Hauck Company Review

We all know how amazing it feels when we find a product that fits our needs perfectly. When it comes to shopping for your child or buying gifts for someone else’s child, it can feel even better to see the little one enjoying the product you have bought them. There are many companies that do their best to create products that both parents and children would love – and one such company is Hauck. 

If you have never heard of this company before, the first thing that you should know about it is that they create products that are developed by parents for parents. This amazing company has been working with parents for decades, starting as a small family business more than 90 years ago. Ever since then, they have been carefully designing some of the best, most thought-out products that are tailored to the needs of both babies and parents. Over the years, they went from having a small list of products to selling a large number of stroller collections, travel systems, childbeds, high chairs, car seats, accessories, and even safety gates. Their products are offered all over the world, in more than 90 countries total across all continents. Because of the pristine quality and design of Hauck’s products, they are also available on our website at For Your Little One, where we help parents pick out the best products for their children.

On their website, the company has also mentioned that all their products are thoroughly tested and therefore completely safe for children. Not only that, but the company goes even beyond the legal requirements with their testing to try to give parents peace of mind. The mobile and flexible products are sure to leave you speechless, so let us dive into the product list and see if this company really does make babies happy as their motto says!


Under strollers, Hauck has a wide variety of stroller sets, twin strollers, and stroller accessories that parents can choose from. Some of the strollers are duo-sets that includes a high-quality frame, carrycot, and seat unit. On the website, you can find more details about the Colibri and Saturn R duo-sets. There is also a larger number of trio-sets currently available, like the Rapid 4R Plus, Rapid 3R, Pacific 4 Shop-n-Drive, and many more. Aside from these sets, there are also some twin strollers for those parents who were blessed with double the love at once.


Nevertheless, what the company prides itself most on is its amazing Vision X, a modular system that includes a high quality, lightweight frame, an adorable carrycot for infants, and a Vision X seat that is suitable for children up to the age of 4. Moreover, for those parents who are looking for more of a travel pushchair, there is the Swift X – a flexible pushchair that is the dream of every parent. The best feature of this pushchair is the ability to switch the canopy. You can also create your design or choose from the ones available on the company’s website.

Last but not least, there is a large number of accessories that the company offers. From canopies that you can design yourself to rain covers, sunshades, high-quality carrycot, handle covers, hooks for diaper bags, changing mats, bottle bags, and so much more. You can check all these products out at Hauck’s website, or on our website where we offer everything you need at the cheapest prices online!

Car Seats

One of the most important baby products that parents must buy before their little one arrives in this world is a car seat. In many countries, parents are obliged to have a car seat set in the car before the mother and baby are allowed to even leave the hospital, so you can take a hint that this is a very important piece of equipment. It not only allows your child to sit comfortably, but it also keeps it perfectly safe and helps avoid slips and falls. At Hauck, all car seats are neatly divided into three categories that makes it easy for parents to choose the one that fits their needs best. There are car seats for infants and children up to 18 months of age, then car seats for children up to the age of 4, and car seats that fit children from the age of 3 to the age of 12 years. All car seats are made from high-quality materials, they are lightweight and easy to transport, some of them can even be adjusted to a stroller frame with some adapters. Also, available on the website are seat bases that you must have to install the car seat properly.

One of the innovations from Hauck is the i-Size car seat that is suitable for children up to the age of 4. What is great about this seat is the fact that you can add an insert for newborns to easily adjust the car seat during the first few months of the child’s life. The safety harness of this car seat is also worth mentioning – it is a height-adjustable harness with steel reinforcement that protects the next, head, belly, and chest of the child.


To add to all this, Hauck has also come up with a lot of accessories to make travelling even better for the children. For hot summer days, there is a sun-protection cover. For rainy days, you can use a rain cover. There are also a lot of mirrors, cushions, foldable tables to keep children occupied while driving in the car, bottle warmers, and many adaptors that you can use to attach the car seat to a stroller frame. Everything that you might need you can find from this company, while we also advise you to check out our website for even more Hauck car seats at a great price!

Safety Gates

Safety gates are very important and yet not a lot of companies choose to include them in their offer. However, Hauck wants to make sure that children are as safe as possible and therefore, this company offers two types of safety gates on the website – gates with an automatic closing mechanism and gates with a manual closing mechanism.

When it comes to the gates with an automatic closing mechanism, they have a lock with magnets that closes automatically from both sides. Some of them even have a light indicating whether the gate is locked or unlocked. Another thing that we can mentions is that some of these gates are fixed with pressure, so there is no need for any drilling or additional screws. If you want to use the gate on stairs or places that are a bit wider, there are extensions available on the website. Make sure to check the dimensions and see which gate would be a perfect fit for your home. Usually, the safety gate by itself is only around 80 cm wide but with two separate large extensions, it can be made as wide as 122 cm.


On the other hand, we have gates with a manual closing mechanism. These also come with extensions and accessories that can be bought off the website to make the gate fit your home best. You can choose either between the completely white gates or the wooden ones depending on the surroundings of the place where you want to put them. Most of the gates are self-adjusting and around 80 cm wide, but again, with the extensions, they can be made as wide as 122 cm. The gates can be opened from both sides, they have safety stoppers and are completely stumble-free.

Child Furniture

If you are still not sure how to decorate your nursery, you should look at the furniture that Hauck offers on their website. You will find everything neatly organized into several groups:

1.      Travel Cots

With travel cots, the most important thing is for them to be lightweight and easily transported. Hauck’s travel cots have exactly these characteristics and many more – simple assembling and disassembling, accessories like sleeper mattresses and changing tables, and so on. These cots can also be used as play centres, they have zippers that allow easy access, and the lying surface is height-adjustable. The designs of these cots are simply amazing and you have to see them for yourself! You can do that at Hauck’s official website or on our website, where we also offer a great variety of Hauck travel cots.

2.      Bedside Cots

The bedside cots that you can find on Hauck’s website are suitable for infants and small babies. The best thing about them is that you can place them next to your bed so that the child can be comforted by your scent and can hear your breathing while it sleeps. This is going to make the baby calmer and more comfortable. Most of these bedside cots have a reflux position that will make the baby relaxed even when it has a cold or reflux. The height of the cots is adjustable, while there is also one side that can be lowered for easier access to your child. When you are done with the cot or you want to transport it somewhere, all you need to do is fold it and you will be good to go. For more information on the cots or their price, you can check out our website and easily make your order right away!

3.      Cot Accessories

As for cot accessories, there are a lot of sleeping mattresses to choose from. Some of them have really cute designs with Disney characters on them, to keep your child entertained while it is sitting in its cot. Also, the company offers protection covers that are completely tear-proof so you can buy them once and use them forever. Additional bedding, bed guards, and organizers can also be purchased at a great price.

4.      Highchairs

Aside from the basic highchairs that you can for your child, Hauck offers a great variety of 3-in-1 highchairs that can also be used as bouncers. The frame on the chair is adjustable so that you can add a newborn attachment and use it as a bouncer, or switch it to a seat unit and use it to fit your child. There is an additional basket under the seat unit that you can use to store some of your child’s toys. All fabrics used on the highchairs are soft and breathable, the backrest is usually adjustable, while some of the chairs come with a safety harness and anti-slip protection. How amazing is that?! You can find more details or see the prices of the highchairs on our website.

5.      Highchair Accessories

A wide variety of trays, cosy seats, and bouncers are also offered by the company. The bouncers can be used separately when the child does not need to be in the highchair. They come with liners that can be replaced and washed, there is a lockable rocking function on most, as well as a safety harness. You can see their wonderful designs and buy the one you like best at For Your Little One, where we offer the cheapest prices online!

6.      Bouncers

Baby bouncers are a great way for parents to take a break without having to worry about their child not being safe. They offer comfortable seating positions, a strong safety harness, and some of them even have a toy bar to keep your child occupied and allow it to play. Hauck’s bouncers are quite lightweight so you can move them from one to another place without much problem. At For Your Little One, you can find some of Hauck’s best bouncers at a discounted price, so do not hesitate to take a look!

7.      Baby Carriers

For parents who are not fond of pushing a stroller around, there is a great solution – why not try a baby carrier? The ones that Hauck offers have up to 4 carrying possibilities, so you can choose to carry your child on the front, back, or at your hips. The carriers are made from high quality, breathable materials and they offer head and neck support for the child. It keeps your child in a perfect position, so you will not have to worry about it at all!

8.      Safety Accessories

From corner guard for tables and cupboard edges to closing mechanisms and doorstoppers – at Hauck, you can find everything you need to make your house as safe as possible for your child. There are also some safety socket covers, or you can opt to go for the entire safety set that comes at an amazing price.

Where to Buy Hauck’s Products?

As we have mentioned briefly before, Hauck has a lot of partners and distributors all over the globe, in about 100 countries and across all continents. Finding their products should be easy, you can go to their website and find details about the partnering company in your country.

If you are on a tight budget or want to save some money while buying your favourite Hauck products, you should visit our website and purchase from us. At For Your Little One, we offer a large variety of Hauck products at a much lower price. In addition, you will get a 4-year warranty as well as a 1-year return policy. You can learn more about the delivery, return, and payment policies on our website.


This small family business turned worldwide leading baby brand is sure to make your baby happy. As we can see from their motto, they are fully dedicated to giving parents the best products that they could ever ask for. From flexible to mobile and fully tested products, there are only good things that we can say about Hauck’s products. Make sure to check them out or if you have already done that, share your experience with other parents to help them make the best choices for their little ones!