Babyproofing Your Surroundings Before the Baby Comes

As a parent, one can never be careful enough with the safety of their little one. It is not until the time you bring home your baby from the hospital, that you realize the many dangers lurking around your house. Even if infants are secure in your arms and it will be some time before they are up and about, you need to babyproof your home to provide your child with a secure environment. This is recommended to be done before the baby is born because well, once the baby comes, we all know there will be no time for anything else. That little wonder will become the centre of attention for everyone in no time.

Though, through the parent x-ray eyes, everything will seem unsafe for your baby, that does not necessarily mean that an accident must take place. Read on to find out how to prevent your baby from unwanted risks with the wide range of babyproofing equipment and accessories at ‘For Your Little One’.

Protecting the Tiny Fingers

little ones are curious wanderers, and usually, go around poking things. With kids finding it really intriguing to put their fingers in sockets, this is something every parent stresses over! Starting with whichever room the baby will be in, you need to secure the uncovered sockets from their little fingers. With socket covers to ensure complete safety for your child, the protectors fit any 3-pin plugs and will surely keep your mind free from any scary thoughts. Easy to remove whenever you need to connect into the electricity, count all the sockets around the house and make sure you have enough socket covers, even extra!

Safety Gates and Extensions

Worrying about stairs and open gates will remain constant in every parent’s mind until it is addressed. ‘For Your Little One’ offers high-quality metal open ‘n’ stop safety gates that easily clamp between walls and doorways, without the hassle of drilling, screwing, or any other complex installation process. Secure the staircase or doorways with safety gates available in plain white or subtle black, matching to your interiors. With a two-fold manual locking mechanism, the gate can easily be opened with one hand for convenience while holding your little one or all their cute little stuff while moving around the house. The gates feature childproof closures for extra security. Available in different sizes, the gates can fit any space as per requirement, and with extra extensions, they can be expanded as long as you need to keep you little sunshine safe.

Extendable Baby Fireguard

Fireplaces, electric heaters, and other such child-hazards are definitely a concern when it comes to crawling babies. That’s where you will need an extending fireguard to prevent little ones from accessing fireplaces. It is easy to mount and has overlapping panels that can be pulled apart to connect the desired length of space easily. The black wired safeguard is the perfect way to keep your babies safe and away from any heat or electrically generated risks.

Complete Car Protection

Keeping the house is never enough when you are taking your baby out and about. Some parents find it better and more comforting to know their baby is protected from the sun and other things from across the window. ‘For Your Little One’ offers window shades with UVA UVB protection covers to ensure your child is safe from the heat of the sun in the back seat even if you need to keep your eyes on the road.

Personal Safety – Baby Healthcare Grooming Kit

Keeping your baby safe includes keeping them groomed. Clipping nails in time to prevent any scratching, combing out their little silky hair, and keeping teeth clean becomes essential when caring for another life except your own. The grooming kit at ‘For Your Little One’ will help you keep your little wonder safe and hygienic.

For Your Little One

Find everything you need at ‘For Your Little One’, catering to an expansive customer base across Europe. Fashioned with high quality and with child-safety in consideration, the brand delivers baby-essentials to make parenting easier in every way! You will be able to find everything you need to make your baby’s growing experience relaxing and completely safe, with ‘For Your Little One’.

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