Find the best buggy parasol for every season

Parasols are handy accessories for pushchairs if you're keen to get out in all seasons. Whether it's for protecting your baby against harmful UV rays or keeping them shielded from an unexpected shower, we'll help you choose the best buggy parasol for your pushchair.

Why do I need a parasol for a pushchair?

The gentle rocking motion of a pushchair is the perfect way to get a baby off to sleep, and fresh air can also play a role in settling little ones into a nap. But what happens when you have a baby happily snoozing in a pushchair in the garden and the sun starts blazing down? You risk waking them if you move, but unless you protect them from the sun their delicate skin will quickly burn. Pushchair parasols are the perfect solution to this common dilemma. They're designed to provide some vital shade for your baby as they take a nap outdoors in a pushchair. Plus, they have the added benefit of giving your baby something to focus on so that they're less likely to get distracted by noise, lights or movements around them. All in all, they help to set up the perfect environment for an alfresco snooze.

Why is sun exposure so dangerous for my baby?

Infants aged six months and under do not have enough melanin in the skin to protect them against harmful UV rays. This means that their skin burns exceptionally quickly. Even after the age of six months, the skin of babies, toddlers and children are very delicate and susceptible to burning quickly when the sun is at its strongest. Sunburns will not only leave your baby feeling sore and uncomfortable, but if very severe they can develop into blisters that might become infected or leave permanent scars. Excessive sun exposure can also lead to dehydration and heat stroke, both of which can be deadly. It is vital that babies are kept out of direct sunlight when outdoors, and the NHS recommends the use of parasols to achieve this.

Why a parasol and not a blanket?

Many people drape a muslin or blanket over the pram when their baby naps in a pushchair outdoors, and these can be great options when you're in a pinch. However, on hot days blankets and cloths run the risk of letting the little one get quickly overheated, and a particularly heavy covering could affect ventilation and be very dangerous for your baby. Parasols provide shade while allowing for plenty of airflow and good ventilation to ensure your baby stays cool and safe throughout their nap. They also make it easy for you to quickly feel a baby's chest or neck to check on their temperature regularly with minimal risk of waking them up by fiddling with bulky covers.

Should I use a buggy parasol when I'm out walking?

You might find a parasol handy to keep your baby shielded from sun and rain when you're out for a quick stroll. However, the trouble with parasols on longer walks is that you often have to keep repositioning them as you change direction and the sun or rain hits the pram from different angles. Parasols are best used to shield your baby when the pram is stationary. If you're looking for the ultimate rain protection for walks, opt for a pushchair raincover instead. These completely cover the entirety of the pushchair to ensure your child is protected from head to foot. They're ideal for those blustery, rainy days when a parasol simply wouldn't cut it.

Pretty Broderie Anglaise parasols for classic style

Traditional pushchair parasols feature pretty embroidered Broderie Anglaise fabric and we love the look of these classic parasols. They look beautifully summery, and if the styling of your pushchair accessories is important to you they make for picture-perfect moments such as picnics in the park or family get-togethers in the garden. Our Universal Broderie Anglaise Parasols are made using high-quality fabric that is resistant to wear and tear, ensuring you get plenty of life out of this elegant accessory. Plus, they have quick-release clips for easy attachment and removal, perfect for when the sun suddenly peaks out from behind a cloud.

The best buggy parasol for all weathers

Many people associate parasols with sun protection, but the best buggy parasol is one that is also waterproof to protect against light showers. Although Broderie Anglaise parasols are beautiful, they're only suitable for dry conditions and don't hold up well in the event that a rain cloud passes over. Given that this is Britain and there's always a risk of rain, it might be wise to invest in a parasol that is equipped to deal with a quick downpour. Our Universal Baby Parasol is perfect for both rain and shine. It is waterproof enough to deal with sudden changes in the weather, and it offers SPF50 UV protection to ensure your baby's delicate skin is thoroughly protected against the sun's harmful rays. It has a flexible arm to allow for easy positioning and repositioning as the sun moves. Plus the clamp allows it to universally fit on any buggy while enabling a quick and easy release when you want to take the parasol down.