From the moment they are conceived to the moment they arrive in this world, babies tend to capture the attention of every family member. We think about what they would need, how we should prepare for their arrival, what we need to purchase before they get here, and so many other things. Nowadays, expecting parents have the hard task of deciding which company they will purchase baby products from. We all know that our little bundles of joy deserve the best, but to give them that, we need to find out which company for baby products is best on the market. At For Your Little One, we have a ton of products from various companies that you can choose from. However, one of the favourite products of expecting and new parents are the products from Venicci. As the leading baby suppliers on the market, they are a company you should look into if you are preparing for a new baby. 


Establishment of Venicci

Venicci was initially established in Italy more than a decade ago and they have been present in the UK market since 2011. The company prides itself on working closely with expecting parents and their families, providing them with all the products they would need for their babies. So far, their products have only received praises from satisfied customers who adore the stylish designs, security and performance of their products. Because of their hard work and dedication to the most vulnerable of human beings, they are largely considered as the leading suppliers of both prams and pushchairs.

Another well-known fact about Venicci is that they have received a lot of awards over the years. In 2020 alone, they won five prestigious awards including:

  1. Absolutely Mama Award – bronze prize for best travel system or product.
  2. Dadsnet Award – silver prize for best baby, toddler, and children brand on the market.
  3. Progressive Preschool Award – finalist prize for the Tinum model.
  4. Loved By Parents Award – a gold prize for best travel system over £500 and a platinum prize for best innovative travel system.
  5. Luxury Lifestyle Award – winner for best luxury baby stroller.

These are not the only awards the company has won so far, and we also have the feeling that they will not be the last. The company has been doing an amazing job and we hope that they will keep up the good work. Over the years, they went from making prams and pushchairs to adding a whole bunch of products to make the lives of parents easier. Now, you can purchase bags and parasols, baby clothes, spare parts for prams, and even car seats.


Where to buy Venicci products?

Venicci has stores all over the world. On their website, there is an interactive map that you can use to find a store that sells Venicci products near you. They have several stores on the east and west coast of the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Poland, Estonia, Malta, Russia, Latvia, Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia. This further goes to show how much people love Venicci’s products and how successful the company is.

Since their products are in high demand in all countries, Venicci’s products are also sold in a lot of other stores. If you are looking to order some of Venicci’s products online, you can easily do that on the For Your Little One website, where you will find a wide variety of products to choose from.


If Venicci does not have any stores in your area, you can easily choose the products that you like from their well-designed website and order them online. They are open to shipping product internationally, not just in the UK. Depending on your order, its size or the location to which you are shipping, the cost to ship may vary. There is a fourteen-day guarantee on returns and you will get your money back if you send the product back for whatever reason within that period. Usually, the company ships the products anywhere from three to seven days from the day you make the order. However, something that you should take into consideration is that there are warehouse and handling fees, as well as some other expenses, that might be added to the overall price when you are ordering something from Venicci. This is all very carefully explained on their website, so you can check it out before you make a purchase. In addition, you can also choose to purchase the products from the For Your Little One website. We ship internationally and have the cheapest prices online!


We have mentioned briefly the return policy of the company, but let’s talk about it in more details. If you are not satisfied with your product and wish to return it, you can do so within a 45-day time frame. When you return the product, it must be unused, packaged with all the parts and accessories that come with it. The company will either return the money to the customer or replace any parts that may be faulty should the customer want to replace and not completely return the product. Again, this is all explained in great details on Venicci’s website, so you can check it out for more information.


All of the products from Venicci come with a 12-month warranty. During this period, the company is open to repairing the product should it be faulty. If the product is damaged in any way by the customer or the customer misplaces some of the parts, the company will not refund that customer and not provide replacement parts. There are certain parts that the warranty does not cover, so be aware of this before you contact the company. However, Venicci offers great advice on how to make the product last longer and how to take proper care of it. You can see all this and more on their website.


As we have mentioned previously, Venicci prides itself on being one of the leading brands of equipment for babies and toddlers. Over the years, they have added a lot of items to their product list, expanding beyond creating only prams and pushchairs. We will mention some of the products that they have on their website, according to the categories.

Venicci’s Products


Prams are what made Venicci so popular. Their award-winning strollers for children of various ages have amazing design, are very stylish and practical, and most importantly – they have a 5-point harness that will keep your child completely safe and in place during all your trips.

There are several lines of strollers that the company currently offers and they are also available for purchase at For Your Little One. Here are the names of the lines:

  1. Tinum – this line includes six different colour options, the prices of which go from £599 to £849. The strollers come as a multiple-piece bundle. The more expensive variant include a frame, carrycot, car seat with adapters, seat unit, a stylish bad and changing mat, a mosquito net and a rain cover, as well as a cosy footmuff. The stroller can be easily folded and is made from high-quality aluminium, leather, and water-repellent fabric that protects the child from the sun.
  2. Gusto – this line includes three different colour options, the prices of which are from £689 to £769. The stroller comes with three pieces – a carrycot, car seat, and the seat unit. Depending on the price you are willing to pay, you can add an additional cup holder, changing bad, footmuff, a rain cover and mosquito net, as well as some high-quality wheels. It has a gloss frame and very comfortable fabric all over.
  3. Pure 2.0 – another stroller line from Venicci that features three-colour options with prices from £689 to £769. The three-piece stroller includes the seat unit, car seat, and carrycot, while the less expensive two-piece stroller includes the seat unit and carrycot only. The stroller also comes with a changing bag, apron, cup holder, and high-quality wheels.
  4. Shadow – a stroller with two colour options only. The prices go from £669 to £749. The best feature of Venicci’s shadow stroller is a reliable material. Your child will feel great in the quilted eco-leather that is water-repellent and protects the child from the sun.
  5. Carbo – one of the most luxurious strollers available on the market, Venicci’s carbo stroller is the perfect combination of elegance, durability, and safety. It comes in soft grey colours with high-quality wheels and extra-safe belts that will keep your child in place during your daily trips. The price of this stroller goes from £669 to £749.
  6. Silver – this stroller comes in two colour variants – black and grey. The unique pattern fabric makes the stroller seem very luxurious; the frame is made from lightweight aluminium, while there is also an embroidered logo on both sides of the carrycot. The price of this stroller goes from £679 to £759.
  7. Soft –Venicci’s Silver stroller is a great choice for those looking for a practical stroller with a minimalistic design. The frame can be black or white, while the fabric comes in five different colours. This stroller is a bit more affordable than the others we have mentioned thus far, which does not mean that it is not as durable or well made. The price goes from £519 to £599, so this is the best choice for you if you are on a tight budget.

Car Seats

There are two types of car seats available on Venicci’s and For Your Little One’s website. If you are on the market for one, you can choose from the standard car seats or the I-size seats. The prices of the standard Venicci car seat are less than £100, you can also get an Isofix base for £129 and a newborn additional insert for only £15. As for the I-size seats, they are a bit costlier. The prices of these seats are anywhere from £179 to £289 for the more luxurious options. Parents approve of these seats because of the comfortable seating position that they give the child, they protect its head, spine, improve the child’s overall posture, and are very safe. If you are considering purchasing an I-size car seat, you will also need an IQ base that you can buy from the same brand for a price of £160.


Of course, after using a stroller or seat for a certain amount of time you might need to replace some of the parts. You can purchase separate parts from the Venicci website and they come at a great price. A new bumper bar for your stroller will cost you only £15 while a frame can cost you anywhere from £219 to £365, depending on the one you like best. You can also purchase some new wheels or a car seat newborn insert for all those that have recently welcomed a new member to their family.


Last but not least, we have an amazing list of accessories from Venicci that we have at For Your Little One.

  1. Gloves - during the cold winter, you will need some gloves to keep your hands warm when you take your little one for a walk. Venicci offers two types of gloves for parents that come at a great price –from £35 to £39. These will surely protect your hands from freezing while holding the bumper bar.
  2. Footmuffs - next, we have the footmuffs that will keep your little one warm during cold days. Some footmuffs fit all types of strollers, while others do not. So, make sure to check if the footmuff you like fits the stroller you have. These come in a variety of colours and designs, while the prices vary from £29 to £59.
  3. Parasols – from cold to hot weather, Venicci has you covered for all those warm days when the sun shines a bit too bright. The parasols can be set at any angle, they are very easy to assemble and disassemble, and they come in a variety of colours. So, you can choose the one that fits your stroller colour best. There is a separate adapter that you can buy to help you attach the parasol to the stroller easily. The price of one parasol is £25.
  4. Bags – Venicci offers a variety of baby bags. Having a stroller bag is something all parents need since it is perfect for holding extra diapers, towels, snacks or a bottle for your child, and so on. The bags from Venicci come with a head chamber and additional pockets on the side, they come in a variety of colours, designs, and are made from several types of material. The prices of the bags are around £38, but you can find them at a cheaper price at For Your Little One.
  5. Other Accessories – aside from the things that we have mentioned so far, Venicci also offers a great number of blankets, changing mats, mattresses, rain covers, cup holders, and shopping baskets. They all come at a very reasonable price and are very well made. Make sure to check out the strollers if you are on the market for one because they come with all these accessories included in the price, so you can get a great offer and get your money’s worth.

Venicci Blog

Like all great companies, Venicci also has a blog where you can find additional information on a lot of things related to baby products. The company has always prided itself on working together with parents and families to improve the products they offer and make sure that they are at the highest standard possible. To further help new parents, they include a lot of useful information on their blog. For example, you can read more about their multi-purpose prams and the benefits that you can get upon purchasing one. Their 3-in-1 travel systems are a great way to get everything you need for your child while saving money, something that you can also read more about on their blog. Once you buy one of the company’s strollers, you can learn how to easily maintain it and make it more durable with the help of their informative blog post. The company has thought everything out and has found a way to help its customers with anything and everything, so do not hesitate to go over their blog posts and learn more about their products.

Buy Everything You Need From Venicci!

We hope that everything we have mentioned so far convinced you to at least give Venicci a chance and go over their products. Overall, their products are praised for their safety, durability, great design, great choice of materials, and the great prices that the products come at. There is no going wrong with the products from Venicci, so we encourage you to make your purchase today – give your child the comfort and safety that it deserves!

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