Venicci’s Pure 2.0 Travel System

No matter what product we mention from this company, it looks like everything that Venicci has to offer is just as amazing as the next thing. From cots to travel systems and what else not, they have some of the best baby products on the market right now.

Well, we have already discussed Venicci’s Tinum in a great little review that we made a while back, but now, we will talk about yet another great travel system that they have to offer, and that is Venicci’s Pure 2.0. This stroller is not great only because it comes in bundles of 8 or 10 products, but it is also great because it is made from some of the most high-quality materials, the design is amazing, and the company guarantees that both parent and child will have a great experience with it. Before we go any further, we would like to mention that there are many other strollers from this company that you should look into, but today we will mention some of the reasons why this particular stroller might be the best choice for you.

As we have mentioned before, Venicci puts a lot of thought into the products that they offer on their website. The attention to detail and the dedication to making functional and innovative designs is what has made this company so famous. In addition, they have received many awards that serve as a reminder that their travel systems are unlike any other. Well, if you are looking for innovation, functionality, great design, and to really get your money’s worth – you cannot go wrong with the Pure 2.0 stroller from this company and here is why:

Two Bundle Options

Venicci’s Pure 2.0 comes in two variations, the 3-in-1 travel system bundle and the 2-in-1 travel system bundle. The main difference between the two is the car seat that is included in the 3-in-1 bundle and not in the other one. Aside from that, the bundles consist of the same things. Here is what you get included in the price:

3-in-1 Venicci Pure 2.0 -Frame
-Seat unit
-Solid wheels
-Back wheels Covers
-Car Seat
-Changing bag
-Car seat adapters
-Cup holder
-Mosquito Net
2-in-1 Venicci Pure 2.0 -Frame
-Changing bag
-Cup holder
-Solid wheels
-Back wheels covers
-Seat unit
-Mosquito net

Depending on the needs of your child at the moment, you can choose between the bundle that includes a car seat or the one that does not. The benefit of getting the 3-in-1 bundle is that you get elements that are completely compatible with one another because they have been designed to be used together. At the same time, buying a bundle always helps you save some money – you get about ten items that will not be as cheap if you try to buy them separately.

At For Your Little One, we offer a great variety of 3-in-1 travel systems and we advise parents to take a closer look at them because of the car seats that are included in the offer. For one, you will need the car seat not only as part of the stroller but also when you travel somewhere with a car. The safety of your child is the main priority always, which is why you must have a car seat when travelling.

A plus side of Venicci’s car seat is the fact that they are made from high-quality materials, are extra safe, and feature a 5-point harness. This harness will help you have peace of mind because your child will be protected from falling or slipping from the seat. For some car seats, you have to purchase an additional base to use them in a car. However, that is not the case with this car seat as you can easily strap it to the car’s seat belts. Of course, you have the option to use it with a base. A note to remember is that it is only compatible with Venicci’s Isofix base, which comes at an affordable price and you can easily find it on the company’s website.


Affordable Prices

The price is another thing that makes the travel systems different – the 3-in-1 bundle is listed at £769.00 on Venicci’s website, while the 2-in-1 bundle is listed at £689.00. You can find both these bundles at For Your Little One, where we offer the cheapest prices online. The 3-in-1 bundle costs £749.00 while the 2-in-1 bundle costs £669.00. So, by purchasing the stroller from our website, you can save some money and buy some additional accessories for your child or the stroller.

Dimensions and Weights

There are so many great things about this stroller.  We will start talking about the separate parts by mentioning their dimensions and weight. Here is what the Pure 2.0 is made of:

Stroller Frame

The stroller is overall very lightweight and easy to push. The frame is easy to fold, the wheels are detachable and easily replaced, while the easy click mode will help you switch between carrycot, car seat, or seat unit without much problem.

Dimensions 82 cm x 50 cm x 25 cm
Weight 5 kg without wheels


Carrycots are usually used only for infants or very small children. Chances are that your baby will outgrow it in just a couple of months, but at the same time, it is still a great piece of equipment that you might want to have around.

The carrycot included with the Pure 2.0 has some amazing options that we have to mention – it has an adjustable backrest with up to four options, it has a rocking mode, and a detachable apron that is included in the bundle. On the hood of the carrycot, you will find a very nice ventilation window that keeps the baby calm and cool during the summer. The cotton lining is easy to clean, while the eco-leather handle is one of the most comfortable handles that you will find. Let’s look into the dimensions of the carrycot:

Dimensions 102 cm x 51 cm x 110 cm
Weight 13 kg
Suitability 0-12 kg

Seat Unit

Let’s talk about the seat unit. This one you are bound to use for a lot longer compared to the carrycot – it is suitable for children that weigh up to 15 kg.

One of the best features of the seat unit is the ability to use it both facing you or facing the road. Depending on the child’s preference, you can adjust the seat with just the click of a button. Just like the carrycot, the seat unit has a very comfortable liner, an adjustable backrest, as well as a high-quality safety harness. The hood is extendable and offers great ventilation, while there is also an adjustable leg rest. Here are the dimensions of the seat unit:

Dimensions 97 cm x 51 cm x 112 cm
Weight 13 kg
Suitability 0-15 kg

Car Seat

Last but not least, we have the car seat that is included only in the 3-in-1 bundle. It is very comfortable and lightweight, the liner is padded as well as the harness. It has a foldable handle that is very comfortable in the hand. If you want to use it in the car, you can install it using the car’s seatbelts, but you are better off buying the Venicci Isofix base to make your child as secure as possible. Here are the dimensions of the car seat:

Dimensions 96 cm x 51 cm x 115 cm
Weight 11.3 kg
Suitability 0-13 kg

Colour Choices/Materials

If you check out our website at For Your Little One or just go to Venicci’s website, you will be able to see the colour options available for the Pure 2.0. Currently, there are three colour options and those are vanilla, cloud, and rose.

Yes, we understand that there are strollers that have a lot more colour options, but we will throw in another reason why you should overlook the available colours and still go for this stroller – the materials used in the creation of the stroller are just amazing. The company’s team spent weeks, if not even months, trying to find the perfect fabric that would feel comfortable and relaxing for the child. The fabric they ended up going with is breathable, UPF 50+ protective, as well as waterproof. To add to that, there are some parts made with an innovative leatherette that is anti-allergenic, does not damage in cold and does not get heated in the sun. These materials are used all over the stroller, from the seat unit to the car seat and the carrycot. Also, parents will be happy to learn that the carrycot has a plush mattress as well as a detachable apron that can be easily cleaned and reattached.

As for the frame of the stroller, it is made from aluminium alloy that makes it very light. You can easily switch between the seat units thanks to the easy click mode that you can use without much problem. Last but not least, we have the high-quality wheels on this stroller that can rotate 360°, they have a direction memory system as well as a shock absorption system. If you want to, you can purchase additional wheels from the company’s website at a very affordable price.

Special Features

We cannot say enough praises for Venicci’s strollers, after looking at each and every one of them we have come to the conclusion that they truly offer great functionality at an even greater price. Even though we have mentioned some of the special features of the Pure 2.0 so far, we would want to take a moment to further appreciate the thought that was put in the creation of this stroller and the attention to details.



First of all, the stroller was designed with a lot of love – it is simple but brilliant and practical. This iconic model got parents excited as soon as the company announced it because of the design and features that it has.

Changing Bag

Then, we have the items included in the bundle – like the changing bag. This bag will help the parents look even more stylish while giving them extra storage space to put the things they need for their child. The bag has two types of handles, short and long, so you can carry it however it fits you best. We have already mentioned the great materials used for the stroller and the same are used for the bag as well.

Safety Harness

To make sure that your child is as safe as possible, Venicci used a 5-point safety harness that is included not only on the car seat but on the seat unit and carrycot as well. We love this harness because it holds the baby in one position thanks to the straps – there are two at the shoulders, one at the crotch, and two more at the hips. With this harness, your baby will never slip or fall from its chair.

All Seasons Protection

The materials offer protection for the child from all types of weather. They will keep it completely dry while it is raining and safe from the sun’s damaging rays. This means that you can take this stroller and use it both during your summer vacations and or your ski trips in the winter. Since it is so lightweight, you will be able to transport it without much problem. You also have the option to use it as a sleeping cot for your child if you are not able to purchase an additional travel cot. The backrest can be set to flat to make your baby comfortable while sleeping.

Purchase Venicci’s Pure 2.0 from Our Website!


We hope that all the information provided so far has convinced you that Venicci’s Pure 2.0 is one of the best strollers available and that you should check it out. This stroller is one of the most stylish, sophisticated, and luxurious strollers on the market. Parents love it because it is functional, easy to use or adjust, it has all the options you might want to have and the bundles include all the possible baby items that you will ever need.

If you have decided that you want this stroller, you can pre-order it from Venicci’s website and get it as soon as it becomes available. The other option that you have is to check out our website and purchase the stroller from For Your Little One! We have both options – the 3-in-1 bundle and the 2-in-1 bundle. As we have mentioned briefly before, we offer the cheapest prices online as well as a few other great options for those that want to order from us. We have a 4-year warranty on all products and a 1-year return policy. We are quick and very efficient and we take the desires of our clients very seriously, so you should contact us for any questions or concerns and we will be happy to offer you the best advice we can!

With that being said, do not forget to scroll through our website and find out which other products from Venicci we offer. If you have already purchased a product from our website, share your experience in the comments to help other expecting or new parents make a better choice for their little ones!

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