The best maternity pillow for better sleep
Pregnancy can be an incredible time. You are getting ready for your baby and excitedly planning your future. But we all know that there can also be some serious discomfort associated with being pregnant - and not the labour pains you might be thinking of! If you are someone who is struggling to sleep during pregnancy, then we are here to help you find the best maternity pillow for you during pregnancy and beyond.

Why do you need a maternity pillow?

While we all consider the pain of labour and the recovery, you may be surprised by the way your changing body can impact you. Pregnancy-related pain is extremely common, whether you find yourself getting regular cramps or increasingly bad backache. Inevitably when you are carrying a baby you will gain weight, which happens quite quickly and puts a strain on your entire body. You will especially notice that this impacts your back and hips, with pain also being common in your feet. While you will be hoping for restorative rest to make you feel better, this can actually leave you in a worse state than before! This is because most of us do not sleep with the correct support - and this carries on throughout the day. Before you reach for the pain relief, bear in mind that you may need to think outside the box when taking care of yourself during your pregnancy. Stronger pain relief options are often not accessible, and so a maternity pillow can be an excellent choice to relieve some of this discomfort.

What is a maternity pillow

A pregnancy or maternity pillow can come in different shapes and sizes, but their main function is to provide extra support to your body during sleep. They work by relieving the strain you get on your pressure points while you move around at night, lessening the pain you may feel both during sleep and at other times of the day. While maternity pillows (also known as nest pillows) can be used by anyone, they have been designed with pregnant bodies in mind. It can be challenging to know how to accommodate your growing belly, and a pregnancy pillow has the correct contours that a normal pillow would not have. This reduces the chances of back pain, joint stiffness and even cramps - meaning you are less likely to suffer from sleepless nights (at least until your baby arrives).

How a maternity pillow can help you

In less generalised terms, some people suffer from chronic pain while pregnant, which can be generated either in your ligaments or your sciatic nerve. You may simply find yourself suffering with back pain that will not go away. If this sounds familiar, then spending a little to get the right support is absolutely worth it. Some people find that they can use their existing pillows to create a sort of nest that provides support, but this is not as flexible as a maternity pillow, which can move with your body without needing to be rearranged, and can be easily transported if you wish to travel during your pregnancy. While a maternity pillow might not work well for everyone, they generally provide excellent support, helping you to adjust to your new sleeping positions while ensuring that your body is aligned. This includes your neck, hips, and the length of your back (which is especially good for lower back pain). They can also improve your circulation and help to alleviate or ease heartburn or general congestion, which can be common during pregnancy. Pregnancy also makes it that little bit easier to strain your muscles and get leg cramps, which a maternity pillow can help you with.

Types of maternity pillow

There are different types of maternity pillows, and each provides a different kind of support to your changing body. A wedge pillow is smaller and will support a more specific area, such as underneath your belly or back. You can also put a wedge pillow between your knees, and depending on where you place it, this pillow can stop you from rolling over and changing position during your sleep. This can be a good choice for those who have specific pain or want a cooler option. A U-shaped maternity pillow will provide support for your entire body, keeping your hips and legs aligned during sleep, and supporting your neck and back to ensure alignment. This is a good fit if you want equal support across your whole body. Finally, a C-shaped (otherwise known as contour) maternity pillow will provide support for your back or your stomach - this is down to you and how you wish to position your pillow. It ensures that your legs and hips are parallel while also keeping your neck and back aligned and fully supported. The best maternity sleeping pillow will depend on your specific needs. You may even need different pillows for different nights or stages of your pregnancy.

Maternity pillow materials

Whether or not you generally think about the kinds of materials you sleep with, pregnancy can be an especially sensitive time for your entire body. Maternity pillows come in different materials, so when choosing your perfect maternity pillow, make sure you think about this. If you are a warm sleeper, then a synthetic pillow will not be suitable for you, or if you require premium support, then memory foam might be the right choice for you. However, if you require something that adjusts more to your body, then polyfill may work better.

The best maternity pillow

As you can see, there are so many good reasons to get a high quality maternity pillow to help with your sleep and ease those aches and pains. Even after pregnancy, a maternity pillow can help you to sleep better and support your body when you rest. To find the best maternity pillow for you, look no further. For Your Little One has a range of excellent maternity pillows to suit you. We have a variety of the best maternity pillow UK-based parents love so you can find the perfect fit, and breastfeeding pillows for when your baby arrives. You can also find a fantastic selection of everything you need for you and your baby, with fast delivery times and excellent customer service, and a six month warranty on every product.
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