Finding the best maternity pillow for hip pain
When you first find out you are pregnant with your baby, it's the most exciting time of your life. There is so much to plan for and even more to enjoy - getting ready for the new addition to your family is so magical you often forget there can be some less-than-fun moments. Oh, sure, you’ve been warned that birth hurts (of course!) and that you won’t sleep very much after the baby is born, but why did no one warn you about the pain during pregnancy? Hip and back pain can make these beautiful days feel like anything but, and if you want to prepare, finding the best maternity pillow for hip pain is a good place to start. But why exactly do your hips hurt so much, and how can you tackle the aches and pains of pregnancy so you can make the most of it? Read on to find out more.

Carrying a baby

One of the more obvious causes of hip pain is simple - you are carrying a little human in your body. As your baby grows, so do you, and it is completely normal and natural to gain weight. This means more than just buying maternity clothes, you will also need to be conscious of how this added strain will impact your body. Aside from weight gain, many hormonal changes are occurring inside your body. The hormone relaxin increases during your pregnancy, which means that the joints and ligaments surrounding your pelvis relax. While this is good news for childbirth, as it makes it easier, this also means that your hips and back can feel the pain of these joints and ligaments being weakened.

The perils of poor posture

Posture is also a factor in hip pain. It can be difficult to adjust to your new shape and the new way in which your weight is distributed - it's like your entire centre of gravity has shifted! If you already have a little one running around who wants to be picked up and held, this can cause your posture to worsen even more, resulting in those familiar hip aches. While pregnant, it's best to avoid lifting heavy items whenever possible (though this might be difficult if this is your toddler!) and wear supportive shoes. You should also try to avoid walking without taking breaks - or sitting for long periods without taking breaks to exercise a little. You may not be able to totally correct your posture during pregnancy, but these tips can help a great deal.

How you sleep

So, where do maternity pillows come into this? You might be surprised to find out that one of the main causes of hip pain during pregnancy can be how you sleep. Your sleeping position - something that has previously felt so straightforward and comfortable - can be difficult to get right during this time. Pregnancy limits how many sleeping positions you have available to you (it’s a bad time for front sleepers!), and often side-sleeping can be your most comfortable and accommodating option, especially as your baby grows. However, side-sleeping can put extra weight and pressure on your hips, leading to even more pain, and contributing to sleepless nights. To help you get the best quality sleep you possibly can before your baby comes, a maternity pillow could be your best option.

Why maternity pillows work

Maternity pillows are an invaluable bedding tool in your battle with hip and back pain. Also known as a nest pillow, it gives your body extra support when you are resting so that the pressure is taken off the parts of your body that most feel the effects of pregnancy. While these are available as a wedge, U-shape or C-shape, maternity pillows that provide more support are better for your hip pain. A C-shaped (or contour) maternity pillow will provide slightly more targeted support when placed under your belly or back, while keeping legs and hips aligned. A U-shaped maternity pillow will keep your hips and legs parallel, lessening the weight on your pressure points. This is one of the more full-coverage options, which also supports your neck and back. The U-shaped option is usually preferred when it comes to covering a range of aches and pains, including hip pain.

Other ways to ease hip pain

As well as investing in a high quality maternity pillow, there are some other ways to ease hip pain during your pregnancy. You should generally try to wear flat shoes which help you to distribute your weight evenly, rather than high heels which tend to force your body forward. Some find that gentle yoga is good for easing these pains, and you can find tutorials for pregnancy yoga online or book in a special pregnancy yoga class either remotely or in person. Gentle stretching in general can help to lessen the pain you feel during your pregnancy. More relaxing ways to reduce hip pain include a massage specially tailored for you, or simply taking a warm bath. While these might only alleviate the ache in your hips temporarily, every little bit of relief is worth it!

The best maternity pillow for hip pain with For Your Little One

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