How to put hood on moses basket without hassle

Moses baskets are a versatile and beautiful alternative to cots and cribs for newborn babies, but many parents find themselves struggling to figure out how to put hood on moses basket for the first time. Attaching a hood to a moses basket can seem a little fiddly for the uninitiated, so we've put together a quick guide to help you get started.

How to put hood on moses basket with screws or hooks

Many moses basket hoods attach to the main body of the basket via screws, washers and wingnuts. The holes for these screws are usually positioned near the basket carry handles. Line the hood up with the edge of the basket, line up the holes or loops of the hood with the hoops on the basket, and simply secure the hood in place with the washers, screws and wingnuts provided. You can then tighten the wingnuts up enough that the hood can be raised up and down while holding its position. Some moses baskets use hooking mechanisms instead of screws, and again these are usually located near the basket handles. In these cases, line up the hooking tape on the hood with that of the basket and press down firmly to attach the parts together. If the alignment is wrong, hold the basket down firmly and pull the hood up to remove it, then realign and try again. Always do one last check of the moses basket after attaching a hood before using it. Make sure any loose ribbons are safely tied and tightened before putting your baby to sleep or lifting the basket up.

Tips for easier moses basket hood assembly

You don't want to have to deal with the stress of figuring out how to put hood on moses basket when you first welcome your precious newborn baby into the world. We recommend practising with the hood removal and attachment a few times before your baby arrives so that you can do it seamlessly by the time your little one is with you. You should also get to grips with removing and fitting the sheets and dressings of the moses basket too, which can seem fiddly when you're doing it for the first time. In fact, the same advice goes for all of your baby products, such as pushchairs, prams, and car seats; the more familiar you can become with these items before baby comes, the easier life will be when you come to using them every day. If your moses basket comes with assembly instructions or hood attachment instructions, be sure to keep these in a safe place even if you think you have them memorised. You never know if you might need to refer back to them, or if you might need to provide them to someone else who is helping you to take care of baby. You could take a photo of the instructions on your phone so you always have them on hand. Finally, whenever you remove the hood of your moses basket be sure to store any screws, washers and wingnuts in a safe place so you don't risk losing any essential parts. Then, organise the screws and wingnuts on each side of the basket before you start reattaching the hood. It can be tricky to line the hood up with the basket just right to slide in the screws, but by having the screws right on hand you're less likely to lose this alignment and you shouldn't struggle to get the screws in place.

How often should I remove and wash a moses basket hood?

While your baby's sheets and pillowcases should be washed twice each week, it isn't necessary to wash a moses basket hood quite so often. This is because your baby is unlikely to come into direct contact with the hood regularly, so it won't be exposed to dust, debris and bacteria as much as the sheets on which baby sleeps. Once a month or less should be enough to keep dust and potential allergens at bay. It is usually advised to wash baby bedding when you first buy it and before your baby arrives. Although it is less essential to this for a moses basket hood, you might choose to do so simply to practice removing and reattaching the hood.

Do I need a hood for a pod moses basket?

Pod moses baskets usually do not come with hoods or have fixture points for hoods. This is because their curved shape already provides a cosy, shaded and confined space for your little one to relax in without the need for a hood. You'll notice on pod baskets that they are higher at the top end in order to create a somewhat enclosed area around a baby's head, which helps your newborn to feel fully embraced while sleeping. When it comes to traditional moses baskets, the height of the basket is the same at both ends and a hood is necessary to provide that same shelter for the baby's head. If you'd prefer not to deal with the hassle of attaching and removing the hood of a moses basket, a Noah Pod Moses Basket is a brilliant choice. The ergonomic design of these baskets also makes them a great solution for parents with small bedrooms because they have a minimal footprint. However, if you'd prefer the flexibility of a removable hood you should opt for one of our traditional wicker moses baskets or palm moses baskets instead, both of which are provided with removable cotton hoods. Check out our full collection of beautiful For Your Little One newborn baby moses baskets now.
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