Moses Baskets

We have a wide range of beautiful baby moses baskets which are perfect for both your baby’s comfort and for your ease. Available in a range of different colours, our palm baskets and  wicker moses baskets are suitable up to a weight of 6.8kg, allowing them to play an integral part of caring for your little one in their early months. Complete your basket with one of our quilted mattresses and luxuriously soft bedding sets and achieve your baby’s ultimate comfort today.

We have a large variety of Moses baskets available online, with many different designs also available including the beautifully produced and designed Broderie Anglaise Moses baskets which come in a range of different colours including Pink, Blue and White. Standard Wicker Moses baskets are also offered either with or without a stand. 

The Wicker baskets also come in different colours, including White and Grey. As well as having a massive range of ‘My Little Star’ Moses baskets in a choice of different colours and designs and sizes. 
The Moses baskets are safe, comfortable and warm for your little one anywhere and anytime. Moses baskets are lightweight and easily movable so you are able to take your baby anywhere with you without any difficulty.

They are suitable for babies up to when they reach a weight of 6.8kg, as that is the most weight the Moses baskets can carry without the worry of the basket or stand snapping. You can also calculate the time that you need to move up from a Moses basket when your little one is able to sit up and or roll over unassisted. 
All of our products are inspected and tested to check that they are at the high quality we expect you to be provided with.