The best Moses basket for newborns
The Moses basket is perhaps one of the most iconic items you think of when you are getting your baby’s nursery ready. Not only practical but also beautiful, getting the best Moses basket for newborns is on every parent’s mind. But you might still have some questions about whether this is the best place for a baby to sleep, and which type of basket is right for you. Here, we take a look at some of the best Moses baskets currently on the market for newborn babies and discover why a Moses basket is the perfect place for your newborn to sleep.

Why a Moses basket?

While you might have been excitedly decorating a bedroom for your baby, it is important to remember that having your baby in your own bedroom is suggested. This is both for your convenience (getting up for night feeds can be hard enough as it is!) and so you can be close at hand to check on your baby during the night. Your peace of mind is important, and we understand that every parent worries about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Keeping your baby nearby for these early months is good for everyone, and giving them a Moses basket to sleep in is generally seen as a great idea. The confines of a Moses basket provide a cosy place for your baby to sleep where they can feel safe, and because babies sleep so much in the early weeks it is important to make sure they have the best place to rest. At For Your Little One, our Moses baskets can support your baby until they weigh 6.8kg, or until it becomes too small for their frame. You will also know when your baby is ready to move on to a new sleeping space once they can easily move around - this is a sign that they need a more contained place to nap! With a Moses basket, you know they’ll have a good place to sleep for those first few months before transitioning to a cot or crib, and eventually into their own nursery.

Wicker Moses basket

A wicker Moses basket is, of course, the classic material. Lightweight and with strong handles for ease of transporting the basket (without baby inside), wicker baskets look wonderful and should have a firm mattress to support your baby as they sleep. All our wicker Moses baskets come with a mattress that is hypoallergenic (as do our other designs) and will suit any nursery or bedroom design. Coming with a coverlet that is easy to wash, this wicker basket is a classic for a reason - it is made to last and suits that charming newborn aesthetic.

Pod Moses baskets

Created with polyester and cotton for a breathable and comfortable place to rest, pod Moses baskets (also known as Noah baskets) create an added insulation for your baby. The pod design gives your baby a more cocooned feeling while being small enough to fit in your bedroom. This deluxe choice looks wonderful with a range of different coloured bedding and coverlets and comes with a mattress and quilt - perfect if your baby has arrived early and you’re not quite prepared with everything you need.

Palm Moses basket

Palm Moses baskets have a comforting curved design for an enclosed sleeping space, ideal for nighttime or nap time. Coming with a hood to keep your baby protected and safe, this basket has extra bedding and boasts a high level of breathability. With a classic, appealing look and quilt included, you will love how beautiful and convenient this basket is.

Can your baby use a Moses basket all day?

While your baby should of course have time out of their Moses basket, when they are sleeping it is perfectly okay to have them do so in their Moses basket at any time of day or night. You can purchase extra blankets for their Moses basket so that they can feel more comfortable in different environments, and a stand will make it easier to see your baby easily. All our Moses baskets come with handles, however, you should only transport the basket on its own, and never with your baby inside, as a Moses basket is not designed for this kind of weight-bearing.

How long will a Moses basket last?

Whether you choose a palm or wicker Moses basket, they are made to last through your child’s early months and beyond. However, if your priority is to have the Moses basket also be used for a future baby, either yours or a friend’s, a wicker basket will generally last longer and be in better condition to be used again. Regardless of the material used, you should always check the Moses basket thoroughly for signs of wear and tear before using it again with another baby - and buying a fresh Moses basket with a new look can be really fun… and don’t be tempted to use the old one that your grandma tries to give you!

Buy the best Moses basket for newborns

When you are trying to choose the best Moses basket for newborns, it really depends on the style you want and what you think would be most comfortable and convenient for your baby. With For Your Little One, you can always be certain that you are going to get a high-quality Moses basket that is designed with newborns in mind. We understand how hard it can be to get new babies to sleep, and with quick UK delivery and free returns, you can find your perfect choice to help them rest - so maybe you can get some shut eye, too.
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