Moses Baskets, Cribs, or Co-Sleeper: How Your Baby Should Sleep?

Making ideal sleeping arrangements for new-born babies is one of the most important things for parents. Babies spend most of their time sleeping and eating in their few early months. So, sleeping arrangements should be of exceptional quality and should be chosen only after weighing all options. The most common options that parents like to choose from are cribs, co-sleepers, and Moses baskets. Equally beautiful and comfortable, each of these options has its pros and cons and ideal situation for which they are most suitable for. Let’s have a look.

Moses Baskets

Extremely beautiful and popular, Moses basket is probably the first thing on the shopping list of an expecting mother. They are usually made of wicker and maize are safe and secure for the baby to sleep in and they fit in your room easily so that the baby can sleep with you. Fairly light and easy, you can carry them around with the attached handles on either side and can be placed on both floors and stands. While moses baskets are very functional and aesthetically pleasing, they are only useful for a short period. Your little ones can sleep in a moses basket only until they are capable of pulling themselves up and stand or sit. Babies can do this by the time they are 3 to 4 months old. If you decide to get a moses basket for your baby, make sure that they are sturdy and the handles are large enough to meet in the middle.

Pros – Very comfortable, takes up less space, easy to port, baby stays shaded and cool with the hood, and easy to store.

Cons – Usable for only about 3-4 months.


Usually, cribs are made with different kinds of wood and metals. They are extremely sturdy and more spacious then moses baskets. Cribs are a good choice to go with if you are looking for something which is a mixture of a cot and moses basket. The additional plus side of a crib is that they can be used for a longer period in comparison to moses baskets. You can even reuse a crib for your next baby or have a friend or family member use it when they have a child. The only drawback would be that you cannot travel with conventional cribs unlike moses baskets. If travel is a huge part of your life then choosing a portable folding crib or a travel cot can be better for your baby.

Pros – More space, beautiful designs, customisable, bars to help keep an eye on the baby, reusable.

Cons – Not easily portable


Co-sleepers are crib-like equipment that has one side without the bars and can be kept on the side of the bed. It helps you keep the baby close to yourself while it sleeps peacefully in its own space. Co-sleepers are extremely helpful in cases of difficult pregnancies where mothers find it difficult to get out of bed several times to attend to the baby’s needs. Since you and the baby will not be sharing sheets and space, both of you can get optimum rest and prevent the risks of suffocation. Co-sleepers can be found in any form – the conventional wooden crib or a moses basket double-up.

Pros – Close proximities of the baby, versatile, personal space, portable when used as a moses basket double-up and easier to handle for recovering mothers.

Cons – Requires a very spacious bedroom that has enough space for a king/queen size bed as well as the co-sleeper along with other furniture.

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