How to choose a baby bouncer
Keeping your baby entertained and happy can feel like a challenge at the best of times. Of course, you don’t want to put your little one down for a second, but also… your back hurts, you need to shower, and you can’t remember the last time you made a cup of tea and drank it before it went cold. Sometimes, you need to settle your baby and their Moses basket just isn’t cutting it. This is where a baby bouncer comes into play. But what makes a baby bouncer such a great investment for you? We look at the benefits and how to choose a baby bouncer that will make everyday life that little bit easier.

Keeping your baby happy

Perhaps the most important benefit of a baby bouncer is that it will keep your baby happy. Unlike a Moses basket, your baby will not be laid flat, nor will they automatically begin to associate a baby bouncer with sleep and being left by themselves. A baby bouncer keeps your baby involved while freeing up your arms so you can get on with household tasks, do a little work, or simply relax. You can just use your foot to gently bounce your baby and let them rest or have fun - and you might finally get to eat a nice meal or have that cup of tea!

Comfortable for your little one

Not only is a baby bouncer a great way of keeping your baby close and feeling near to you, but they are also ergonomically designed to support your baby’s body in a safe way. Supporting your little one’s neck, head, and back, their weight is evenly spread across the bouncer so they won’t feel awkward or uncomfy.

A great investment

You might be surprised to find that baby bouncers have a longer lifespan than you may expect. Suitable for newborns, you can use your baby bouncer well into your child’s first year, allowing them to sit comfortably and bounce themselves. This can be relaxing and stimulating for babies under two.

Fun and calming

Not only does a baby bouncer look great and give you a little time out from holding your baby, but they are also wonderful for soothing unsettled little ones. A baby bouncer uses steady and low-level rocking to soothe your baby while giving them a chance to learn how to balance by themselves. Some baby bouncers come with toys attached to give your baby a little extra interest while they lay back.

Safety first

So, what should you consider when you are looking for a baby bouncer? When thinking about how to choose a baby bouncer, think about safety first. Make sure that the bouncer you are choosing is the right size and age range for your baby, and that it has the correct harnessing technology to keep your baby safe. Ensure that there is a base with a non-slip material so that the bouncer remains secure on all flooring types.

Comfort and durability

Your baby’s comfort is another essential priority. The right baby bouncer will have cosy and plush material that supports your little one’s body. This makes it a suitable place for a baby to take a little nap as well as spend time when they’re awake. Of course, you want to make sure that your baby bouncer can last you for as long as you need, so check that the frame is sturdy enough to support your growing baby, and can be adjusted to suit your baby’s position.


There are other practical considerations to make before you choose the perfect baby bouncer for you. Check that the baby bouncer is easy to clean, as messes are bound to happen over the first two years of a little life! Bouncers made from material that can be easily wiped down or put through the washing machine are best for convenience. You also want to think about taking your baby bouncer to different locations. Of course, this matters just for walking around the house, so a portable baby bouncer is very important. Make sure the baby bouncer is lightweight enough to be picked up (without your baby inside it, of course) and can be easily put in the car for visiting other places, too.

How to choose a baby bouncer with us

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