What size is a Moses basket blanket?
As a new parent, you're likely to have lots of questions about your baby's care, especially when it comes to their comfort and well-being. Whether you're working out the best place in your bedroom for a Moses basket, or buying a new mattress and bedding for a baby, you'll probably wonder: What size is a Moses basket blanket? In this guide, we'll answer your queries and help you to work out the best options for your newborn.

What size is a Moses basket blanket?

The simple answer is there's no one universal size for a Moses basket blanket. Each manufacturer will have its own chosen dimensions. The size can vary, depending on the manufacturer. There may even be several different choices of size from the same company. Although there is no set size, the majority of Moses baskets tend to measure between 80 cm and 90 cm long and 40 cm to 50 cm wide. This is because Moses baskets of this size will usually be big enough to hold a newborn baby up to the age of around four months. If you have only a narrow space in your bedroom, you could consider a Moses basket pod. It has a narrower shape and smaller footprint when compared with a traditional Moses basket, so it won't take up as much space. Its cosy interior will often make the occupant feel secure and cradled, so they may sleep better.

How does the mattress fit into the Moses basket?

Never buy any baby mattresses or bedding under the assumption it will automatically fit your Moses basket. Because the baskets vary in size, you will need to know their exact dimensions before you buy bedding such as a Moses basket blanket. Measure the internal dimensions of the basket and then seek out a mattress and blanket that either clearly states their dimensions, or are listed as being compatible with your particular Moses basket. It is vital to buy a well-fitting mattress that doesn't leave any gaps at the sides. This can pose a risk of suffocation, as your baby could slip off the mattress and become wedged up against the edge of the basket. Similarly, Moses basket blankets will be different sizes and you must make sure you buy the right size for your basket. There should not be gaps at either side, but nor should it be so large that it is folding over, creating bulkiness in places. The blanket must fit snugly into the available space.

Do Moses baskets have a weight limit?

Just as different Moses baskets can be of various sizes, they also differ when it comes to the weight limit. Check the weight limit of your chosen Moses basket to make sure it is sturdy enough to provide proper support for your baby. If your infant is particularly heavy at birth or is reaching the three to four-month stage, you need to make sure the Moses basket is capable of supporting their weight. So when working out, 'what size is a Moses basket blanket?', the answer often depends on the size of your child.

Will a Moses basket be right for my baby?

Many parents choose a Moses basket for their newborn baby. It is portable, light and easy to store. Experts advise the safest place for a newborn baby to sleep is in their parent's bedroom at least for the first six months. If your bedroom isn't spacious enough for a large crib, a Moses basket can be an ideal solution. You can carry the lightweight basket around the house easily during the day, enabling you to make your baby comfortable for a nap whenever necessary. Use a stand to raise the Moses basket to a suitable height which means you don't have to bend down unnecessarily, as this can give you a backache. Alternatively, you can put the basket on any sturdy, flat surface, as long as it is safe to do so.

What are the main benefits of using a Moses basket?

A Moses basket can help newborn babies to feel more secure and safe than they would in a larger crib. A crib is intended to last until the baby has grown into a toddler, at which time they are ready to move into a child's bed. In order to accommodate a child of up to three years old, they may be too large for a tiny newborn baby, who will settle better in a smaller bed. This is because they like to feel cradled and also won't be able to see stimulating sights around them. Another important consideration is that Moses baskets are usually significantly cheaper than cribs. You will probably need to buy a crib when your baby grows a little, but if you use a Moses basket first, it gives you more time to save for a crib.

Can I buy a second-hand Moses basket?

You are always better off buying a new Moses basket, as a used one may not be as strong and sturdy as it was at one time. It may have structural damage that is not visible immediately. While minor cosmetic damage isn't an issue, the handles of a second-hand basket may not be attached as firmly as a new one. The handles can also become worn, so that rather than resting on the outside of the basket when folded flat, they may fall onto the baby. It is crucial that you buy a new mattress, blanket and other bedding. All mattresses, whatever the size, can accumulate debris, dust, bacteria and moisture, no matter how hygienic you are. This can pose health risks to a newborn baby. If you need to replace your old mattress or blanket, make sure the new accessories are the correct size. Take a look at our range of high quality Moses baskets and accessories for your newborn baby to provide the best possible sleeping conditions.