Discover the best buggy footmuff for every season

Not all footmuffs are designed the same way. Some are heavily padded to provide extra warmth in cold weather, while others are light and thin for warmer temperatures. There are also different fastening options to consider which affect how you can use the footmuff. It makes sense to have a variety of different footmuffs on hand to suit different weather, so let's take a look at the best buggy footmuff for each season to help you keep your little one warm, cosy, dry and comfortable, no matter what the weather forecast looks like.

Best buggy footmuff for winter

The Universal Deluxe Pushchair Footmuff is designed for really cold weather and is warm and robust enough for wet, windy, frosty and snowy conditions. It has a soft and breathable inner lining that feels cosy against baby's skin, and extra padding which provides additional warmth and snugness. The outer layer of this footmuff is waterproof and windproof, so if you're caught in a downpour, your little one will stay as dry as possible while you get a raincover onto their pushchair.

This footmuff zips right down the middle, which is a handy feature for a thick, padded footmuff. It helps you to get your little one's feet positioned in just the right spot so that they're completely comfortable. It is also machine-washable for complete convenience. The extra-large size makes it suitable for both babies and toddlers, and with a variety of attachment points, it can be used with any pushchair brand that uses a 5-point harness system. Plus, we have a wide variety of colours available to help you coordinate the footmuff with your buggy.

Best buggy footmuff for spring

The Universal Dimple Footmuff is a lightweight and attractive choice for spring. It has a soft quilted fleece inner lining that will make your little one feel cosy and comfortable and a pretty dimpled outer layer that compliments a variety of pushchairs. There is a zip on each side which allows you to easily get your little one in and out of the buggy, but the position of the zips also allow the footmuff to convert into a pushchair liner in warmer weather. This means you can use it on chilly early spring days to keep your little one warm, and when things warm up in late spring and early summer, you can use it as a cool and comfy liner.

This footmuff can be machine washed for total convenience, and it is compatible with all pushchairs that have a 5-point harness system. The breathable fabric ensures your little one's skin won't get clammy or uncomfortable. Plus, the footmuff is available in four popular colours, including pretty pastel pink and pastel blue, so that you can match it to your pushchair and accessories.

Best buggy footmuff for summer

The Universal Snuggle Buggy Summer Footmuff is really lightweight and breathable, which makes it ideal for warm weather. It has a clever design with layers of light fleece and a small amount of soft padding. This means it provides a little warmth and a cosy spot for your baby to feel safe and secure, without the risk of them overheating.

Zips on each side of the footmuff allow you to easily get your baby in and out. Plus, it allows you to convert it into a liner when the weather gets particularly hot or you notice your little one getting a bit too warm. Like all our universal footmuffs, this one works with any buggy or pushchair with a 5-point harness. It comes in a variety of colours, each one with an attractive star print.

Best buggy footmuff for autumn

The Universal Premium Pushchair Footmuff is the best buggy footmuff for autumn because it's versatile enough to keep your little one comfortable in changeable weather conditions. Autumn is that tricky time of year when the weather can swing between very mild and very cold, but this footmuff has extra padding for the chilliest days and an all-around zip that allows it to fully convert into a seat liner when it gets too warm.

Compared to the other footmuffs in our range, this premium product is constructed with extra high-quality materials to ensure ultimate warmth and comfort. The soft, breathable fleece lining feels cosy against baby's skin, while a waterproof and windproof outer layer ensures they're snug as a bug in rainy and windy conditions. With a variety of colours to choose from your little one will look the part too.

Do I really need a buggy footmuff?

It's not essential to use a footmuff with your pushchair, but in chilly weather, they go a really long way to helping your little one stay warm. Although you can wrap your baby or toddler up in a thick, cosy bodysuit, this might not be enough when the weather is really cold. Plus, you have the hassle of taking them out of the suit whenever you step indoors to ensure they don't overheat. With a footmuff, you can simply unzip it once you get to your destination.

Some people simply layer blankets over the top of their baby or toddler to keep them warm in cold weather and this can work well. However, in windy conditions, blankets can easily blow out of place and you might find yourself readjusting it regularly. The same goes if your little one is a wriggler! Footmuffs fasten into pushchairs so that they stay in place no matter how the wind blows or how much your baby wriggles around in their seat.

Check out our full range of universal footmuffs

You'll no doubt need a variety of footmuffs on hand so that you can always have spares to hand in the event of unexpected spills or accidents, so don't feel limited to the four we've showcased here. Check out our full range of footmuffs now to discover a variety of styles to suit every season and taste.