What is a Travel System Stroller?
What is a Travel System Stroller?
The Stroller Travel System is the perfect solution for anyone looking to seamlessly connect and use their stroller, infant carrier/carrier, and car adapter..
Most systems include a rear-facing child seat that doubles as an infant carrier and an industry-standard 5-point harness to secure your child. Some brands design their car seats to be compatible with other brands' strollers (with or without adapters), while others only use their own branded strollers. Rear-facing infant carriers usually have adjustable handlebars to carry the baby and a large canopy to protect your child from the elements both in the stroller and in the vehicle.
 How to choose travel systems?
Choose travel systems that are easy to manoeuvre. Consider everything you do and wherever you go, and make sure the transportation system can keep up with your speed. You don't want to be forced to use a stroller or car seat that makes you move more slowly. The For Your Little One exclusively designed LITE travel systems are made for simple, everyday use, easy to fold and unfold with a sleek design and very competitive price point. 
When deciding which stroller to buy, this might seem like an odd thing to consider, but it makes sense. If you are the type of person “My infant is mostly put in the car and pushed in the stroller by myself. I had to make sure that the mode of transportation I selected accounted for my requirements.”
Do I need to consider my baby’s age?
Generally, it’s advised to use a carrycot with a newborn. It will take several months before your newborn can sit up by themselves. A huge selection of buggies will be the perfect match for when your child can sit independently. With so many things to pack and store when you are out and about with your little ones, you’re going to need a lighter and more efficient buggy for daily use. The Million Dream travel systems are designed for light, versatile travel and are easy to pack down to fit in the most snug of car boots. 
What is the difference between a pram, pushchair, buggy and travel system?
A Pram.
A pram is the traditional four-wheeled carriage for a baby. 
You will need a pram for the first few months of a baby’s life. Young babies will need extra protection and comfort when they cannot sit up unaided. Prams also double as a place for naps and are essential when out and about. Modern prams may come apart but generally won’t fold flat.
A pushchair.
A pushchair is usually for the next stage and is a seat with a hood.
Depending on the baby’s age. The child is strapped in with a harness, and the pushchair will recline almost flat for younger children to nap in. 
A Stroller or Buggy. 
A stroller is usually a lightweight pushchair alternative.
Strollers are generally forward-facing and lightweight. They take up much less space, and parents tend to prefer them as a smaller pushchairs from about 12 months onwards.
Travel systems. 
A travel system is a modular pushchair that combines a pram and a pushchair. 
A travel system is the most versatile form of the pushchair. It is comprised of a car seat, carrycot, pram and pushchair seat all in one. Parents can also add our exclusive foot muffs, rain covers and changing bags. 
If you are looking for that 3-in-1 system to cover the needs for your little one. A travel system is the way to go.