How to attach iCandy Parasol to iCandy pushchair

Parasols are handy accessories for pushchairs in sunny weather, but they can be tricky to attach and remove. We notice many parents wondering how to attach iCandy parasol to their pushchair, and have noticed that many branded pushchair accessories are not always the easiest to use. In this blog, we'll explain how iCandy parasols work, explain whether an official iCandy parasol is really necessary for your pushchair, and show you some additional pushchair accessories that you might find helpful.

How to attach iCandy parasol to iCandy pushchair

The iCandy parasol attaches to your iCandy pushchair via a clamp which is sold separately from the parasol itself. The clamps are designed to hold both iCandy parasols and iCandy cup holders. The size of the chassis varies between iCandy pushchairs, so it's important to purchase a clamp that is compatible with the pushchair you own. iCandy parasols are universal and fit any iCandy clamp.

Wondering how to attach iCandy parasol clamps? Simply push them onto the chassis of the pushchair. You can then attach your iCandy parasol to the clamp by slotting the end of the parasol into the square hole on the top of the clamp and tightening the screw on the front. The clamps are designed to be left on the pushchair at all times so that you can attach and remove the parasol quickly and easily as necessary, or switch it out for your iCandy cupholder. Some parents find that having two clamps - one for the parasol and one of the cupholder - is a better solution.

Do I have to use an official iCandy parasol with an iCandy pushchair?

Every brand and model of pushchair is unique in its dimensions which means there's no guarantee that any and every parasol will fit it. However, we produce Universal Baby Parasols which are compatible with any pushchair thanks to their adjustable clamp. They can be used with every model of iCandy pushchair and they're available in a wide range of colours so that you can coordinate your parasol with the colour of your pushchair.

Universal parasols tend to be a little more affordable than official iCandy parasols. Accessories for many name-brand pushchairs are often more expensive than generic or universal alternatives, so it's always helpful to shop around if you're trying to save a little money. Always be sure to check compatibility with your pushchair before purchasing. Products described as universal usually have adjustable fastenings or a series of attachment points to ensure they fit a wide range of different pushchair brands and models.

How to attach For Your Little One parasol to pushchair

If you choose a For Your Little One parasol, attaching it to your pushchair is incredibly easy. Simply turn the screw on top of the clamp to tighten it around the pushchair chassis until it fits securely. A quick-release mechanism allows you to easily remove the parasol whenever you need to without having to remove the entire clamp.

For Your Little One parasols have flexible arms so that you can easily position them to provide adequate shade for your baby, even if you're walking with the pushchair and the position of the sun is constantly changing. With SPF50 UV protection, these parasols do a brilliant job of keeping your baby's delicate skin as safe as possible even in the height of summer.

Do I need a parasol for my baby's pushchair?

Parasols aren't necessarily essential pushchair accessories but they can be incredibly helpful if you want to get outdoors with your little one in sunny weather. Babies can get overheated really easily and when they do they are at increased risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Plus, their delicate skin is particularly vulnerable to sunburn and heat rashes. If you want to sit outside in the garden or in the park with your baby, you'll need to make sure they're not in direct sunlight and a parasol is a convenient and safe solution.

It is not recommended to drape a blanket over a pushchair to provide shade as this can inhibit airflow and cause the baby to get far too hot. Parasols provide shade while allowing air to flow through the pushchair and over your little one so that they remain as cool as possible. Plus, when you opt for a waterproof parasol such as ours, you can provide your baby with some protection from rain if you get caught in an unexpected summer shower.

What other pushchair accessories should I consider?

Raincovers are incredibly useful pushchair accessories to keep on hand. They provide thorough protection against wind and rain so that your little one stays comfortable even when it's pouring down and blowing a gale. Raincovers are usually made from clear PVC to allow your little one to see everything around them and to make sure you can keep an eye on them. You should choose a rain cover that provides good waterproof protection without inhibiting ventilation, which is exactly what our range of Universal Raincovers do. They also wipe clean and are easy to take care of.

You'll also want to consider purchasing footmuffs for your pushchair. Many pushchairs and travel systems include at least one footmuff to keep the little one cosy in chilly weather, but it's always handy to have some spares because they're bound to get dirty. We have a wide range of footmuff styles to choose from, all of them are universal and designed to fit any pushchair. We have pretty and lightweight Broderie Anglaise footmuffs for mild weather, cosy fleece options that feel really soft and cosy, and deluxe extra-warm varieties suitable for frosty and snowy conditions.

Check out our full range of pushchairs and accessories now to discover more products to help keep your little one safe and comfortable on every adventure.