Are pram sun shades safe?
With summer just around the corner, you might be wondering whether you need to stay indoors with your new baby, and how to take them outside safely. Even in the UK, those hot summer days can be scorching even for adults, let alone delicate little ones. Rather than missing out on the summer fun, you might choose to look into how you can protect your baby from the sun once those warm days arrive. Here, we take a look at your options when heading out with your baby and find out - are pram sun shades safe?

Can you take your baby outside in the summer?

Keeping your baby safe in the sunshine doesn’t mean having to keep them indoors. In fact, it is strongly recommended that you get your baby out and about when possible, to expose them to new experiences and get some fresh air for both you and them. It is recommended that you keep babies under six months old out of strong sunshine and heat, due to their delicate skin. Not only this, but babies are more likely to overheat, so maintaining their body temperature at a safe level is essential. However, with some care and planning, you can safely take your baby outside even on sunny days.

Risks and how to avoid them

As mentioned, there are some risks associated with taking a young baby outside in direct sunlight, which is why it is not recommended. Sunburn is a real concern, and if a baby develops a sunburn this can be linked to a higher chance of developing skin cancer later in life, according to some studies. Overheating is also thought to have potential links to SIDS, although the true cause of this remains unknown. The generally accepted wisdom is to keep your baby inside during the hottest parts of the day - so either take them outside before ten in the morning or after three in the afternoon, when the UV levels drop with the temperature. Of course, it is not always possible to tailor your day so precisely - which is where taking the right precautions is especially important.

Are pram sun shades safe?

So, are pram sun shades safe? It can be difficult to know what is best for your baby, especially when it comes to something as important as their health during hot weather. At For Your Little One, we believe that sun shades should be an essential part of your baby’s travel system. Ensuring that your baby is covered when you’re outside is the best way to keep them safe from the harmful impact of UV rays. Some sun shade systems do not allow for easy access to your child, meaning that it can be harder to quickly and easily check in on them. A classic parasol can allow you to check on your child, and will easily clip onto your pram. With universal parasols, they are designed to be secure and safe for your baby, without reducing the air flow around your baby. If you fully cover your baby’s pram, air circulation could be impacted which might actually lead to them overheating a little faster. To make sure your sun shade is safe, choose one that has UV protection and one that you can easily move as the sun shifts to keep your baby shaded at all times of the day, and when clipping it onto your pram check that it is firmly attached before using it with your baby. With all this in mind, your sun shade is wonderful and safe way to take your baby outside on warmer days.

Explore your sun shade options

Have you decided that a pram sun shade is the best option for your baby? Some stylish and high quality prams come with a built in way of keeping your baby covered on hot or sunny days, but a parasol is the classic choice to provide more coverage. The great thing about a parasol is that it not only adds a charming aesthetic to your pram, it also gives your baby a flexible coverage option to keep them out of direct sunlight. At For Your Little One, we have universal parasols in a range of colours to suit your aesthetic and your baby’s vibrant personality, which also keeps them safe from unexpected rain showers. You can easily reposition a parasol when the sun shifts, and each comes with SPF50 UV protection to give your baby or toddler safe time outside.

Check in with your baby

If you do go outside in warm weather, even with a pram sun shade it is important to keep checking in on your baby. Make sure they’re not too hot - even on cloudier days or in weather that feels just a little warm to you, a baby could still suffer from overheating. When you are interacting with your little one, keep track of whether their cheeks are becoming flushed, or if they are sweating. If their tummy feels hot rather than warm, this can also be a sign of overheating. These small steps, combined with a high SPF sunscreen and light, breezy clothes that provide coverage, could make a big difference on those fun days out - giving your baby a chance to be out in the world.

Enjoy the sun with For Your Little One

Whether you are looking for the perfect pram sun shade to prevent sunburn or you need a footmuff suitable for the summer months, For Your Little One has everything you need to enjoy every day with your baby or toddler. Our fantastic customer service and fast UK delivery means you will get exactly what you need with no problems, and our payment plans mean you can get the best quality whatever your budget may be.
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