Does Kinderkraft Aston Trike fold up for travel and storage?

The Kinderkraft Aston Trike is a nifty first trike designed to grow and adapt with your child as they grow from nine months to five years. But many parents on the hunt for baby's first trike wonder the same thing: does the Kinderkraft Aston Trike fold? When storage space is at a premium it's an important question to ask, so let us walk you through all of the Aston's features to help you figure out if it's the right choice for you and your little one.

What are the benefits of adjustable trikes?

Many parents are opting for adjustable, modular trikes as an alternative to traditional pushchairs. The benefit of these trikes is that they encourage kids from a young age to learn how to pedal and steer, making it easy for them to eventually transition to a bike as soon as they are old enough. These types of trikes have adjustable seat and handlebar heights in order that they can evolve with a growing child. They are usually suitable for toddlers as young as nine months old and can be used right up until about the age of five. With features such as swivel seats, storage baskets, waterproof canopies and puncture-resistant wheels, adjustable trikes make it easy for parents to head out on adventures with their growing toddlers. Adjustable trikes have push handles for parents to steer and control the trikes just as they would with a pushchair or stroller. However, they also have handlebars and pedals for the little ones, which allows them to gradually learn how to pedal and steer for themselves. They're a great way to develop motor function and can give young ones lots of fun and a little bit of independence when out and about while parents maintain control and safety.

What's special about the Kinderkraft Aston trike?

The Kinderkraft Aston Trike has a clever control mechanism that connects the toddler and parent handlebars to ensure the parent has full control of the trike at all times for safety. When it comes to pedalling, a propulsion lock on the front wheel can allow the little one's pedals to drive the trike, or allow the pedals to turn without resistance. This gives the toddler chance to practice pedalling while on the move, and offers them a sense that they are in control even when it's Mum or Dad doing all the pushing! The trike features a five-point safety harness and an additional belt between the legs to ensure your toddler is safely contained within the Kinderkraft Aston seat. There is also a removable safety bar for additional protection, which is ideal for the youngest of toddlers. Breaks on the rear wheels give complete peace of mind that the trike won't go anywhere when you come to a stop. A reversible seat allows the little one to face forward or backwards, the latter being a popular option for the youngest toddlers who want the reassurance of being able to see their parents. The Aston also has plenty of useful features for parents on the go. Attached to the parent handlebars is a durable storage bag with deep pockets for handy access to essentials. There is a large basket positioned above the rear wheels for transporting bulkier items or any little treasures your toddler finds while out and about. Plus, a drinks holder is located on the rear side of the handlebars for when you want to head out for a walk with a cuppa.

Does Kinderkraft Aston Trike fold up small?

The Aston has foldable footrests to provide safe, comfortable rest for weary feet when your little one has been pedalling for too long. It also has a folding canopy to provide shelter for your child from rain or blazing sun. The handles are removable for when your little one is old enough to take off on the trike by themselves, and removing the handles could help to make the trike smaller for more convenient storage. But does Kinderkraft Aston Trike fold up small enough for convenient storage? Unfortunately, no - the Aston does not completely fold up like some other adjustable trikes. If you're looking for an adjustable trike that takes up minimal space in the house, the Kinderkraft Aston might not be for you. It is also not the most ideal choice for travelling with, unless you have a large car with lots of space in the boot. However, if you have a reasonable amount of indoor space - such as a garage or porch - in which to store it, and you tend to head out for adventures with your toddler on foot, it's a versatile, safe and durable choice.

Are there any foldable alternatives to the Kinderkraft Aston Trike?

Kinderkraft has a whole collection of clever infant trikes available, but not all of them have foldable features. If you're looking for a storage-friendly trike, the Spinstep 5-in-1 is a brilliant option. It folds up into a compact size that can easily be stashed away in a cupboard or wardrobe in between use. Plus, it has a modular frame that allows each element - canopy, harness, safety bar and parent handlebars - to easily be removed without tools. This means it can be easily adapted to suit whatever type of ride you head out for. Kinderkraft AVEO is another foldable model. This compact and lightweight trike is particularly convenient for travelling because it can easily fit into the boot of even small cars. The world is your oyster with the AVEO; you can take your little one out on long-distance trips and give them the freedom to explore on wheels when you have this handy trike stashed in the boot. Be sure to check out For Your Little One's full collection of adjustable trikes to discover a new set of wheels for your growing adventurer.