Make the Most of Outdoors Playtime: The Best Outdoor Toys for Babies and Toddlers


As parents, we all want what’s best for your little ones – and when it comes to playtime, nothing beats being outdoors. The fresh air, sunshine, and open spaces give your kids a chance to explore, stretch their legs, and exercise their imagination. But how do you know which outdoor toys are the best for babies and toddlers?

Well, look no further! We've done the research and compiled a list of the top outdoor toys that'll bring you hours of joy as your little one develops gross motor skills, masters coordination skills, and grows independence. From classic favourites to modern conventions – there’s something for everyone here! So grab your hat and sunscreen; let's get ready to have some fun in the sun with these awesome outdoor toys.

The Benefits of Outdoor Play for Babies and Toddlers

Outdoor play is a great way for babies and toddlers to learn about the world and explore their environment. By playing outdoors, your little ones are developing physical skills, discovering cause and effect and building social interactions. Studies even show that children who play outside are better equipped to focus and concentrate, so it’s no wonder that outdoor play has become a priority for parents.

Being outdoors also has plenty of health benefits. Being in the sun helps your little one meet their Vitamin D needs for healthy bones, muscles and a properly functioning immune system. Playing outdoors also promotes active movement, which supports the development of coordination, balance, strength and stamina.

Plus, the messier the play the more creative your baby or toddler can be! You can encourage your little ones to use their imagination by providing them with open-ended toys like sand toys or water tables—toys that can be used in different ways depending on what they're trying to achieve in their play.

Types of Outdoor Toys for Babies and Toddlers

When it comes to outdoor playtime for babies and toddlers, there is no shortage of options. From balls and swings to tricycles and jump ropes, there are countless items that can help keep your little ones active and engaged when playing outdoors. Here’s a look at the types of outdoor toys that are ideal for babies and toddlers:

* Balls: A simple ball can provide endless fun for toddlers, as it can be thrown, kicked, hit, or rolled. This can be a great way to encourage active play and coordination.

* Swings: Swings are always a hit with kids of all ages - they can provide an opportunity for quiet reflection and think or dazzling thrills when swinging high!

* Trikes: Toddler-sized trikes can help promote physical balance while also teaching basic manoeuvring skills that will come in handy as they get older.

* Jump Ropes: Jump ropes are inexpensive yet highly effective toys that encourage coordination and creativity as your toddler skips around the playground.

* Bikes: For your little one presents the finest grade, a durably constructed mini balance bike boasts its unique, modern design, and a safe structure that is perfect for kids. The cute little balance bike and tricycle are ideal for children from 12 months. So, pick from these super cute bikes for your kids and surprise them on birthdays or gift them as a token of love. Make their ride comfortable and full of excitement too.

Getting Ready for Outdoor Play: What You Need to Know

Getting your little one ready for outdoor playtime can be both fun and rewarding. Before you grab the toys, let's make sure you're equipped with the right gear. Here are a few tips and suggestions to get you started:

- Weather Appropriate Clothing

When selecting clothing for babies and toddlers, always make sure it is weather appropriate. During colder months, make sure your little one has plenty of layers so they can stay warm, but also so you can easily adjust as needed when temperatures change or you move from shade to sun. Also, look for clothes that are comfortable and don't restrict movement.

- Shoes

Whenever possible, let your little one explore outdoors with their bare feet. But if it's necessary to put on shoes, look for ones with flexible soles and breathable materials. This will allow their little feet to grip the terrain more naturally, leading to better motor skills development.

- Sun Protection

Sun protection is vital in protecting a baby’s delicate skin from harm. Look for wide-brimmed hats that protect the face and ears as well as lightweight clothing designed with UV protection in mind (some brands even come with UPF ratings!). Sunglasses are also recommended due to their ability to reduce the chance of eye damage caused by sun exposure - just remember never to leave them unattended as they can be a choking hazard!

Tips for Making the Most of Outdoor Playtime With Your Child

Making the most of outdoor playtime with your little ones is a great way to get them excited for time outdoors. Here are some tips to ensure that outdoor play is as safe and enjoyable as possible:

  • Time of Day

Choose the right time of day for outdoor play. Early morning or late afternoon can be your child’s optimal times to play outdoors due to less intense light and temperatures.

  •  Dress Accordingly

Dress your children appropriately for the climate, weather and activities they will be attempting during their outdoor playtime. Consider sunscreen, hats, light clothing or layers depending on the climate and activity being undertaken.

  •  Hydrate

Proper hydration is important for anyone playing in outdoors for long periods of time, so make sure you provide plenty of water breaks throughout their playtime with breaks in the shade when it's hot outside.

  •  Choose Appropriate Toys

To ensure that their outdoor experience is a safe one, select toys that are appropriate for their age, size, and skill level. Toddlers should not be playing with large balls or toys without supervision to prevent choking hazards or any other possible injuries.

Safety Considerations When Choosing Outdoor Toys

When it comes to outdoor play, safety should always be top-of-mind. Here are a few important considerations to make when choosing the perfect outdoor toys for your baby or toddler:

  1. Non-Toxic Materials

When it comes to kids and their toys, there is no such thing as too safe. Pick outdoor toys that are free of toxic materials, like lead, paints with harmful VOCs or PVC plastic. All certified toys should come with an age-level recommended by the manufacturer.

  1. Durable Construction

Look for wooden and metal toys that have been crafted with durable materials and made to last. Also, pay extra attention to smaller parts that may become loose over time. If your baby or toddler is still teething, look for teethers without BPA or phthalates.

  1. Appropriate Sizing

Toys should not pose a choking hazard; choose bigger pieces that won't fit in little mouths unless they've been designed as teethers specifically for babies. When it comes to trampolines, slides and swingsets, ensure the size is appropriate for your child's age and never leave them unattended while playing on such equipment.

Recommended Outdoor Toys for Babies and Toddlers

If you're looking for the best outdoor toys for babies and toddlers, you're in luck! There are plenty of fun and engaging options available to keep little ones entertained for hours. Here are a few of our favourites:

  1. Playhouses

Toddlers love to explore and discover - and what better way than a playhouse? With a playhouse, your toddler can pretend to be a pirate, a prince or princess, or even an astronaut. Plus, they will develop fine motor skills while pushing open the doors and windows.

2.. Sand and Water Tables

Sand and water tables are perfect for outdoor playtime in the summer months. Whether your child is digging through the sand or splashing around with toy boats, they’ll never tire of playing in these tables. Sand can provide tactile stimulation while promoting creativity through imaginative play.

  1. Ride-On Toys

A ride-on toy can provide hours of entertainment – plus tonnes of physical activity! From cars with foot pedals to scooters with handles, there are plenty of ride-on toys out there for babies and toddlers. These toys help promote gross motor skills as well as balance.


Outdoor playtime presents an opportunity for babies and toddlers to learn and explore new things, have fun, and even practise important developmental skills like problem-solving and physical coordination. With the right outdoor toys, parents can also help their little ones relax, get some exercise and spend quality time with one another.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect outdoor toys to get your babies and toddlers excited about outdoor playtime, look no further. From swings and slides to trikes and sand pits to bikes, there’s an outdoor toy that’s just right to keep both the young and the young at heart busy and entertained, while they enjoy the fresh air, the sunshine, and the beauty of nature. Children are at their happiest when they play. For your little one always strives to present visually appealing and comfortable toys for your young one. Playtime has never been better with our different range. From trikes to rocking horses to educational play gyms we have got you covered. Jump over to our website and view our range of playtime accessories today.