How long do Moses baskets last?
Moses baskets have certainly stood the test of time. Parents have been using baskets as a safe place for their babies to sleep in since ancient times. The Moses basket takes its name from the Biblical story of Moses, who was left as a baby at the river’s edge in a basket made of reeds. Today’s Moses baskets are still usually made from natural materials, such as wicker and seagrass.

How long do Moses baskets last?

A Moses basket is an ideal alternative to a cot for a young baby. Moses baskets are perfect for newborns and are safe to use until your baby is able to sit up without help. Babies typically reach this stage between the ages of 3-4 months. Once your baby can sit up unaided, it is time to move to a cot or straight to a cot bed. Some babies may do this younger, and others may not be able to pull themselves up to sitting until they are 6 months. This means it is important that you keep a close eye on your baby’s development.

Why choose a Moses basket?

A cot can seem very big for a newborn, especially if your baby is relatively small at birth. It gives your baby a reassuringly cosy space to settle in. If you use a cot for a newborn, you need to be careful to make sure that the bedding is only used for one end of the cot, so that your baby cannot wriggle into a position beneath the bedding. The compact nature of a Moses basket makes this easier to manage, but you should still make sure you adopt the “feet to foot” rule, with your baby’s feet positioned at the end of the Moses basket, and the bedding carefully fitted so that it cannot cover the head. Choosing a Moses basket for the early months is a good alternative to a cot, as it gives you the option to move straight to a cot bed once your baby has outgrown the Moses basket.

It is recommended that you keep your baby in the same room as you and/or your partner for sleeping for at least the first six months. A Moses basket takes up less space than a cot, so it can be more convenient to accommodate in your bedroom.

The National Childbirth Trust (NCT) also recommends that you have your baby in the same room as you when your baby is having daytime naps for the first six months. This gives you the reassurance that all is well while your baby sleeps, and supports the bonding process. If you are trying to follow this advice, a Moses basket is ideal, as it is lightweight and easy to move from one room to another, so your newborn can easily nap in the room that you want to be in. Just remember not to place the Moses basket too close to a radiator or near a window on a sunny day, so that you avoid the risk of your baby overheating.

You can find out more about NCT sleep recommendations here:

A Moses basket is versatile for height and positioning. It can sit on the floor, on a static stand or it can be fitted on a special rocking stand, allowing you to soothe your baby with a gentle motion to encourage sleep.

Moses baskets may look delicate, but they are actually very durable and sturdy. Our Moses baskets are crafted to Your Moses basket can be used again if your little one has a new sibling, or you could pass it on to a friend. We always recommend fitting a basket with a new mattress for each new baby. If you can’t bear to part with your Moses basket, even when no more babies are expected in the family, you can store it, or repurpose it to become a cute piece of furniture for holding your child’s soft toys.

Moses basket options

The traditional Moses basket offers a timeless style that still looks fresh today. You can customise your Moses basket with a pretty bedding set, available in a range of colours. Traditional white works well in any setting, or choose a splash of colour, with yellow, pink or blue fabrics.

For Your Little Ones stocks a selection of beautiful Moses baskets and accessories. Our classic Wicker Moses Basket is sold in three different colours: dark wicker, grey or white. The sturdy handles make the basket easy to transport wherever you need it. It comes complete with a standard mattress and a bedding set, including a padded liner. You also have the option to upgrade the mattress to a luxury quilted edition.

Our classic Wicker and Seagrass Moses baskets can make use of a fabric hood, while the design of our Pod Moses basket incorporates a solid woven hood. Either option provides your baby with protection from bright sunlight, making it easier to get to sleep.

What accessories does a Moses basket need?

You will need a mattress and bedding set for your Moses basket. This needs to incorporate a basket lining for comfort and ease of cleaning. Specially fitted sheets should be used so they are just the right size and unnecessary bedding bulk is avoided.

How to help your baby make the move to a cot bed?

After the snug comfort of a Moses basket, a generously sized cot bed will be quite a change for your baby. You can help to acclimatise your baby by placing the Moses basket, with your baby inside, into the cot bed at sleep time for a few days or weeks to aid with the transition. This gives your baby a chance to take in the new view, and perhaps new surroundings beyond the cot bed.

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