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Moses Baskets

We have a wide range of beautiful baby moses baskets which are perfect for both your baby’s comfort and for your ease. Available in a range of different colours, our palm baskets and  wicker moses baskets are suitable up to a weight of 6.8kg, allowing them to play an integral part of caring for your little one in their early months. Complete your basket with one of our quilted mattresses and luxuriously soft bedding sets, or explore our range of palm moses baskets and achieve your baby’s ultimate comfort today.

Here at For Your Little One we have a wide variety of moses baskets available for you to choose from to make sure your infant is comfortable no matter where you take them.

Moses Baskets

We have a selection of beautiful Broderie Anglaise moses baskets and wicker baskets available in a range of colours including pink, blue, grey and white, so your baby is always softly embraced even on the go. All of our products are tested to ensure they are of the highest quality and provide a safe, comfortable environment for your little one to rest their head.

Baby Moses Baskets

Our moses baskets are suitable for babies up to a weight of 6.8kg, this is typically when a baby can start to sit up unassisted, giving you and them ample amount of time to enjoy the comfort of our moses basket range. These lightweight baskets should make transferring your baby from room to room much easier so you can enjoy those early months together! Why not check out our moses basket stands to complete the set?


Are Moses baskets safe?

Yes, all of our baby Moses baskets exceed the latest EU standard and provide an exceptional quality of basket that you can be rest assured your little one is comfortable, safe and in good quality hands.

Will my Moses basket come with a stand?

Our Moses baskets do not come with the rocking stand, but these can be easily bought from our additional Moses basket stand range.

Is my Moses basket mattress hypoallergenic?

Yes, all of our Moses baskets include a hypoallergenic mattress that you can rest your baby’s head on knowing they are met with a soft space for them to enter dreamland.