How long should babies sleep in a Moses basket?
Waiting for your new baby to arrive is one of the most exciting and special events in life. Naturally, you will want the very best for your new little one and making sure your baby can sleep comfortably in any room is an important factor for both baby and parent. A Moses Basket is the ideal answer, though, as you research the idea, you might ask yourself, how long should babies sleep in a Moses Basket? To find the answer to this question and more, please read on.

The origin of Moses Baskets

The story of baby Moses being wrapped snuggly into a wicker basket and floated downriver out of harm's way from the Egyptians, following the Pharoah’s decree that all newborn Hebrew babes were to be killed, is one of the best-known tales from the Old Testament. It’s where the name “Moses’ Basket” originates, despite the fact that floating your baby downstream al-la-Moses, would be frowned upon in today’s parenting world. The Moses Baskets you’ll find in our “For Your Little One” online store have all been created with a baby’s comfort and safety uppermost in mind. You can choose from our range of: • Wicker Moses Baskets • Pod Moses Baskets • Palm Moses Baskets

How long should babies sleep in a Moses Basket?

You can view each type on our website, and the answer to the question of how long should babies sleep in a Moses Basket will be the same – about three months to four months, or until your little one reaches a weight of around 6.8Kg and can sit up unaided.

Our range of wicker Moses Baskets

As with all three of the types of Moses Baskets we sell, every single one is handwoven by an expert with care and love. They provide the ultimate in terms of comfort and safety and can be used as both a crib and a cot. Available in white or grey, one of our delightful wicker Moses Baskets will complement any baby's bedroom, or indeed your bedroom, if that is where the baby will sleep initially. To make your basket perfect for its environment, we stock various coloured specially sized bedding sets in a choice of blue, cream, grey, pink and white. We also sell specially sized and shaped mattresses. For baby’s safety and well-being, they are made from breathable materials which allow free movement and heat dissipation. Your little one will be kept cosy all night long.

Our range of Pod Moses Baskets

Another option in the “For Your Little One” range of Moses Baskets is the Pod Moses Basket. Made from the same safe, natural material, wicker, from environmentally sustainable trees grown in the northern hemisphere, a Noah Pod Moses Basket will surround your baby in its warming embrace wherever it is placed. Available in either grey or white wicker and, thanks to the same sized base footprint (65cm x 28cm), the same bedding sets in the same colours described above in the Wicker Moses Basket section apply.

Our range of Palm Moses Baskets

The “For Your Little One” range of Palm Moses baskets with their unique design is another option. Constructed by expert artisans from natural palm leaf materials, with slightly larger outer dimensions than the Wicker and Pod Moses Baskets of 83cm x 49cm, a Palm Moses Basket delivers the same degree of safety and comfort for baby and peace of mind for mum and dad. The Palm material is just as safe and durable as the wicker but produces a softer bassinet. The internal shape and dimension of all three options of our Moses Baskets are the same. They may vary slightly due to the nature of the natural materials and the fact that each basket is individually handcrafted. It means that the bedding sets fit all models, whichever option of Moses Basket you decide to go for,

Extras as standard

Whichever Moses Basket you decide on, it comes complete with: • Gorgeous wicker or palm leaf shell (depending on which type of Basket you purchase) • A safe, fully breathable deluxe mattress • Beautiful, padded liner (choice of dimple or waffle)

Custom stands for your Moses Basket

For reasons of safety and comfort, and convenience, it is not advisable to position a Moses Basket with baby inside on the floor. To help get around the problem, we stock custom-built Moses Basket Stands. The range comprises: • Moses Folding Basket Stand. Made from natural pine wood, a folding mechanism, and balanced footing, this stand compliments both the Moses Basket and the environment in which it is placed. • Moses Basket Natural Rocking Stand. This stand, too, is made using natural pine, so is ideal for any environment. The turdy build ensures both durability and safety, and of course, it introduces that Rockabye baby feature to comfort and soothe baby and encourage sleep. • Deluxe Rocking Stand – White. Made from white painted natural pine with a curved cross design to carry all options of “For Your Little One” Moses Baskets. • Moses Basket Rocking Stand – Grey. Similar to the model described above but finished in grey. When baby needs feeding at night, and you're in bed, your Moses Basket Stand can be placed adjacent to our bed for maximum convenience. It is the perfect height to facilitate the easy transfer of baby from the basket to mum's or dad's loving arms.

Every parent’s secret fear

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is every parent’s secret dread. There are many possible causes according to the NHS website. One of them is getting tangled in betting and suffocating, something that our range of Moses Baskets with custom bedding sites helps to prevent.

Safety note

You should never carry a baby in your Moses Basket, despite the fact that each is constructed with a pair of handles. The handles are for decorative purposes and for moving the basket around the home, but not with a baby inside. And remember, in terms of how long should babies sleep in a Moses Basket, the answer is three to four months, or when the baby reaches a weight of 6.8kg and is capable of sitting up unaided.

The perfect present

As well as being the perfect gift for your new little one, a Moses Basket, or set of custom Moses Basket bedding, or a Moses Basket stand – or all three – are great ideas as baby shower gifts. Why not order yours today?
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