Is Chicco Next To Me mattress waterproof?
With the Chicco Next2Me crib being one of the most popular bedside cots on the market, many people are searching for information about compatible baby bedding. Although the crib comes with a compatible mattress, many parents ask, 'Is Chicco Next to Me mattress waterproof?', and if not, how do I protect it against nappy leaks?

What is the Chicco Next2Me crib?

Chicco Next2Me is a bedside crib designed to offer a safe alternative to co-sleeping. Co-sleeping is where parents sleep with their baby in bed beside them. It can be beneficial for a baby to sleep beside their parents because close proximity can help them to feel secure and can help with bonding. Furthermore, it is more convenient for parents to tend to their babies when they wake during the night when they are close by, which can help to reduce the exhaustion that comes with raising newborns. However, co-sleeping is not always safe. There seems to be an association between co-sleeping and SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), which is why many parents are reluctant to try it. Babies risk being smothered by heavy duvets or by parents should they accidentally roll over onto them in the night. Although some believe that co-sleeping can be conducted safely, the NHS does not recommend sharing a bed with baby due to this increased risk of SIDS. A bedside crib like the Chicco Next2Me crib is a brilliant compromise. It is designed to fit right alongside the long edge of a bed so that baby sleeps beside their parents while remaining safely within their own crib. This eliminates the risk of them being rolled onto or smothered by a duvet while providing parents with close, easy access whenever baby wakes up.

Is Chicco Next To Me mattress waterproof or does it need a cover?

The Next To Me mattress is not waterproof and does not come with a waterproof cover. It is a good idea to use a waterproof mattress protector or waterproof fitted sheets with it. Make sure to choose products that are compatible with the Next2Me mattress, which is deeper than many other baby mattresses. You don't necessarily need to buy official Chicco sheets to use with the Next2Me mattress. Unbranded sheets tend to be more affordable; a factor that is important when you'll likely require at least three spare sheets. Just be sure to look for sheets that explicitly state that they are made to fit with the Chicco Next2Me mattress.

Why is waterproof protection important for baby mattresses?

Although many modern nappies do a great job of protecting against leaks, we all know that accidents happen from time to time and it's incredibly common for baby's mattress to become soiled. Aside from leaking nappies, mattresses are also exposed to sweat, saliva and milk spills regularly. When mattresses become soiled or damp, they are very difficult to clean, and they can harbour bacteria and mould, which are incredibly dangerous for baby's health. It is therefore vital that mattresses are thoroughly protected against moisture, and a waterproof fitted sheet is the simplest way to do it. For the sake of convenience, it makes sense to have several spare sheets on hand for your baby's mattress. This means you can easily switch the sheet out anytime it becomes soiled. You ought to be washing baby's sheets twice each week as standard in order to reduce the little one's exposure to dust and allergens, but when major soiling happens, the mattress cover ought to be replaced straight away.

Do I need to use fitted sheets on my baby's mattress?

It is not essential to use fitted sheets on your baby's mattress, but they are significantly more convenient than unfitted sheets because they are so quick and easy to put on. The elasticated skirting in fitted sheets ensures you get a really snug fit with no loose fabric bunching up and posing a suffocation risk to baby. However, it is possible to use unfitted sheets on your baby's mattress provided that you ensure the ends of the sheet are securely tucked beneath the mattress. It should not shift or come undone as baby wriggles around during the night. It can take some practice to get this right, which is why fitted sheets tend to be the most popular option for busy parents.

Should I buy a new mattress for a second-hand Chicco Next2Me crib?

Cribs are relatively expensive and buying second-hand is a wise way to save money. However, according to NHS advice, you should invest in a brand new mattress when using a second-hand cot, even if it's one you've used with another one of your own children. This is because all mattresses collect some dust, allergens and moisture over time, no matter how careful you are about protecting them.

Is waterproof baby bedding comfortable for baby?

When we think of waterproof sheets, we often imagine stiff, plasticky materials that feel hard, cold and uncomfortable. However, waterproof baby bedding is designed to be as soft and gentle as possible. Our waterproof Next2Me-compatible fitted sheets have a soft upper layer that feels cosy against baby's skin and a waterproof polyurethane inner layer that serves as a barrier against moisture. This means that baby can have a comfortable night's sleep while the mattress remains thoroughly protected. Is Chicco Next To Me mattress waterproof bedding as comfortable as the non-waterproof bedding? Absolutely. However, if you'd prefer an alternative to waterproof sheets, you could always use a waterproof mattress protector underneath standard Chicco fitted sheets. All varieties of our Chicco Next2Me sheets have an elasticated trim for a perfect fit, and they're suitable for machine-washing and tumble-drying for the utmost convenience.
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