Where is the best place to buy a Moses basket?

Moses baskets have long been an incredibly popular choice for parents preparing to welcome their new baby into the world. However, with so many different types of Moses baskets and cots on the market, how do you know which one is right for you, and where is the best place to buy Moses basket products? Let's take a look.

Is a Moses basket right for my lifestyle?

Moses baskets are designed for just the first three to six months of your baby's life, depending on the specifications of each individual basket and the rate at which your baby grows. For some people, a Moses basket feels unnecessary and they would rather invest in a cot that is robust enough for baby to use from birth and for a full year or more.

However, Moses baskets have the wonderful benefit of being portable. You can set them up in the bedroom for use at night, but you can also easily move them around the house so that baby can stay right by your side. Although it's generally recommended to use a Moses basket with a stand, you can put one down on any sturdy and level surface, such as a dining table or even on the floor beside you while you sit on the sofa. You can carry baby through the house in a Moses basket while they're soundly sleeping so that you can always keep an eye on them. If you love the idea of this versatility, a Moses basket could be right for you.

What type of Moses basket is right for my baby?

There are two key types of Moses baskets available - traditional baskets and pods.

The traditional form is oval in shape but usually the same width at the head end and the foot end. You can expect to find a carry handle on each side of the basket to help you move it around. A detachable hood is usually included so that you can raise it up over babies head to muffle noise and reduce visual stimulation to help them sleep. You can expect to find traditional Moses baskets constructed from either wicker or palm. Wicker tends to be a little more expensive because it is a rarer material. Palm is just as durable as wicker but it tends to be a little cheaper thanks to its fast-growing nature. You'll usually find palm Moses baskets are only available in natural colours, whereas wicker baskets are available in a variety of colours.

Pod Moses baskets are a contemporary alternative. They're shaped much like a boat, curving upwards at the head and foot. They tend to be wider at the head end than at the foot end, but you'll find they're usually narrower overall than traditional baskets. The curved head end is designed to help cocoon baby so they feel as if they are being cradled. There's no removable or retractable hood because the curved head works to muffle noise and reduce visual stimulation. Many parents feel that a pod Moses basket helps their baby to sleep more soundly. Plus, they appreciate the narrow footprint of this style when working with compact spaces.

As for which type of Moses basket is better for your baby, a great deal of it comes down to aesthetics. Many people simply love the traditional look, while others like the sleek contemporary pod version. If you want the versatility of moving the hood up and down, traditional is the way to go since pod baskets don't have this feature. If you really love the idea of baby being cocooned in a cosy and comforting spot, perhaps a pod would suit you better.

Where is the best place to buy Moses baskets?

You should be able to find a Moses basket at most parent and baby retailers. You can visit brick and mortar stores to find them, or you can order online. The benefit of ordering from an online business is that prices tend to be a little cheaper. Preparing for a new baby is an expensive process and any opportunity to save money is a good one. Just be sure to factor in delivery fees when comparing online prices to in-store prices. We offer free shipping on orders over £50 to help you make even more savings.

The best place to buy Moses baskets for the sake of convenience is definitely online. Furniture products such as Moses baskets and cots are big and bulky, and getting them home can be tricky, particularly if you don't have a car. When you order online everything arrives straight to your door to save you the hassle of getting it home.

How can I be sure I'm getting a good product when buying a Moses basket online?

Sometimes it can be daunting to order products online without seeing them first. To ensure you're getting a good product, look for reputable businesses which have been trading for a while, and check out product reviews from previous customers. Look at the product specifications carefully to check technical data like dimensions and age suitability and ensure the product meets your requirements. Reputable online retailers list these details because they prioritise customer safety and satisfaction.

We've been in operation since 2011 and since then have built up a large and loyal customer base thanks to our commitment to providing exceptional customer service and stocking high-quality products that offer great value for money. Plus, we have a straightforward returns policy so that you can easily return the product if it isn't right for you. When you order from a business like ours you can feel confident in your purchasing choices even without seeing the product first.

So, if you think a Moses basket is right for you and your little one, be sure to check out our full product range now. We have beautiful traditional wicker, natural palm and contemporary pod Moses baskets to choose from.

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