How to Design a Nursery: The Ultimate Guide

Having a baby and raising that little human can be the most exciting journey, that has endless responsibilities and everyday adventures. Every parent or soon-to-be parent prepares many lists of things that they want for their baby. From buying a crib to health policy, parents try to get the best for their little ones. Though many of these things can be a bit intimidating, there is one thing that is full of fun and excitement – designing your baby’s nursery. Deciding the interior of the nursery can be the most enriching experience for a parent because the nursery is a place where babies sleep, grow, and learn.

As you and your baby are going to spend most of your time in this pretty little new room, here are few tips to help you create your dream nursery:

Plan Your Budget

Having a baby is an overwhelming emotion, but it is important not to let that be a point of contention while deciding the budget of the nursery. Planning out a budget will help you remain focused while buying and deciding things. Also, don’t let your budget affect the vision you have for the new room. Look for alternatives under your budget, e.g. a DIY wall, as it can add a personal touch to the room.

Choose a Theme

Honestly, gone are the days of pink for girls and blue for boys, be unique and choose a vibrant colour scheme or go subtle with pastels. Babies are all about colours, that is the reason you should always select a theme, preferably a gender-neutral one, before buying things and decorate the nursery. Just be as thoughtful as you can in deciding the theme and put in your best efforts in designing the perfect living space for your little one.

Don’t be an Impulsive Buyer

Being hasty is not going to help you get the desired results. Getting the perfect interior for your child’s nursery requires patience, so plan out things. Try to get the basics right like which paint you should have on the wall, is it non-toxic and anti-allergic etc. Always remember that a baby does not need everything at once; somethings can be purchased later also.

A Comfortable Bedding

Deciding comfortable and cosy bedding for your baby is another crucial element of a nursery interior.  From crib to cushion to coverlets, be sure to invest your time to plan everything related to bedding. Look for mattresses, pillows, and quilts that are soft and made using the finest quality material, preferably cotton. When buying a crib, make sure to check all the safety standards to ensure maximum protection of your little angel.

Furniture Pieces

An excellent furniture piece should be instrumental and complements your décor settings. For a baby’s nursery, your essential furniture items should be a closet, crib, nursing chair, side table and a rug. All these things need to be steady and durable and should add great comfort to the nursery interior.

Lastly, Remember It’s ‘Mother Room’ Too

No matter how good you’ve decorated the nursery, what stand out will be your presence in the room alongside your baby. More than anything, a baby wants some care, lots of love and great comfort from its mother. You can have your favourite things in the nursery, to be naturally comfortable in the place. Experience together an unforgettable journey of seeing your child grow and learn new things.

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