Choosing the right moses basket

When you are preparing to welcome your baby, there is so much to consider. There are so many things your baby needs, especially for their nursery, and we know you want to only get them the best. One of the most important items to consider is what your baby will sleep in. While you might be anticipating a lot of sleepless nights, we promise that your baby really will sleep - and they need to be comfortable and safe while they dream.

Healthy sleep is vital for infant development, but how do you choose the right moses basket for your nursery? We have put together a guide for expectant parents - read on to discover what you should look for, and how For Your Little One can help!

Benefits of a moses basket

You may be wondering why you might choose a moses basket over some of the alternatives on the market. Moses baskets are perfectly designed for newborns, and they are fairly low cost compared to a crib - which is important, as your baby will need a new bed within a few short months.

Moses baskets have an enclosed design which provides a feeling of security for your baby. This is a great plus as it can help your baby to sleep more soundly in those first months.

Moses baskets also allow air to flow freely, keeping your baby safe and sleeping comfortably. You should look for all of these things when shopping for your baby’s moses basket. There are some other things you should think about, too.

Your baby’s size

You should consider the height and weight of your baby, as moses baskets have a weight limit of between fifteen and twenty pounds. While this is fine for most newborns, you should also plan ahead and look for a basket that can support your baby until they are around three or four months old, or until they reach the weight limit of the basket. It is worth considering that moses baskets are not suitable for babies who have a good range of movement, such as rolling over.

Meeting safety standards

When you purchase a moses basket, you should ensure that it meets certain safety standards. You should only use the mattress pads and sheets that are provided with the moses basket to be certain your baby is secure.

A high quality, secure moses basket should have enclosed openings, be able to support an infant, and should be stable. You can usually set a moses basket on a stand or on the floor. If you are planning to keep your moses basket on a stand, and even if you aren’t, it is essential that the sides are high. This keeps your baby from falling.

You should also check your moses basket to ensure there are no small parts, or that it folds unexpectedly. A structurally sound moses basket is a safe moses basket!

Sleeping security


Most new parents are concerned about whether their baby’s sleeping arrangements are SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) safe. The good news is that by purchasing a quality moses basket and not adding any extra bedding, pillows, or toys with strings or other attachments to it, you are giving your baby the safest sleeping situation possible. This will allow both you and your baby to sleep more soundly - and worry that little bit less.

Where will you put your moses basket?

When looking for your perfect moses basket, think about where you may want to place it. Place the basket on a flat surface, either on the floor or on the stand supplied with your moses basket. You should think about ensuring your moses basket is not placed near heat sources, windows, water, stairs, or any other hazardous areas.

Sturdy moses baskets are still light enough to carry, so you can keep your baby close to you at all times. As your baby will most likely be sleeping in your bedroom for at least the beginning of their life, you will be glad to know that moses baskets are small enough to fit into almost any size of bedroom. Consider where exactly in your bedroom the moses basket will be placed.

Style of moses basket

Moses baskets come in different styles to suit your baby and your home. Though there are some things that all moses baskets should have, you can choose the shape. Basic wicker moses baskets have a familiar classic shape, while pod moses baskets are higher at the top and bottom end for added enclosure for your baby. Available in a range of colours, you can choose to equip your moses basket with a rocking stand which provides your baby with extra comfort and can help them to sleep better both at night and during the day.

Transitioning out

The time will come (probably sooner than you think) when your baby will transition out of their moses basket and into a cot in their own nursery. While moses baskets are ideal for newborns, as your baby becomes more mobile and curious, they will require higher sides, and possibly move into the nursery.

This can be a difficult time for both baby and parents. Thankfully the moses basket can often be placed into the cot to help with the transition - check the size of your moses basket if this is something you want to do to ensure this is possible for you. Considering this now will make the inevitable transition that little bit easier.

Getting a beautiful basket

As you can see, choosing the right moses basket can be a challenge, but with the right knowledge, you can pick up the perfect choice for your baby. Don’t forget to check out our full range to get yours. At For Your Little One, you can select your ideal moses basket whether you are looking for a pod moses basket or a wicker moses basket. Browse all your choices and enjoy all the benefits of a quality moses basket for your baby.


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