitive for a baby to prefer sound to silence when they rest, but many parents find that the low level sound of a washing machine or similar eases their baby into sleep, even in their Moses basket. This is thought to replicate sounds they heard when in the womb - you can even get white noise machines or apps that provide the same experience.

How to get baby to settle in Moses basket

With all this in mind, it's important to understand that babies waking up through the night is quite normal and should not always be a cause for worry. Even if they seem to be struggling to settle in their Moses basket, as long as they are sleeping safely, that is the most vital thing. A Moses basket is a safe way for your baby to sleep - no matter how short their rest seems!

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