What is the best pram parasol? Top accessories for pushchairs

When shopping for new pushchairs many parents find themselves wondering which accessories they should buy along with it. What is the best pram parasol? What is the best type of footmuff? Is a ride-on buggy board necessary? In this buying guide we'll point out some handy features of some of our most popular pushchair accessories to help you choose the right products.

Best pram parasol

Parasols are a handy way to keep your little one cool and safe from the sun's rays when out and about in hot weather. They're far safer than laying blankets over the top of the pushchair, a practice which can be incredibly risky since it could lead to baby getting overheated very quickly. You can attach a parasol to a pushchair or pram when settling your little one outside for a nap, or when you're out walking in the summer.

We think the best pram parasol is one that offers full UV protection in order to ensure baby's skin is fully protected. UV rays can quickly burn and damage the sensitive skin of a baby or young child. By using a parasol with SPF 50 protection, such as our Universal Parasol, you can rest assured that your little one's skin is completely safe. The UV-protective fabric of this parasol is also waterproof, which means it will offer light rain protection should you get caught in an unexpected downpour. Being waterproof, the parasol has the added bonus of being easy to wipe clean should it get exposed to dirt or spills.

Our Universal Parasol is suitable for use with any brand of pushchair, which is another feature that makes it so handy. It has an adjustable clamp that can achieve a secure grip with any pushchair frame no matter the size. Plus, it has a quick-release function so that you can attach and remove the parasol really easily without having to remove the entire clamp.

Best footmuffs for pushchairs

Footmuffs are essential for keeping your little one cosy in their pushchair, particularly in chilly winter months. We think the best footmuffs are ones which are soft and cosy on the inside so that baby feels super comfortable, and waterproof on the outside so that spills and dirt can easily be wiped away and baby has some much-needed protection should you be caught in the rain. Our Universal Footmuffs offer exactly these features, and they're available in a wide range of colours to help you coordinate with the colour scheme of your pram.

Our Universal Footmuffs have been carefully designed to ensure they fit with any pram. They have a range of fastening points built into them and at 90cm high and 40cm wide, they provide an average size that is guaranteed to fit any buggy. The footmuffs are equipped with two zip fastenings, one on each side, which makes it easy for you to get your baby in and out. Plus, when you fully unzip the footmuff you can transform it into a pushchair liner that is cool enough for summer use.

Last but not least, these footmuffs are machine washable. You should be washing any textile product that comes in contact with your baby's skin on a regular basis. Life is significantly easier when you can simply throw the footmuff into the washing machine with the rest of their clothes or bedding.

Best pushchair raincovers

You might think that all pushchair raincovers are made equal - but you'd be wrong. The best raincovers are thick enough to give good waterproof protection while remaining breathable enough that they don't reduce ventilation. Our range of Universal Pushchair Raincovers are constructed from 250 micron premium quality PVC in order to provide optimum rain protection and ventilation.

Many pushchair raincovers, such as ours, are fully transparent to ensure that baby's visibility is not hindered and you can easily keep an eye on them. Others are opaque and have viewing windows. Neither variety is necessarily better, but fully transparent covers do make it a little easier to check on your little one with a quick glance.

Finally, a good raincover should be really easy to put on and take off your pushchair. Our raincovers attach via Velcro straps and hooks rather than ties, which makes it as easy as possible to fit them even when you're caught in the rain and in a hurry to keep your little one dry.

Best buggy board

Buggy boards are handy for parents with both a baby and a child that is old enough to walk short distances. Rather than dealing with a large and bulky double buggy, a ride-on board allows you to use a single buggy and attach a handy extra platform on the back for your older one to stand or sit on. If your older child gets tired and grouchy on long walks, a buggy board is the perfect compromise because you can encourage them to walk for as long as possible.

Our Universal Ride On Buggy Boards are compatible with 99% of prams, buggies and strollers. The adjustable fastening point fits any chassis up to 14cm in circumference, and the board can support up to 20kg in weight which makes it suitable for kids up to around four years old.

Not all buggy boards have seats but ours does, and we feel that this makes the board much safer for kids who might feel a bit a wobbly and unsteady if they're unable to sit down while being pushed. The seat height is adjustable too so that you ensure your child is sitting safely and comfortably even as they grow.

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