How to fit Venicci Isofix base and other infant seat bases
When travelling with an infant, it is vital that they are safely strapped into a secure car seat so that in the event of an accident, they are protected as much as possible from injury. However, many people find car seats tricky to fit when they're new to them. If you're wondering how to fit Isofix base units into your car, we're here to help. Let us show you how to fit Venicci Isofix base into your car and give you the rundown on why a base for your infant car seat could make car journeys with the little one that bit easier.

What is Isofix?

Isofix is the international standard for anchor points that attach child and baby seats to passenger seats in cars. The anchor points are manufactured into the car in order for compatible seats to be attached as securely as possible. Since 2014 in the UK, all new cars must be fitted with Isofix points to make it easier for parents to choose the safest option for securing baby seats in their vehicles. Isofix is a safer alternative to securing baby seats via seatbelts because it results in significantly less movement of the baby seat in the event of an accident. Furthermore, seats attached with seatbelts tend to be fitted incorrectly far more often than with Isofix. Incorrect fitting could mean that the seat shifts dramatically during impact and the child or baby is more likely to sustain serious injury. Independent tests have proven that Isofix-mounted seats are both incredibly safe and much simpler to install.


What is the benefit of using an infant car seat with a base?

It is not essential to use a baby car seat with a base, but it can be useful. The main benefit of an Isofix base is that it fixes directly to the Isofix points in the car, and the seat clicks easily onto the base. This makes it really easy to get the seat in and out of the car without having to fiddle with Isofix attachments or seatbelts every time. Car seats designed to be used with a base are often lightweight and easier to carry than those which fit via a seatbelt or directly into Isofix connectors, which makes lifting baby in and out of the car a breeze. This is particularly helpful for those moments when baby falls asleep in the car and you want to lift them out as gently and quietly as possible to avoid waking them. Some people believe that Isofix car seats with bases are safer than seats that fit directly to Isofix points, but there's no definitive proof of this. The key thing to consider is the correct fitting of the seat in the car, and proper connection of the seat or base with the car's Isofix connectors. Depending on your car, Isofix points can be tucked deep down between the seat cushions and difficult to reach. If you're in a hurry and your seat is tricky to attach, there could be an increased risk of improper attachment which could diminish the seat's safety should an accident happen. With a separate base and seat, you can simply leave the base in the car at all times and have peace of mind that it's always correctly attached. Many bases, including the Venicci base, have colour indicators to show that the seat has clicked onto the base properly and is completely secure.


How to fit Venicci Isofix base correctly

Venicci is one of the most popular baby seat bases available, so let's show you step by step instructions on how to fit Venicci Isofix base into your car. 1. Identify the Isofix points in your car. You might need to extend the Isofix points on the Venicci base to ensure they reach. To do so, press the button on the front of the base which pushes the Isofix points out at the rear. 2. Connect the Isofix points in the base with the Isofix points in the car. You will notice the coloured indicators at the Isofix points on the base turn green when they are correctly clicked into place. 3. Check and adjust the length of the fixing points once again by pressing the button on the front of the base. The base should be resting flush against the back of the seat, but not pushing too tightly up against it as this could make it difficult to get the baby seat on and off the base. 4. Adjust the base's foot prop. There is a button on the front of the foot prop to allow it to move up and down. The prop should rest on the floor without causing the base to lift away from the seat. 5. The base is ready for the baby seat. Simply place it on top of the base and it should click into place. A green indicator on the front of the base indicates that it is securely fitted. Note that it is normal for the seat to be able to rock a little when correctly attached; this does not mean it is not safe. Instead, it is safer for seats to be able to move a little so that in the event of an accident, they are not so rigidly fixed that parts risk snapping at impact. 6. To remove the baby seat from the base, simply press the large button on the front of the base to release it. If you're wondering how to install Isofix base units from other brands, you can expect them to work in much the same way as the Venicci base. However, it's important to always retain the instructions of your baby seat and base to refer back to in order to ensure everything is fitted correctly and safely. To see alternative infant car seats with bases, be sure to check out our full Car Seat department for a huge range of seats and accessories suitable for newborns and children up to the age of 12.
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