Two Kids, One Solution- Double Buggy

In this rapidly growing baby gear world, picking a reliable and durable stroller can become a tough job, especially when you’re expecting twins or have two toddlers. Double Buggies are great to minimize the hassle of carrying two babies together. Be it going for a walk or buying groceries; the double stroller will help you to travel with two children at the same time. It is hard to decide what kind of double buggy you should buy and what all features it should have.

Don’t worry, here’s your guide to buying a reliable and comfortable double buggy for your little ones.


There are two types of double buggies available in the market, the tandem and twin:

Tandem (one in front of the other)

Parents having one newborn and a toddler often prefer tandem style double strollers as they have one seat behind the later. Depending on the company, the strollers have a back or front recliner seat that is perfect for the newborns. Many tandem strollers allow you to adjust the positions as front-facing, one of each or rear-facing.

The Twin (Side-by-Side)

Most parents prefer to have the twin style buggy to avoid arguments between the babies over who sits in the front or back. They operate as one unit and offer the same view to both the kids. As the twin stroller accommodates two children together side-by-side, it is often wider in comparison to others.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Double Buggy

There are many factors you should keep in mind while thinking of buying a double stroller such as:

Know Your Budget

There is a wide range of options available for you to choose from when it comes to buying a double buggy. Find the perfect stroller considering what all features you want depending upon your lifestyle and choices. Don’t spend too much on something that you would probably not use in the future. Be smart and spend thoughtfully!

Ease of Use

Think about maneuvering the stroller carrying two kids from place A to place B, while picking the one for you. Consider features like weight and size before buying the perfect double stroller as you will be lifting it in and out of your car and sometimes lifting it through staircases as well.

Safety of Kids

Make sure to check that the stroller meets every safety standard before buying. Look for things like safety straps and belts along with buckle quality. Another important safety factor is the brakes, check the reliability of the brakes and how they behave with two kids on board.

Additional Storage

As you’ll be carrying various other things along with two kids at the same time, make sure to look for strollers that have enough storage space. From diapers to feeding bottles to snacks, the stroller should accommodate everything together without causing much trouble.

Period of Service

Your newborns will not remain the same throughout, they will grow, and there are possibilities that after a specific time, they won't fit in the stroller. Make sure you buy a stroller that can transition. Look for attachments that can be used in the future to accommodate the needs of the growing kids.

Add-On Features

Dig in hard to find that double buggy, which has bonus features in your budget price. The additional features could be anything from extra storage space to a toy basket. Just look for more options, options after option before finalizing the perfect one for your little angels.

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