What is the best nursing pillow for 2022?
Nursing pillows are an essential piece of baby gear for new mums. They have a number of different uses beyond nursing support, and they can come in handy both before and long after a baby arrives. Bring one along to the hospital for extra comfort during labour and use it after the baby arrives to help get breastfeeding off to a great start! This article addresses some of the common questions and considerations that new mums have around choosing and buying the best nursing pillow. Read on to learn more about how to find the best nursing pillow.

What is a nursing pillow?

Nursing pillows are specially designed to fit around your waist in a U-shape. They provide a raised lap surface that supports the weight of your baby while you feed him or her. This added support prevents backache and sore arms and improves your posture for more comfortable feeding sessions. Beyond just nursing, these special pillows can also be used as maternity pillows and tummy time pillows. As maternity pillows, they can be used to prop up your bump while you sleep on your side, as recommended during the third trimester. You can also sleep with the pillow between your knees to ease hip and lower back pain during pregnancy. When your baby is a few weeks old and ready to start tummy time play activities, the nursing pillow can be placed under his or her chest for added support. Some babies resist tummy time and may cry when placed directly on the floor, so using a pillow initially can make it more comfortable and encourage them to engage in this important developmental play. Beyond tummy time, they can also be used to support your baby in a sitting position before they have the necessary core strength to hold themselves upright. Warning: Do not use the nursing pillow for your baby to sleep on, and do not leave your baby unattended with a nursing pillow. Until their head control is fully developed, there is a risk of suffocation when using the pillow as a tummy time prop or as a sleeping location.

Can't I just use a normal pillow? What's different about a nursing pillow?

The unique U-shape of a nursing pillow is specially adapted to fit around your waist. While an ordinary pillow could be used to prop up your baby, it won't stay in place like a nursing pillow. This is important because you'll need to switch sides while breastfeeding--sometimes more than once in a single session. Having that support in place makes it easier to change position and find the perfect latch every time, which is the key to establishing a successful breastfeeding relationship with your baby. Moreover, nursing pillows are firmer and more compact than a normal pillow. They're a bit like a curved bolster. This extra firmness makes them supportive and durable, and they take up less space than an ordinary pillow.

What if I'm not planning to breastfeed?

Nursing pillows are helpful for bottle-feeding, as well. Whether they are breastfed or bottle-fed, new-borns eat frequently. Their tiny stomachs cannot hold very much at a time and they need topping up every two hours or so, around the clock. Bottle-feeding is just as demanding on your arms and back as breastfeeding, as you still have to support the baby in the same position while feeding. Using a nursing pillow to take the weight off can be very helpful for bottle-feeding, too. In addition to feeding time, nursing pillows are also great for playtime as your baby grows. Tummy time is a vital developmental activity for your new-born. It helps your baby to develop neck and shoulder strength, master head control and supports their motor skill development.

What if I have a c-section?

Nursing pillows are very helpful for new mums as they recover from a c-section delivery. They can help to protect your incision site by holding the baby up and away from your tummy. Nursing pillows can also support a baby's weight in alternative nursing positions, such as the football or rugby hold, which is popular with mums who are recovering from a c-section.

What if I have twins?

Double congratulations! Twin parents may want to consider buying two nursing pillows so that each baby can be supported separately at the same time while bottle-feeding or waiting their turn for breastfeeding. Of course, with a specially designed twin nursing pillow, you may be able to get by with just one pillow for both babies. Tandem nursing (nursing at the same time) might be made more comfortable by using the football or rugby hold, with one baby cradled under each arm.

Which is the best nursing pillow?

There are a variety of different kinds of nursing pillows on the market today. When making your decision about which one to purchase, research the different features that are available and consider which are the most important to you and your needs. Ask your friends and family for recommendations. You may also want to purchase additional spare pillow covers so that one cover can be in the wash. Many pillow covers are interchangeable, but check dimensions to make sure they will fit your pillow before purchasing from other brands. For Your Little One can help you find the best nursing pillow for your needs and preferences. We offer several different cover designs that will complement any nursery, in blue, pink and neutral colours and patterns. Delightful, eye-catching designs include stars, dinosaurs, and pixies. The soft cotton zip-on covers are removable and machine washable. The inner pillow is filled with high-quality polyester and is sponge washable. For Your Little One's nursing pillows were shortlisted for the 2022 Mother & Baby Awards and we've received an average customer rating of 4.8 stars across 85 reviews. We also have a range of specially designed twin nursing pillows. Check out the full range and take advantage of free delivery on all orders over £50. Approve and download Request rewrite
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