4 Year Warranty on all For Your Little One Products

Baby Car Seats

We have a wide range of baby car seats to keep your little ones safe in transit, wherever you’re travelling to! Our child car seats are made to be of the utmost comfort and to make travelling anywhere easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Easy to install, our car seats provide comfort and safety for your little one to give parents peace of mind. Browse our range of footmuffs or our other accessories, to use with our car seats and add extra comfort for your infants!

At For Your Little One, our number one priority is giving you and your child the best possible experience while exploring the world together, so we have carefully selected the best products for you to choose from. Our range of car seat accessories, including our shower proof Footmuffs and rain covers for when you get caught out by the weather, are the perfect accessories for when you are out and about and don’t necessarily want to be pushing a pram around constantly. We have a wide selection of Footmuffs, including the more old fashioned style Broderie Anglaise Footmuffs; a massive choice of colours and patterns for every brand, all designed for car seats and all made compatible with almost every brand of car seat including Maxi-Cosi, Britax and Babylo car seats. Footmuffs are the perfect accessory for the winter months when you need as much cover as you can get. Our standard Footmuffs are made to fit either 3 or 5 point harness new born car seats and are shower proof in case you unfortunately get caught in the rain.

The Broderie Anglaise Footmuffs are quite similar to the standard Footmuffs, as they also comply with most new born car seat brands and models, also fitting either 3 or 5 point harnesses. They are designed to be a more traditionally Victorian style Footmuff with an elegant frilly lace effect for the lining and edges.

Car seat Rain covers that we sell are of the highest standard you will find and still at a very competitive price. We use a very good quality PVC for the cover as it has many more benefits to your child than a standard 180 micron plastic Rain cover you will find being sold by most manufacturers. Our 250 Micron Rain covers are made with precision to give your child protection while still allowing them to have the freedom to take in the sights of the world. The thickness of the cover helps protect your child from the suns UV rays but is still crystal clear, so your little one can still see everything around them. The rain covers also have an easy access two-way zip slider and are suitably ventilated to keep fresh air flowing through to your child. We also provide other essentials for car seats such as car seat adaptors, which are perfect if you need to move your child from a pushchair to the car or vice-versa. Allowing an easier process of converting the pram to a car seat for you by making it simply, click in click out of the frame.

Every item in our catalogue is brand new and quality checked to ensure the best service possible.