The best universal footmuffs for babies and toddlers
As you prepare to welcome your little one into the world, there's so much to prepare for. And once they are here, it seems as though you missed some things that people say are essential! One common item that you might forget, or not know you need, is a footmuff. Rain or shine, the best universal footmuffs are a must-have for your baby’s pram when you take them on those wonderful walks. But why do you need one and for how long? Here, we take a look at some of the best choices when you are looking for footmuffs.

What is a footmuff?

At first glance, you may think that a footmuff looks like a tiny little sleeping bag for your baby! The design is not dissimilar, but a footmuff can be attached to a pram to provide your baby with more coverage. A well-fitted footmuff should not act as a swaddle, but should cover them up to their chest, allowing their arms to be outside.

Why does your baby need a footmuff?

You might be wondering why you need the best universal footmuffs, especially since summer is on the way! While cold weather is the main reason why parents invest in footmuffs, babies often need to be kept cosier than you might expect. The extra layer of fabric can also make them feel more secure when in their pram, which can be an unsettling experience for some babies - and you won’t need to wrap them up tight in a lot of extra clothes, which can lead to them becoming overly hot. And they can’t throw a footmuff off in the same way they might a blanket. Not only that, but you can opt for some waterproof choices - invaluable in the UK, no matter what time of year it is!

When should I stop using a footmuff?

You may be reluctant to invest in a footmuff if you might only need it for those early months. While it is common knowledge that your newborn might need to be kept warmer than older babies, you don’t need to stop using them as your baby grows. Footmuffs can be adjustable and extendable if unzipped, which means your toddler can still use one as they grow. This is why it is a great idea to buy the best universal footmuffs, made of high quality materials, that are made to last through the newborn days and into the later months.

Do all footmuffs fit all prams?

Before you buy that adorable footmuff you’ve had your eye on, stop and think! While here we will be looking at the best universal footmuffs (read on for our recommendations), not all footmuffs are created equal. There may be some that are made to fit a particular brand of pram, so if you are looking for a footmuff that will fit any pram, then make sure it is actually universal, not just “universal” to a certain brand or type of pram.

Best footmuffs here at For Your Little One

Universal Snuggle Buggy Summer Footmuff

As we said, you don’t have to give up your footmuff during the summer months - summer babies need to stay cosy, too! The Universal Snuggle Buggy Summer Footmuff is created with fleece fabric that is still breathable, giving your baby a lightweight cover up that keeps them safe and cuddled up in a range of stunning patterns and styles. A starry footmuff will suit any little one, and the zipper on each side makes this footmuff easy to slide on and off. You can even open up the footmuff so it acts as a liner on the warmest days.

Universal Broderie Anglaise Pushchair Footmuff

For babies who want to be cradled in an extra soft and plush cocoon, the Universal Broderie Anglaise Pushchair Footmuff can fit a variety of prams and pushchairs. Durable and luxurious, these footmuffs are incredibly aesthetic, with ruffles and soft colours that are perfect for any little one. If your baby struggles to get comfortable in their pram, make their travels softer with this breathable and cosy footmuff. With zips at the sides to make getting your baby out a breeze, the Broderie Anglaise range is a real must have for any parent who wants to create a beautiful space for their baby.

Universal Deluxe Pushchair Footmuff

Are you often out and about in all weather? Then get ready for rain and colder weather with the Universal Deluxe Pushchair Footmuff. These footmuffs have the universal compatibility you’re looking for, and are available in a range of colours to combine style and practicality. Not only that, but these footmuffs are larger, meaning you can use them for your baby as they grow up into a toddler. With fluffy padding and a waterproof outer shell that can also protect from wind, your baby will be safe and comfortable on all their travels. The zipper at the front means that you can fit your toddler into the footmuff seamlessly - perfect for growing little ones.

Find the best universal footmuffs

Now you have had a little taste of why you should get a footmuff for your baby or toddler, and how For Your Little One can help. A footmuff is truly an invaluable piece of kit in your parenting arsenal, and can make getting out and about in all weather that little bit easier. Whether you are looking for a sturdy waterproof footmuff that can grow with your baby, or a summer appropriate fleece footmuff to prevent overheating while still keeping them cosy, we can help. At For Your Little One we pride ourselves on providing you with high quality items to make parenthood less challenging. As a family run business, we know how important it is to make the world safe and beautiful for your children - and you can pick up everything you need with fast delivery and payment plans to make it even easier to get everything you need. Check out our full range of footmuffs and choose your favourite to make your outside time the best it can be.